1. leprechaunvict says

    It does look like it could be fun and campy. Hopefully it will be just that, and not lame like Burton’s Alice in Wonderland was. AiW had some lovely bits but mostly seemed phoned in.

  2. Zlick says

    Eh, I think doing it as a rip-van-winkleish comedy spin on an old TV show is the kind of thing that was cute 15 years ago maybe. It really looks lame and lazy to me, at least from the trailer.

    And that trailer told a good chunk of the story, so I’m pretty sure I got the vibe of the picture … and I’m not liking it.

    When’s the last time Tim Burton made a good movie anyway??

  3. AJ says

    I agree. Tim Burton is no good. And Johnny Depp is over-rated. This will either be hysterical or it will be awful. I like that it takes place in the 70s though. Could be fun.

  4. Steerpike says

    Another one of Tim Burton’s stupid pointless family movies. Pretty scenery and nothing vaguely original plus he can’t tell a story to save his little cartoonist’s ass. He is definitely one of the most banal and forgettable people working in Hollywood: suburbanite Goth for the mainstream and the immature. For someone who pretends to like the Gothic, you’d think he could managed a few chills once in awhile. He’s Robert Smith on the outside but he’s Disney goo right down to his core: the average PIXAR film has a thousand times more heart, thrills, sadness, fear and maturity than Burton’s shallow nonsense. And Johnny Depp is SO over-rated. PARTICULARLY in Burton’s films. Close your eyes: it’s just more Captain Jack. Plus, it’s going straight 70’s camp, with no respect for actual creepiness or Gothic atmosphere: just a load of lava lamps and stupid fish-out-of-water jokes about horses and little people in the television. And seriously: T-Rex?

  5. Steerpike says

    Ther are two jokes in this trailer, both of which I have heard a thousand times before. Standard fish-out-of-water cack with an Addams Family rehash.

  6. MIke says


    Loved “He’s Robert Smith on the outside but he’s Disney goo right down to his core”. You nailed the banality of so much of Burton’s work.

  7. jeffg166 says

    The preview is on YouTube.

    Depp is doing Jonathan Frid’s accent. That’s a hysterical.

    Dark Shadows was all about high camp and god awful acting. This looks to be actually funny.

    Looked up Jonathan Frid he’s still alive.

  8. Al says

    I digress, but… LOL, whatever happened to opinions being just that?

    When did everybody get so damn arrogant and full of themselves, so believing their own facebook pages and trumped-up bios that they so easily accept their opinions as empirical facts? It’s one thing to say “not my cup of tea,” and quite another to hot-brand anything as trash, a p.o.s. or other, ripping into the work of artists, writers, etc. Somehow, everyone’s come to feel qualified to criticize with impunity, and it’s really poor form.

    Of course everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but there’s a genuine and dangerous arrogance in banging out edicts in less than a hundred and forty characters, when and if you lose sight of the fact that, hey, it is just an opinion. It’s like we’re becoming a race of mean, hate-spewing fanboys. But the real danger is in not being able to take pause and realize it. There’s just a very big difference between saying something IS a piece of sht, and saying I THINK its a piece of sht.

    I guess its a commentary on the need to develop and nurture self-awareness, and to recognize the damage being done by our own hyper-jumping through, and spitballing at, the world around us.

    Anyway, I think the movie looks like a lot of fun, and I’m definitely a die-hard fan of the original series, may it rest in peace.

  9. t says

    al, couldnt agree more.

    was thinking yesterday about how incredibly coarse society has become.

    the media? the internet? overpopulation? being raised by indulgent or mostly absent baby boomers?

  10. kevin says

    Oh no! I was hoping for a gothic thriller and it looks like its going to be a goofy camp-fest. I fear this may be more like Burton’s lame “revisioning” of PLANET OF THE APES than any of his original creations like EDWARD SCISSORHANDS. On the plus-side, some of the original cast members do have cameos in the film–including Jonathan Frid, Kathryn Leigh Scott, Lara Parker and David Selby.

