1. Mic says

    My favorite sport! Eons ahead of the rest of the bonehead christstraightcentric homophic sports like ‘American’ football.

    Think I’ll celibrate the girls moment with a little afternoon shinny at my local rink!

    Girl Power!!!!

  2. says

    Oh please. Dont get too high on the dream of equality and tolerance with this one dummies. Two good looking women kissing @ a hockey game in Canada? No kidding the crowd went wild. Now if it was two men..dont think the reaction would have been quite as positive.

  3. Rick says

    @Lisa G Bingo. Jockish straight men will always cheer on two women kissing, since it stokes their lesbian fantasies.

    If it had been two men, they would have been booed and had things thrown at them from the stands.

    How naive does one have to be to believe otherwise?

  4. Gigi says

    Yet another reason to be so happy and proud to live in this amazing country! So amazing to watch…I’m crying!!

    When I was a young gay boy growing up in rural Ontario I never imagined for a minute that we’d have the rights, freedom and level of acceptance that we do in Canada. It’s easy to forget how far we’ve come as we go about living of daily lives but it truly is astounding.

  5. Gigi says

    @ Lisa G and Nick – While what you both said might partly be true I still believe that we Ontarians are far more tolerant than say the folks in Louisiana. I’ve lived here my entire life and know this to be true. We can’t be fired or denied housing because we’re gay – in many states in the U.S you can. Sodomy is not illegal in Canada. In many states in the U.S. it is. We gays can get married and have the same rights and freedoms as the rest of our citizens. Not true in most states in the U.S. We’re not perfect but we certainly have more protections and tolerance here.

  6. Disgusted American says

    …and here in Neanderthal, Hypocritical,lying America……Bigotry and Discrimination REIN supreme….we’re #1!!
    Rememeber a few yrs back – that BRUNO movie where he did Cage wrestling….and in the midst of wrestling, he and the other wrestler starting making out…(this was in the south I think) – well the audience went wild, LIKE ANIMALS…u can see it on line…if there wasn’t a cage, no doubt the souhern Rednecks would have KILLED Bruno.
    Ahh America…..Liberty & Justice for ALL..Nahh,not so much.

  7. Rick says

    @Gigi Thanks for the ongoing self-righteous lectures from you and other Canadians on this site.

    Passing laws will get you very little, I am afraid.

    Only changing the culture will.

    So show me an example of a man proposing to another man and kissing him on the lips at an NHL game….and getting cheered on by all or most or even some of the men in attendance……and I will then–and only then–concede that there has been real cultural change.

    Until you can, your claims are totally hollow and meaningless.

  8. says

    Rick, show us via URL that YOU are what you say you are.

    HAHAHAH. but you can’t. fake profile miserable troll :-)

    Until you can show us who you are, in all your manly-masculine empowered Out gay male role model glory, every claim you make rings totally hollow and meaningless.

    but everyone already knew that. and that goes for all your fake aliases as well.

    still. it’s always good for you to be exposed as the testicle-deprived sack you are 😀

  9. Kevin_BGFH says

    I’m happy the couple have a wonderful engagement story and the crowd was so supportive.

    That said, I really think that proposals should be in private. A public proposal all but forces the other person to say yes. You might be so sure that your partner will say yes, but it’s always possible that some of that perception is clouded by your own feelings.

  10. TJ says

    Behavior follows attitude, and attitude follows behavior. It is easier to believe in the laws you follow, on a daily basis, than it is to constantly fume, stew, and be miserable. If you have to do it, you find reasons to support it. Like wearing a helmet.

  11. says

    Canada’s NHL leagues have seen a massive overhaul in attitude in the last decade. A massive part of this has indeed been the visible, vocal and CONSTANT advocacy for LGBT People by Brian Burke, and many others within the “hockey world.”

    The man commands respect all over the country. His words are heard and taken to heart. His message is one of inclusivity and acceptance – for ALL. He’s not one of those wimps who says “respect gay men who play hockey, but not those queens in the pride parade…”

    Brian Burke marches WITH US in the pride parade. Every year since his son’s unfortunate passing. I’ve had the honour of marching alongside him for the last few years.

    So, rather than people complaining or criticizing and saying “this wouldn’t happen if it was two guys!” how about you, instead, directly and specifically SHOW US ALL exactly what work you are doing in your everyday life that will help the USofA be a more accepting and embracing place for LGBT people?

