Gay Wedding Video of the Day: Jason and Paul

Jason and Paul's Slideshow from Isis Photography on Vimeo.

We are starting a regular column featuring gay wedding videos (see some of them at links above). If you've got a creative wedding video online you'd like to share with Towleroad to celebrate marriage equality in this column please send it along. Extravagant, simple, sexy – we'll consider them (but can't guarantee we'll post them) all – the more creative the better! Let us know at tips – at –


  1. Fenrox says

    Haha, that was cute. I like that only one was really into it. Lets get some lesbian wedding videos too! I want to see the differences.

  2. uffda says

    Hoorah, all the way, everything. May Jason and Paul and their friends all live happily ever after.

    The more I hear and see of Toronto on this site, even the references that L.PIWI makes…sounds like a great place.

    And good on the marriage video addition. I’ll watch em.

  3. CCGuy says

    Great… now the gays can be just as lame and annoying as straight people… noone cares about your wedding, just go get married and shut up about it…

  4. says

    Focus on your vows, combining your bank accounts, setting up your wills, pensions, insurance, taxes, home and social security to make sure your partner is covered in case the other is hurt or worse. Getting married is a serious business investment (yes it’s a business investment – just ask any tax professional). Setting up a stage show is the LAST thing you should be doing.

  5. Paul says

    Oh, please GET FOCUSED and CCGUY! Let them enjoy their wedding day! Didn’t your mother tell you that if you can’t say something nice, you shouldn’t say anything at all?

    I’ve been to the Winter Garden and it’s a lovely place for a wedding. Congratulations and best wishes for many happy years together.

  6. peterparker says

    Wow. That venue was *gorgeous*!! Way to think outside the box, fellas!! The photography was wonderful too. But what really made this beautiful was all the support from family and friends. Bravo to all!

    (And, Andy, I really like that you are doing this. Since so many newspapers around the country will not accept our (print–*yawn*) wedding announcements, it’s great that you provide a way for us to one-up them with video. Thanks!)

  7. Paul B. says

    @CCGUY…you’re a bitter dried-up old prune !
    This was great fun…a celebration of love…find yourself some and get happy.

  8. SammySeattle says

    @ GET FOCUSED, How do you know the stage show wasn’t the last thing they planned?

  9. says

    Beautiful vid and beautiful slide show and the guys were just wonderful. And such a beautiful stage.

    Oh Canada !

    Have a great and happy life together guys.

    PS : can I have the blond in the black shirt ?

  10. unruly says

    It’s not a “flash mob” if you know everyone involved and it was staged for you. That’s just a show.

  11. George F says

    Loved it! But I would have definitely used the original Safety Dance of Men Without Hats which still sounds bubbly good…

  12. Kerry says

    Beautiful! It made my heart happy to watch this. Inspiring to see young men of their generation realizing something that someone of my generation never considered possible.

  13. mike128 says

    My preference would be for a more somber affair – but I can appreciate these slightly younger (I’m guessing) guys as they seem to have created an experience they enjoyed. Good luck!

  14. Leroy Laflamme says

    I just can’t believe all these miserable party poopers stopping by to spew bile on a truly beautiful, heart warming post! Why does internet anonymity always seem to bring out the evil in people? My best wishes to Jason & Paul & sincere thanks for sharing their special experience. Great photography too!

  15. StraightGrandmother says

    I hope the fellows read the comments here. My comment is this, first off LOVED the dance, how fun!
    Second the groom on the left was obviously a much better dancer than the groom on the right. The groom on the right obviously had to work much much harder to learn and perform the dance. So I hope the groom on the left appreciates that. And he did a great job, he barely missed a step.

  16. Paul R says

    For once I’m not being negative, but does anyone else find it odd when gay couples match? My ex and I would leave the house and discover that we often did (jeans and a BR shirt were not all that original), and it made us feel silly. No disrespect intended to the happy couple, just not something that I’d seek to do. Congratulations!