  11. Disgusted Gay American says

    as someone who grew up with DARK SHADOWS…and used to rush home from school at 8yrs old to watch it….this looks good……Im glad they’re putting a “humor” spin on it as well…..def. gonna see it.

  12. Ken says

    Agree Al, I was thinking the same thing while reading these awful comments.

    When did it become fashionable to be so negative? Why waste the energy? There’s something said for looking for the positive in everything. Sounds childish but it’s true. Try it, you all will live longer, happier lives.

  13. Dearcomrade says

    Al & a few others must be studio tools. They spend more time dissing the negative reviewers then talking about the film. The whole point of a comments section is to post comments both positive and “negative”. If the best way you can defend something you believe in – in this case a lame movie – is by attacking negative comments, your argument in defense of that thing is pretty weak. My original view stands, the movie looks like a stinker to me and saying as much won’t shorten my happy life by a minute.

  14. Caliban says

    I’m almost relieved because by mucking with it so much in a way they’ve left the original alone. Honesty the original show, with its soap opera pacing, is almost unwatchable now though the 1st movie is still pretty good. And someone already tried a very true to the source reboot with the Ben Cross TV series and audiences didn’t embrace it even though from what I saw of it it was quite good. (If it had come out now in the midst of all these current supernatural series it might have succeeded.) So it’s probably impossible to satisfy the expectations of people who still remember the original.

    But it looks so much like every other Tim Burton/Johnny Depp collaboration that even though it’s a re-imagining of the original it still doesn’t look fresh. Depp as a vaguely comic fish out of water in a Tim Burton film? Well you could knock me over with a feather! We’re up to Edward Scissorhands version 4 now, or is it more? That’s how they screwed up Sleepy Hollow, by adding pointless slapstick to what was otherwise an atmospheric and truly spooky film. Meh.

  15. Acronym Jim says


    I doubt there are any “studio tools” posting on this site. I see Depp, Burton, and Dark Shadows fans as well as a plethora of commentors who can’t stand one or more of the above, but still wasted their time watching the video and posting comments.

    But hey, at least you’re half right!

  16. Mike says

    Al, you are correct. Somewhere we went from wanting everyone being open-minded & not automatically given to prejudice to today’s, “I haven’t seen it, read it, heard it, but it sucks & anyone who says otherwise is an idiot.”

    To me, it looks like a hell of a lot of fun & exactly what needs to be done with that material. I watched Dark Shadows every day after school and this re-imagining looks fabulous.

  17. TJ says

    This is NOT Dark Shadows. This is just silly nonsense. The original ABC daytime drama was campy, but it was never silly and never tried to be funny. It, along with the NBC miniseries in 1990, was a fantastic Gothic drama. I cannot imagine how the Dan Curtis estate would’ve agreed to licensing rights for something like this.

  18. M says

    Enough with the campy remakes already! It’s been done to death! Adams Family. Stepford Wives. Charlie’s Angels. Starsky and Hutch. Brady Bunch (the only one that’s watchable IMO).

  19. stephen says

    WHO cares i lived for dark shadows when i was a kid! it was waaay campy then could see the mikes hanging down! ha ha but i still loved it. i wanted a Barnabas ring so bad. i still do!

  20. Zlick says

    First of all, we no longer HAVE to post “I think” or “IMO” … if we say it, it’s obviously our opinion. No one is appraising a work of art as if what they have to say is empirical fact.

    Second – as has been pointed out, the campy comedy remakes of old tv shows as movies has been done to death. This one may be funny or it may not, but the general feeling that only the Brady Bunch movie managed to get it right bodes poorly for all other imitators of this now-tired style.

    We’ll have to wait and see, I suppose. But the trailer does not make it look funny to me, and Tim Burton’s track record of late does not fill my soul with overflowing confidence.

  21. Lon says

    As a diehard fan of Dark Shadows, I was one of the kids who ran home from school to watch the series over 45 years ago and love it to this very day. After viewing the trailer of this “film”, I was really mortified and disgusting and what Burton and Depp at what they did to the classic series. I only have one more thing to say, I hope it fails misreably at the box office.

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