    Genuinely. What are you doing, every day, that is opening the door for LGBT people in your own country, community, line of work? A URL to your own video or page would be beneficial, as we can all then best learn from your shining examples.


  12. Rick says

    @TJ The point is that, in most cases, laws against discrimating against someone on the basis of sexual orientation are unenforceable–so people don’t have to change their behaviors, really…..which de-legitimizes your premise, even if your conclusion were correct (and I am not conceding that it always or even usually is).

    Even DADT repeal will not do that–a recent survey indicated that the vast majority of gays in the military remain in the closet despite repeal…..and I am sure that is because they know that they can still be discriminated against and probably will be if they come out, despite the change in the law.

    On the other hand, change the culture and you won’t need any laws because it will not be necessary to try to force people to do things they don’t want to do (which is as likely to cause resentment as it is to cause sympathy, to get back to your original point).

    And one final point–changing the laws can give society the impression that no further change is necessary and can actually therefore work to impede cultural change….so legislation is a double-edged sword at best, even with those who support it.

  13. RyanInSacto says

    Somebody is a regular Debbie Downer today. What’s the matter, Rick? Strikeout again this weekend?

  14. says

    Canada has a few things y’all need to remember:

    very specific, explicit and intellectually discernible hate-speech laws. they’ve been in place for twenty years.

    since 1992 LGBT citizens of Canada have been allowed to serve OPENLY in our militaries. this was passed by Kim Campbell, our first female prime minister, of the Progressive Conservatives.

    LGBT people in Canada are protected from workplace and housing discrimination.

    LGBT Canadians have full and total marriage and adoption rights, and privileges. Our first legal same-sex marriage was in 2001.

    So try to remember these very important distinctions when you read stories about Up North. Canada is decades ahead of the US in terms of LGBT Issues.

  15. TJ says

    Sports figures get fined for homophobic slurs. Sports figures receive negative consequences. Sports figures watch their mouths. Other sports figures make positive comments, get positive responses. Mascot cheers on lesbian couple. Crowd is wildly supportive. The rule for behavior becomes being supportive, not a bigot, because of example. The rule of public behavior changes attitudes.

  16. bigolpoofter says

    Get it, LittleKiwi! My fellow yanks too easily dismiss the more affirming culture up north, as if Canada was just an extension of the U.S. I fondly remember being affectionate at Leafs games with my consort while working in Toronto a decade ago. No one threatened to kill or injure us, though a few closet case or little gaylings may have had their true nature affirmed.

  17. RyanInSacto says

    Per usual, Rick’s just full of assertions and accusations, but never comes with any proof. Whether Canadians would boo a male couple for proposing marriage at an NHL game is a mere hypothetical question until someone provides documented proof one way or the other. The proof we do have at this point is that, when given the chance, they cheered a female couple. We also have the amazing work that the Burke family (the late Brendan, his father and Toronto Maple Leafs coach Brian, and his brother Patrick) has done. As far as I know – and again, this is an empirical matter, so maybe there is proof to the contrary – their efforts have been well received in the Canadian hockey world. And, as Kiwi and others have noted, Canada is about a decade ahead of the US on LGBT issues.

  18. says

    Canadian politicians have already found out that catering to anti-gay fringelings results in massive public backlash.

    The tide is well on its way to turning up North – you don’t become a pariah for being an LGBT person, but for being an anti-LGBT person.

  19. Eric says

    “Until you can, your claims are totally hollow and meaningless.”

    Actually, Rick, at this point the other side of the argument has more evidence than you do.

  20. Rex Mundi says

    Rick: How is passing laws going to “get you very little”? Isn’t that exactly what everybody is fighting to do in the US right now? Laws are the only thing outside of their own minds that people have the ability to change.

    I can assure you that ever since gay marriage was legalized here in Canada, attitudes have changed dramatically. I am so happy to be gay in this country.

  21. says

    heck, there are some folks who, were they alive centuries ago, would be saying “no, this underground railroad nonsense is a LIE! it’s not better in Canada! stop believing Harriet Tubman just because you’re a diva-worshipping fem!”


  22. Jack says


    Yes, Canada is ahead of the US in terms of LGBT related laws.