  17. Brian says

    Of course you can do all the practical stuff at the same time as preparing for your wedding day, so Get Focused’s bitterness is just lame. And as a gay with zero dancing ability, I will admit that my wedding dance was my number one priority. We hired a choreographer and had private lessons for months leading up to the wedding, and finally got it working reasonably well in the studio. On the wedding night, unfortunately, all the practice went out the window and our wedding dance barely qualified for the word dance. So the moral of the story is that, while tax planning and the other boring stuff is important, so is the wedding planning- practice, practice practice!

  18. TJ says

    Loved it! And knowing lots of people who can’t dance at all, those who didn’t look like they were “into it” may have just been grateful to not trip. The only time I get to dance anymore is at weddings because I discovered early on that my partner was “Looks, 10, Dance, 3.”

    I love seeing the different ways people do their weddings and celebration. Dance, dont dance; match, don’t match. It’s all good.

  19. Michaelandfred says

    Congratulations guys!

    And thanks for posting these. I keep thinking, “another one?” then get all choked up. What a difference a wedding makes when you can relate.

  20. Rude says


    Your comments are just nasty. Maybe next time you should just shut up and spare everyone your uneducated opinions. Quit talking about yourself.

  21. says

    This is just so fraction’ sweet…yes, boys, it is “safe to dance;” safer and safer – and the energy in that room was great. Brings a tear t’my eye…

  22. james says

    This wedding looks like it was lots of fun.

    Regarding the “business” aspects of being married, they are important. But, for some strange reason, they are easier to accomplish AFTER the wedding when the couple IS actually married, can produce a marriage certificate, and has the protection of the marriage laws to back them up.

    In fact, those laws often provide for some of those aspects AUTOMATICALLY, as in, your spouse is your heir even without a will. In many US states, marriage invalidates a previously written will.

  23. Brian says

    @Rude: What are you talking about??? There was nothing remotely nasty about my post. There was a nasty post before me saying these guys shouldn’t waste time on the wedding and should focus on tax planning etc instead. So all I was saying is that wedding planning is important so you can end up with a finished product like these guys had, and not the mess I made of things. So if there was any nastiness in my comment, it was directed at myself.

  24. says

    There’s actually a troll (Rick) who camps out on these gay wedding videos and makes snarky comments as a way to belittle the wedding, when in reality, it’s his disdain for all things gay. He does so with various handles, anonymous. No NORMAL gay person would see these videos and not be eternally happy for the couples in them

  25. Real Talk says

    To the haters, don’t even play. We know you’re not really gay. We know you’re the anti gay trolls showing your behinds on here with posts like this. You’re nowhere to be seen in stories about gays getting discriminated, yet suddenly appear in gay wedding posts, and same sex navy partners kissing posts, and have all sorts of bashing to spew. you think we’re idiots? you think we really don’t know ur clown @$$ is a troll disturbed enough to be on a gay site when you’re homophobia turned into a fixation on gays. check yourself into the clinic clown.

  26. Derek says

    I love the wintergarden theatre, it’s probably one of the most beautiful places in Toronto that you can get married

  27. tinhouston says

    i love it. some beautiful pics in the theatre,espec.
    Best of luck and happiness guys. Looks like it was a wonderful celebration.

  28. Darrell says

    To some of those posters who are just jealous that this is legal in every Province, Territory, City and Town in this country by federal law. And that to 35 million Canadians it is just a happy event called a WEDDING!

    Straight or Gay weddings cost $$$ anywhere so stop saying that it was a waste of money, If it was such a waste then ask your parents why they wasted the cash when they had theirs then.

    In Canada we live in the 21st Century deal with it!

  29. Kenneth says

    This is one of my favorite in this series thus far! They look so in love, the theater venue is genius, the pictures fantastic and the support of their family and friends is abundantly apparent and heart warming. Yes, Toronto is an amazing city btw and TJ, thanks for the Chorus Line reference, it gave me a good laugh.