Chris Christie Denies Vetoing ‘Gay Rights’ Bill: VIDEO


In response to a student's question about his veto of New Jersey's marriage equality bill, Governor Chris Christie suggested he didn't see same-sex marriage as a gay rights issue, Think Progress LGBT reports.

Said Christie:

"I did veto a bill on gay marriage, not on gay rights. And gay rights are protected and protected aggressively in New Jersey. But listen, this is something I feel strongly about. I think marriage is between one man and one woman, but I also know that people have very different opinions about that in our state. So what I’ve said to folks after vetoing the bill, let’s put it on the ballot. If a majority of people in New Jersey want to have same-sex marriage, then vote for it and I’ll be governed by it. But I don’t think that’s a decision that should be made by 121 people in Trenton alone. It’s a major change in the way we’ve governed our society."