    But if you want “hate speech” laws in America, better stay in Canada. We have a Constitution, which has a First Amendment.

    I’m willing to live with the nasty things other people have to say in order to be able to speak my mind freely. It’s one of the things that makes this country great.

  23. Jay says

    Countries like Canada, the UK, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, etc. restrict hate speech. The result is that they have a far better functioning democracy than the U.S., to say nothing of far more civil discourse. The U.S. has fallen so far behind the rest of the world on so many scales of achievement, from education to life-expectancy. But we keep chanting, “we’re no. 1, we’re no. 1.”

    The video captures a lovely moment that makes us realize how civilized our neighbors to the north are.

  24. Clay says

    This makes me prouder and prouder of where I come from. And the bitter,moaning cynics can just suck it.

  25. says

    why is it that so many Americans don’t actually understand what The First Amendment is?

    here’s an example – the westboro baptist church is continuous denied entry into Canada with their signs of hatred. why?

    simple: Canada’s very specific, explicit and intellectually discernible hate speech legislations understand, and point out, why the WBC’s “right” to have their signs is worth less than the safety and wellbeing of the specific groups targeted BY the WBC with their signs of hatred.

    it’s an intellectual distinction that I’m proud to say Canadians understand.

    Canadians understand that “speaking one’s mind freely” and “specifically targeting an oppressed minority group to incite hatred toward them” are two very different things.

    alcohol and tobacco companies are forbidden from advertising to children. Canucks understand that *advertising* and promoting prejudice and hatred toward a specific group is less important than the safety and wellbeing of those targeted groups.

  26. Stuart says

    Canada is most certainly ahead of the United States in terms of equality and protection under the law, but one need not look further than the recent marine kiss “scandal” to see the pervasive iron fist of this misandryc homophobia concoction, as a result of heteronormativity permeating the entire world.

  27. RONTO says

    First time commenter here – I am also Canadian and loved the proposal between the two women at the hockey game in Ottawa (it made me tear up).

    Some here have questioned whether the same reaction would have happened if it were two men involved. Well, that question cannot be answered until such a proposal takes place, but here is a video of a public proposal from one man to another that took place in a shopping mall in North Bay, Ontario (a small city in Northern Ontario) just 3 months ago. It seems to have been well-received:

    In fact, I think this video may have posted on Towleroad (I read the site every day but don’t remember where I first saw this vid).

  28. Roy says

    Canada’s society is WAY MORE OPEN and brilliant!!! I lived there for few years and it’s simply another world compared to the US poor mentality.

  29. GeorgeM says

    Anti discrimination law were meant to deal with those issues at hand, not change minds. We enforce them all the time. Are no pro gay laws good? What about when courts order SSM rights, why is that a bad thing?

    People are always going to have an issue, I think at times we need to push our way through even when the majority doesnt like it. We can’t wait for people to say ok, it would be Great but unfair to a group of people.

    Maybe two men haven’t done it yet to see idk

  30. Contrarian says

    It is truly nice to see, and the Canadians on here keep us informed of the vast differences in both law and culture between our 2 nations. That said, why is it unacceptable for US citizens to lament how far we need to go? It’s not defeatist or as one said “Debbiedowner”, it’s reality.

    It’s also a fact that lesbians get far less grief from beer-laced male hockey fans. Deny it all you want, but come out of your gay bunkers and ghettos and live and work among straight guy sport fans. That’s the way they are south of the border here in uptight-land. In Philly or Madison Square Garden 2 guys getting married would get a world of grief from the audience, but management wouldn’t even allow it in the first place fearing a “scene”. Oh, Kleine Vogel, come down from your pulpit of rainbow righteousness playing the gay Moses leading us to the promised land for a moment (when you’re not counseling us to commit suicide)and address the Sean Avery situation. NHL player and fashion industry employee who got “faggot” and worse shouted at him by opposing players. The progressive and friendly NHL my foot.

  31. Rick says

    @RONTO LOL. Thanks for the link, but I think you just proved my point, rather than contradicting it. The flash mob, as you can see, consisted entirely of females….and the hoots of approval from the onlookers consisted entirely of female voices.

    So this is the flip side of the hockey game, where you have a bunch of women cheering on a gay male couple, which they almost certainly would not have done had it been a lesbian couple.

