1. Michael in Toronto says

    Wouldja come out already?

    I hope he’s not into the drugs. Remember how handsome Heath Ledger was, and how drawn and debilitated he looked near the end? I’m getting the same vibe from Franco.

  2. says

    For everyone clamoring for the infamous bullwhip shot by Mapplethorp to be copied by Franco, they need to remember that the photo spread is for GQ. Not everything can be emulated in the “mainstream” media.

    Hell, I would just like to see more male frontal nudity in the movies and on the premium cable productions (although Spartacus does a good job).

  3. Gregoire says

    Because you know if he could, he would do the bullwhip photo (or at least, on homage to it). The man is nothing if not committed to his source materials. I wonder if, like Mapplethorpe, I could pay to have sex with him.

  4. Rick says

    LOL. We have had meterosexuals for a while now. But James Franco is the first “streer”. I love it.

  5. true colors showing says

    I don’t particularly like these photos, but I like him a lot. I think he would be lots of fun to live with, going out to do crazy stuff, then coming home to calm down. If only.

  6. jim says

    Wow, these are amazing…unsettling, really. Not just the setup (which is superb), there’s a real RM energy going on in Franco’s eyes. Franco really is a chameleon, some amazing work (tho saw The Broken Tower last weekend…really wanted to like it, but was just annoyed by it).

  7. Marlee says

    I’m a little Franco’d out. He needs to go away for just a few minutes to give us all a break…

  8. benjamin says

    Make him stop!

    He’s got no talent save for using everyone else’s creative energy as his own.


  9. Stefan says

    @ Marlee, Benjamin, Derek, Patrick–Thank you. Sadly he keeps popping up in movies I otherwise enjoy. I’ve seen him in eight movies the last two years (on video or in theaters) and all I keep thinking is that he’s got no more to offer than some of the old school matinee idols who looked more interested in making love to themselves than actually, you know, acting. Ugh.

  10. Rick says

    @Stefan Of course, most of you would say that about any actor who is not female, wouldn’t you?


    Praise a male actor, ANY male actor, go ahead, I dare you to.