1. gaylib says

    “But I don’t think that’s a decision that should be made by 121 people in Trenton alone”

    No, apparently it is a decision that should be made by one single fat bastard bigot in Trenton.

  2. Taylor says

    He’s right…it’s not a GAY RIGHTS issue…it’s a CIVIL RIGHTS issue. And the CIVIL RIGHTS of a minority, should never be put up to a vote.

    He’s despicable.

  3. Paul in Charleston says

    “But I don’t think that’s a decision that should be made by 121 people in Trenton alone”

    If that is what you believe Chris, then send those 121 people in Trenton back home and let ALL legislation be made by the entire population of New Jersey, disband congress since it will no longer be needed. Someday soon your personal prejudice will be exposed for what it is and making those “one man – one woman” comments will be as vilified as “segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever”. You will find yourself in the history books right next to George Wallace, Strom Thurmond and Joseph McCarthy…enjoy the infamy!

  4. David says

    Just like how Clinton continually tries to spin his signing DOMA. We just need to call him out on his lies. That’s what they are: LIES.

  5. luminum says

    I’d love to see him apply the same logic to anti-date rape bills. You know, “for the public to decide”.

  6. says

    I’m against fat marriage, ugly marriage, and especially fat-ugly marriage. This is something I feel strongly about (because it’s bad for children, unlike same-sex marriage).

    Let’s vote!

  7. Anita Morehead says

    While Governor O’Malley was signing the bill legalizing same-sex marriage in the state of Maryland, somewhere in New Jersey, Governor Christie was busy emptying yet another box of Twinkies into his mouth.

  8. stevenelliot says

    oh another rethug spin on factual events. Gosh just rewrite history with your mouths, regardless of what actually occured.

  9. endo says

    Have you seen the arms on O’Malley?! Why are our supporters always so much more attractive, and the haters look like… Christie?

  10. johnny says

    “It’s a major change in the way we’ve governed our society.”

    It changes absolutely nothing for anyone except all gay people who want to get married. I get tired of these idiots who keep saying how much it’s going to change EVERYTHING.

    Ironic how little it changes their lives, but how horribly it impacts ours. I guess it’s damn easy to vote down someone’s rights when you aren’t affected either way.

  11. Gregv says

    This reminds me of the way some men in very conservative parts of the world say that driving and voting and getting an education and being allowed to have a job are just “male” things. “Oh, but I’m all in favor of equal rights for women, so don’t believe the Western media.”
    You know, women should have all the “same” rights as men (whatever that means) but they shouldn’t be allowed to do “male” things. I used to get very frustrated talking to some such men who had no concept of what treating people as equals really means.

  12. Sam Armstrong says

    Yeah, this man is repugnant, but a lot of you are employing another hurtful bigotry in your comments against fat people.


  13. Frank says

    If it was placed on the ballot -up to the people back when,this country would still be denying rights to blacks, women, interracial marriage, etc. Hello…?? Same sex marriage…NOT a gay rights issue…what the___ …???

  14. Chadd says

    I want to start a ballot initiative to outlaw writing checks at the grocery store. I’m sure it would pass, because people who never write checks would vote for it. Likewise, why should same sex marriage be subject to the votes of people who will never utilize same sex marriage?

  15. Bart says

    Liar. There are so many things wrong in that paragraph of verbal horsesh*t that it’s almost too easy to tear it apart sentence by sentence. But the most glaring and obvious thing is that Mr. Christie is a liar. He wants to have it both ways and it will come back to bite him in the ass. And it will be a big bite on a big ass.

  16. Pointed says

    He’s a fat, hypocritical slob who’s heart can’t be long for all that cellulite. If there is a god, then his demise will be soon and we can be rid of this heart attack waiting to happen. F-head! Christie Creme donuts anyone?

  17. Tintin Malfoy says

    It’s obvious he doesn’t want to get on the wrong side of the Republican base for his future national political ambitions. What a fat pussy.

  18. JONES says

    If we could wave our magic gay wand and make Christie have to live one day in the shoes of a gay man … how would it go down ??

  19. Bostonian says

    Folks, I agree with you that Christie’s veto is inexcusable. But calling people fat, and making jokes about weight is embarrassing to our cause, low, immature, and would never be socially accepted if it was a woman…even if she wasn’t pro marriage equality. Let’s attack these people based on political merits and not their looks.

  20. JONES says


    Interviewers, reporters, dinner conversants, … gay marriage is a CIVIL RIGHTS issue.
    Don’t let the issue be spun any other way.

    The voice of the majority does not get to take away the civil rights of a minority.

  21. says

    Sam Armstrong — Christie uses his personal feelings (QUOTE: “this is something I feel strongly about”) to justify his official actions; therefore, he opens himself up to ridicule based the feelings of others towards him. The single attribute he possesses about which people have the most “feelings” is his gigantic size.

    I was born Gay and he chooses to be fat, but he’s allowed to judge me and I can’t return the favor?

  22. mini says


    Stop with the body-shaming. Chris Christie’s weight has nothing to do with his bigotry.

    What a terrible, terrible man.

  23. peepee says

    quit making comments about his weight! Makes it hard to take your comments seriously. Some people are fat. It has nothing to do with them being good or bad people.