    Nothing new under the sun here, folks, as much as you would like to convince yourselves otherwise.

    And the more I think of the proposal at the hockey game, the more cynical, not less, I become about it. In fact, it looks to me like a stroke of marketing genius–the NHL can deflect any criticism leveled at it by the gay community by appearing to endorse same-sex marriage, at the same time that they are able to tap into the lesbian-sex fantasies of their male fan base and turn it into a marketing tool……which, of course, is why they chose a lesbian couple rather than a gay male couple (which they would never do because of the hostile reaction it would provoke).

    They win any way you slice it, without having to confront the REAL issue of a homophobic male culture head-on….which is the only issue that really matters.

  32. RyanInSacto says

    Contrarian – when you say “it is a fact,” it is necessary to back up such a claim with data. Have you read or perhaps authored a study about this? Can you cite it? Otherwise, you might want to restate your claim in any of the following ways:
    “I believe that…”
    “It is my opinion that…”
    Or even go the Fox News route and go with “Some say that…”

    And Rick was not “lamenting how far we need to go.” He was making a deliberate claim that Canadian hockey fans are not as tolerant as they appear to be in the video. That, too, needed some supporting evidence but as usual, Rick couldn’t provide any.

  33. RyanInSacto says

    Rick… still blathering on. Still providing no evidence. And now his blather has gotten conspiratorial. The NHL planned this! Rick – I think your blood sugar is getting low. Time to back away from the computer, go upstairs, and ask mom for a snack.

  34. GeorgeM says

    We’re always going to get grief because we’re gay. Someone will always have an issue. Any exposure of pro gay is a good thing. We have lots to do here in the US but I’d rather live here any day.

    When I read the headline did I hope it was two guys…. Yes
    We’ll get there with or with out majority support. Live your life eff everyone else.

  35. says

    Sean Avery was lauded by Canadians, and canuck NHL’ers.

    “gay bunkers and ghettos?”

    Perhaps you can help us misguided gays, Contrarian, but providing a URL to show us the down-and-dirty hard work you’re doing to promote LGBT Equality in the Straight Sports World.

    There’s a misconception among some online-commenters who seem to believe that openly-LGBT people who are unafraid to live openly and authentically are doing so only within a small little gay world.

    that’s nonsense. especially up North.

    if we want Change to come in these specific sports-world areas there is one solution and one solution only – it’s time for sports players and sports fans who are LGBT to be Visible at these events, in these “worlds.”

    it shouldn’t be too hard for those of you who are gay sports fans. after all, you’re terribly butch. you’d be a fantastic representation of what you want Straight Sports Fans to see. right?

    if you want the sports world to become more accepting you have to make the EFFORT to represent “gay” whilst enjoying your recreational sports hobbies.

    so, hop to it.

  36. says

    Rick, and others, could simply provide the URL’s to their own pages or youtube videos where they back up their claims and assertions with evidence, and proof, that what they say is true.

    why not? after all, you’re all manly Out empowered masculine gay men. you know, the kind straight anti-bigots “dont’ mind”…so, what’s keeping you from doing it?

    you cant’ change homophobic culture when you’re Closeted, boys.

    so put up or shut up.

  37. Rick says

    @Contrarian I am forgiving of our Canadian friends in part because I am one of the rare Americans who has spent enough time in Canada to really understand the national character.

    The overriding issue in Canadian culture is and has always been the lack of a national identity–the fear on the part of the Quebecois of being swallowed up by English-speaking Canada and the fear on the part of English-speaking Canadians of being swallowed up–culturally and otherwise–by the mighty colossus of a nation to their south (and almost any Canadian will concede this to you in private).

    So some Canadians are always going out of their way to try to highlight any differences between Canada and the US, however slight (and the differences are, invariably, slight)… part of that quesst for national identity.

    Annoying at times, but kind of cute, too, especially if it is some hottie like Ryan Gosling doing the rationalizing, eh?

  38. says

    Rick could simply provide the URL to his own video or page where he shows what a strong masculine example he claims to live by and represent as a Gay Male Role Model.

    but, alas, Rick is closeted. Closeted people don’t change hearts and minds about the LGBT Community.

    complaining about “effeminate guys” while you yourself are still Closeted is pathetic.

