Ellen Joins Campaign to Change ‘Bully’ Rating as 200,000 Petitions are Delivered to MPAA: VIDEO


Last week I posted the trailer for the documentary Bully, and noted that Harvey Weinstein appealed to the MPAA for a PG-13 rating so the movie could reach the teen audience to which it was hoping to show the film. Weinstein has threatened to leave the MPAA if it doesn't. The MPAA has slapped the film with an R rating, severely limiting the audience it should reach.

BullyKaty Butler, a student, started a petition on Change.org after hearing about the rating. On it, she wrote:

When I was in 7th grade, a few guys came up behind me while putting my books in my locker. They called me names and asked me why I even bothered to show my face at school because no one liked me. I ignored them because I was scared of what else they might say and who else they might tell if I stood up to them. When I went to shut my locker, they pushed me against the wall. Then they slammed my locker shut on my hand, breaking my fourth finger. I held back tears while I watched them run away laughing. I didn’t know what to do so I stood there, alone and afraid.

I can’t believe the MPAA is blocking millions of teenagers from seeing a movie that could change -- and, in some cases, save -- their lives. According to the film’s website, over 13 million kids will be bullied this year alone. Think of how many of these kids could benefit from seeing this film, especially if it is shown in schools?

Incidentally, Canadian censors have given the film a PG rating.

Now Ellen DeGeneres has joined the campaign for the rating change.

Watch her talk about it, and introduce Katie, AFTER THE JUMP...


And here's the trailer if you missed it: