1. bierce says

    Dave is a strange guy. Intellectually, he has seemed to support gay rights at times during more serious interviews, but he and his head writer also love to make gay jokes. And those faces of horrible distaste he used to make when he told all those “Brokeback Mountain” jokes were obviously real. One night he said, “This movie has two guys kissing!” (*makes awful face*) “Two guys! We don’t need to see that, do we?”

  2. John says

    While Dave isn’t gay, Bottom Line is right — some people don’t get his humor. Barbara Gaines, a woman who he has worked with for some 30 years, was a PA starting on the NBC show and is now an executive producer — AND is married to a woman. It’s obvious to regular viewers of the show that Dave couldn’t think more of her; his occasional jokes about her being gay are more tied to his traditional, midwestern image than anything else. And that’s most likely a persona that he thinks works for him and he isn’t going to change after 30-plus years in the business. I honestly don’t think he has a homophobic bone in his body.

    Well, except maybe for Richard Simmons.

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