    Canada was a haven for the black communities when the US was still keeping them as slaves, and Canada continues to pave the way for LGBT Equality while the US is still crippled by millions of bigots whose baseless fears are stoked and encouraged by bigoted Conservative politicians.

    openly-LGBT military service since 1992.
    legalized marriages for LGBT couples, across the entire nation.
    full adoption rights.
    workplace and housing anti-discrimination protections.

    yeah. what “slight” differences, eh?

    but hey, prove me wrong – provide your own URL where you show the strong manly example you feel you’re contributing to american culture.

    i call you bluff.

  39. says

    oh, and as for “national identity” – Canada is a tapestry. Multiculturalism is a part of our national identity.

    in case you folks haven’t noticed, there’s a False National Myth of American-ism that is holding your country back.

    two men kissing and being kicked out of a Santorum rally is being met with cheers of “USA! USA!”

    “this is a Christian nation!”

    racist. anti-gay. false national pride. if it aint White and Straight and Christian it aint “real American”, right?

    beware false national myths.

  40. RyanInSacto says

    “Almost any Canadian will concede this to your in private.” Oh really? When then there must be some pioneering social scientific study in which Canadians were surveyed anonymously about such fears. Care to cite it?

    “Try to highlight differences… however slight?” Dude – same-sex couples have been able to marry up there in Canada for 10 YEARS nationwide. That’s hardly a slight a difference, particularly in a thread about gay rights. Get back to me when 50% of our states have marriage equality.

  41. Contrarian says

    @ryaninsacto. Thanks, “perfesser”. Are you commenting on company time from the faculty lounge? Let’s hope it’s not a taxpayer-supported school. Do we all have to “publish or perish” in a peer-reviewed journal to have an opinion?

    Do you live and work among straight men? Do you know their attitudes and mores? I rely on the school of life and decades of experience in interacting with them, going on business trips and conferences and working for decades among them and their friends. I also attended games in various sports before the prices became absurd. Call it “field work” if you must “perfesser”.

  42. says

    …..if there are so many gay men who are sports fans then why hasn’t the climate changed? it’s up to those of you who consider yourselves SportsFans to be Visible.

    you can’t blame those who don’t attend the games for “not representing ______” when you yourselves are attending and not representing.

    <—– Raptors fan, btw 😀 rainbow bracelet and all 😀

  43. says

    what’s the use of “living and working among straight men” if you’re not fully, 100%, openly Gay to them?

    the reason my parents were wholly accepting of me when I came out in my teens is no doubt because of the men and women who made it their business to be Out to people, including my parents, from the time before I was born up to my teen years. Co-workers. fellow church members. community members.

    men and women who understood adult responsibility, and were indeed Out to people that some may say “they didnt’ need to be Out to”.

    if the sports world is to change it will be because the gay men and women who are sports fan simply stop trying to “blend in” – Invisibility is the enemy.

    the only thing stopping grown adult men from being Visibly Gay and Out at these sporting events are the excuses they keep giving to not do it.

  44. Gigi says


    You’re quite correct. Making something illegal, like discrimination against LGBT people, won’t automatically change the attitudes of the masses…but it can’t hurt!
    If the Federal Government states that it is no longer acceptable to discriminate against LGBT then in time attitudes will change. I’ve seen it happen in Canada. Marriage equality was made the law of the land in 2005 and – making gay marriage LEGAL – has done wonders for gays and lesbians throughout the country. A few years ago it would have been unthinkable that my somewhat rural family members would ask when my partner and I of 23 years are getting married or want to have kids. Now one of them asks at least once a week!

  45. RyanInSacto says

    @CONTRARIAN: Nope. Anybody can have an opinion as the entire internet attests to every millisecond of every damn day. My point, which you just ass-backwardly proved, was that your so-called “fact” was actually an opinion.

    “Live and work among straight men?” Who doesn’t other than a hairstylist perhaps? LMAO

  46. Jack says


    As an attorney who regularly handles First Amendment cases, I can ASSURE you that I have a better grasp on it than you do.

    Quite astounding that a Canadian thinks they can lecture Americans on the First Amendment, but then again, it’s in line with your track record of narcissism.

