1. Francis says

    To be realistic, when the local news reports put quotation marks around the word gay when describing a gay hate crime, as if gay is somehow not the correct/credible terminology to describe GAY men (or in this case, men perceived to be gay), it shouldn’t be a major surprise that the culture itself would be one where something like this would occur, sadly.

    Very sad. My thoughts go out to the victims and I hope the bashers get caught quickly before they attack anyone else.

  2. StraightGrandmother says

    “abrasions the stomach” that must have been when the victim was dragged by the perps car. Flashback- Matthew Shepherd…OMG when is this insanity ever going to end?

  3. Continuum says

    The intersection of Forest Lane and Audelia Road is a strange place for a gay hate crime in Dallas, or for that matter, any kind of gay activity. Something doesn’t seem right with this story as a gay hate crime even though gay epithets were shouted.

  4. Troy says

    @Francis, I think the quotation marks around gay in this case may refer to the fact that it hasn’t been released that the guys attacked were gay or not but perceived to be, which is still enough to prosecute it as a hate crime.
    @Continuum, I was walking around Oak Cliff in Dallas once with a straight friend and we both got yelled at by a passing car (“fags!”). It doesn’t take much to flip the switch of a Dallas hater.

  5. Cognitive Dissonance says

    @ Adam: Of course. Because stupid white people NEVER beat up anyone gay or perceived to be gay.

    BTW: Do you wear a white pointed hood with your flip flops and knock off Prada? Or just online?

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