David Cameron Threatened With Tory Revolt Over ‘Bizarre’ And ‘Militant’ Gay Marriage Support

KeepCalmThis comes as no surprise, but British Prime Minister David Cameron is facing some opposition from fellow Conservatives for his support of marriage equality.

In an open letter, Giles Chichester, Tory MEP in the European Parliament, warned Cameron that he risks a party revolt should same-sex couples be allowed to tie the knot.

"Should this measure go through, it will cause many Conservatives to question their loyalty to a party which is no longer supporting values inherent to the party," said Chichester, who claims to support civil unions, but not full-blown marriage, because he does not think "being equal must mean being the same."

"For two obvious reasons, these unions or partnerships are not the same, namely a marriage is about a man and woman joined together for the procreation of children," he wrote. "What you are doing in attempting to redefine marriage is to undermine and affront the traditional majority to no benefit to the gay and lesbian minority."

Chichester also accuses Cameron of kowtowing to a "militant gay agenda:"

The worst way in which you are attacking the traditional family is through your bizarre attempt to redefine marriage.

Why you have chosen to push the Stonewall [campaign group] militant gay agenda is a mystery to me because same-sex marriage was not in your manifesto and so far as I can tell from friends in the gay community, there is no majority within that minority in favor of trying to make same-sex unions or partnerships the same as traditional marriage. Equal yes, same no.

So, a few of Chichester's gay friends — like how he threw them in there? — don't want to get married, so that means the rest of same-sex couples should be denied the right? Talk about some bizarre rationale.