  47. says

    Laws change culture, and the culture changes laws; it works both ways. To assert that change in law–as they have in Canada sooner than in the US, in part because there is far less evangelical extremism in Canada–has no significant meaning or effect on the culture is just absurd. (I live in the US and in Canada so I understand the relationship between culture and law firsthand.) The only people who minimize the impact of changing laws on culture are deeply closeted people who have nothing to gain from remarkable changes in law because they are not out, and if you’re not out the laws ARE meaningless. The closeted are, sadly, being left behind in a culture of assimilation, where gay people can openly experience rituals that once were purely heterosexual domain.

    Yes, the reaction of the crowd may have been different had this been 2 men because some people are still more threatened by seeing intimacy between men, but this too is shifting as both the laws and the culture change, and public proposals like this are good for both women and men. We can actually open doors for one another instead of there being useless competition between the sexes, imagine!

  48. Virginiasomewhat_enlightened_ says

    Cute song, very romantic. But horribly wasted. That was awful. What is this world coming to…..

  49. jason says

    I’m sorry but they look like 2 female media whores. Why propose on an ice rink?

    In any case, I bet if it were two men, there’d be no cheering from the Candadian crowd. Canadians are ugly hypocrites with double standards. They’re frauds, basically.

  50. GregV says

    “I’m willing to live with the nasty things other people have to say in order to be able to speak my mind freely.”

    @Jack: Assuming you are an honest and non-violent person, you are perfectly free to speak your mind in Canada, certainly no less so than in the United States.

    The difference is the KINDS of restrictions that are put on people’s speech in the two countries.
    There are TV programs that are filmed in Canada which have to be censored before they can be broadcast in the US, out of the US network’s fear that the FCC will fine them $750,000 for what in Canada people are perfectly FREE to say and do on broadcast TV.
    The thing is, those things which are forbidden in the US but allowed in Canada are completely innocuous. Saying “There’s a lot of sh!t in my purse” results in the threat of outrageous fines in the US, but is none of the government’s business in Canada.
    An elderly couple on the prank show “Just For Laughs” walks into a Montreal convenience store naked and buys some potato chips, while the surprised and tickled reaction of other customers is filmed. On CBC, their naked butts are not a big deal (and should obviously NOT be considered a toxic situation for government to investigate). On ABC, the same show gets pixilated out of fear of a fine.

    In The USA, a “news” show can pretty much make up any cr@p they want and broadcast it, whether it’s true or not. In Canada, a news network is expected not to lie to viewers, most especially if lies and distortions are used to attack and demean and potentially instigate violence against others in society.
    A network that repeatedly broadcasts lies and/or calls to violence in Canada would risk losing its license.

    In both countries, there are restrictions on certain other types of speech, and rightly so.
    If I get stopped for a speeding ticket, my “free speech” rights do not allow me to say, “If I give you ten dollars and some sexual favors, can we just tear this ticket up?”
    A terrorist can’t hand a note to an undercover officer in New York (nor can he in Toronto) “speaking freely” about a plan to blow up a building and think such speech is perfectly legal.

    As an honest and non-violent person, I can think of absolutely nothing that I could conceivably ever want to say that I would not be perfectly free to say in Canada, whether in person, in writing, or on TV or radio or in the newspaper.
    I assume that you can say the same, and if not, there would have to be something very wrong with you.

    In the United States, even the most law-abiding citizen has to be more careful in certain situations because some of the limits on speech restrict some very innocuous speech.
    And need I even get started analyzing ridiculous limits on American speech like “Don’t Say Gay” in Tennessee (which could be enacted soon) or “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell,” which only just got rescinded in the past year?

  51. jack leddy says

    Congratulations to the women in love. However, I suggest that you withold all the hurray for Canada applause until we see how they react to two gay guys doing the same thing. I doubt that even our more liberal friends to the north would have the same positive reaction.

  52. Michael Wojtowicz says

    Way amazing Ladies – This is fantastic. Sharing your passion for your loved one and your passion for Hockey. This made me cry cause I am a big ole softy and wish I could have done this for my love.

    Cheers !

