Jeb Bush Endorses Mitt Romney

Following Romney's win last night in Illinois, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush has endorsed Mittens:

Jeb_bush"Congratulations to Governor Mitt Romney on his win last night and to all the candidates for a hard fought, thoughtful debate and primary season. Primary elections have been held in thirty-four states, and now is the time for Republicans to unite behind Governor Romney and take our message of fiscal conservatism and job creation to all voters this fall. I am endorsing Mitt Romney for our Party¹s nomination. We face huge challenges, and we need a leader who understands the economy, recognizes more government regulation is not the answer, believes in entrepreneurial capitalism and works to ensure that all Americans have the opportunity to succeed."


  1. jtramon says

    Although the word was that, in giving Romney his endorsement, Eric Kantor was sucking up for the VP slot – this one would make much more sense.

    A Romney/Bush ticket would pose a serious challenge to Obama, sad to say

  2. say what says

    DUH! romney has been the bush’s guy all the way back to mccan vs romney

    the bush and romney families have never hid that

  3. Disgusted American says

    dont you just love these gop assholes….de-regulae everything is thier motto ….clean water – who needs it?
    clean air – who needs to breathe>?
    lead in toys – ohh no biggie
    toxic sludge – mmmmmm good

    How much to I HATE the GOP – I cant count that many!

  4. Caliban says

    Jeb Bush has been floated as a possible Romney VP choice, but does ANYONE really want another Bush anywhere near the White House? I don’t think that would do Romney any favors.

  5. says

    “What we need most is a bible-fearin’ white heterosexual man with millions of dollars who can sell an image of White Jesus-y Straight 1950’s Goodness to the millions of poor, out of work, uneducated fools whom the GOP tricks into voting against their own best interests every year.”


  6. Dback says

    I think the Bush name has been tainted for at least the next 10 years or so. At some point, Jeb’s son (who is half-Latino) will probably try to run for governor and eventually president when his uncle’s sins are starting to recede into the mists of history. And yes, when the Bush men pout, it’s Barbara’s mouth and chin you’re seeing.

  7. Sean says

    I don’t like him either. But insulting him based on who he is doesn’t help the matter. If it was Herman Cain, would you throw around these insults so easily?

  8. Leroy Laflamme says

    VP? Dear God! Spare us another Bush in the White House! *makes wild slashing motions at wrists & throat with sharp object*

  9. No kidding says

    “A Romney/Bush ticket would pose a serious challenge to Obama, sad to say”

    @ JT Ramon. I think you are right.

    However, I doubt that Jeb wants to play second fiddle to Romney.

    He could be bought, for the right price, and love of country of course (wink, wink).