  53. says

    the complainers sure are a predictably stupid bunch.

    so how does this work, again?

    it “doesn’t count” because it’s two women and not two men?

    let me guess, if it had been two men that appeared too ‘effeminate’ to your insecure tastes then THAT would have been the cause of hypotheical booing, eh?

    so…i remain puzzled…. if what is needed are more “manly masc examples of gay men” then why are this site’s self-professed “masculine gay men” all such complete cowardly closet-cases posting bitter rants from a place of Faceless Anonymity?

    Shouldn’t you be at a hockey game proposing to your boyfriends? oh, wait. you don’t have any. right.

  54. says

    and to everyone saying “if it was two men there wouldn’t have been applause…”

    well, if you need to tell yourselves that in order to balance out your own cowardice, go right ahead.

    we canucks have had LGBT people serving OPENLY in our military since 1992. By all means, the repeat of DADT was great. It only took til 2011 for the USA to do what Canada did in the early 90s.


    but hey, you guys probably still buy the lies that Canadian healthcare is a complete failure. keep telling yourselves that. we canucks know better.

  55. Sergio says

    Typical – I knew it would be two good-looking women. The crowd would NOT have gone wild if it was two unattractive women or two gay men. This story is nothing exciting.

  56. jack leddy says

    What do LittleKiwi and Pope Benedict have in common? They are both foreigners who think they know what is best for the USA. And they are both certain of their infallibility. Both make many ridiculous arguments and should be ignored. Sound familiar kiwi?

  57. Marlene says

    My only concern is that it’s a mixed marriage: one roots for the Maple Leafs, the other for the Senators!

    It’s like a couple where one roots for Michigan and the other for Ohio State, Florida/Florida State, USC/UCLA, Yankees/Mets, etcetera.

    As far as the fearmongering naysayers, you all can go back to your glory holes and self-loathing closets!

    You’re just a bunch of nervous nellies because Littlekiwi’s showing that Canada’s a *far* superior country when it comes to civil rights, when the US just talks the talk, our northern neighbours walk the walk!

  58. Darrell says

    This is what makes us the civilized and open country we are! That 2 PEOPLE in love can have a moment like that in front of 18,000 hockey fans on St Patricks Day.
    With hockey such a violent sport we still are civilized and open.
    GOD I love my country and the 33 million people who I share it with! Life in the progressive 21st Century here in Canada! Love it!

  59. Darrell says

    I forgot to mention that none of you “Progressive” Americans would have the balls to try this in Madison Square Garden even with New York State allowing gay marriage. Your just jealous having to deal with your upcoming elections including your Republican wingnuts. Even our religous Prime Minister Stephen Harper knows what not to spew about its a fact of life up here and we are happy with it. Maybe by the year 2112 you will join the “freedom club” once again. LOL.

  60. Lucas says

    It seems like Rick is rather jealous of Canada, but who can blame him? Free health care, gay marriage, longer life expectancy, far lower crime rates, higher quality of life.

    Then again, I would probably be pretty bitter too if my country was the laughing stock of the world.

  61. Canadian says

    Unfortunately, having grown up in Ontario, I’d say Rick is closer to the truth than Littlekiwi.

    I’ve been spit at and screamed at walking down the streets of Toronto just for holding hands with my husband…

    I have had students in a class in College in Toronto call me a faggot and threaten to smash my face in – and the administration did nothing, even after the Lesbian professor of the class complained with me… This was the same college where a Gay student had his throat slashed a few months ago…

    Sure things have improved in Canada, but seems to me those of us living in the real world know that there’s nothing to be smug about.

  62. Flip_4 says

    I was AT that game and it was extremely heartwarming. I am a straight female Season Ticket Holder of the Sens.

    This proposal did not bother me in the least and I would have had the same reaction had it been two men….or as some say…two unattractive females. I don’t understand how that is even an argument here. Who cares what they look like or the gender.

    What I am insulted about here is that people are saying that the fans were “Beer guzzling Males”. Are you kidding me? How backwards are you? In my section alone, I would say that the male/female ratio was 50/50. I’ve been going to those games for 20 years and there’s a TON of female fans. I don’t understand the thought that hockey fans are only males. Really!!

    So sorry…THAT argument has been blown out of the water too.

    Anyway…I would love for there to be a proposal with 2 men at a Sens game. My reaction and the reaction of my friends around me would be the same.

    Wish the couple a great life together…although the Sens Fan / Leafs fan thing does bother me!! 😉

  63. Jake in Korea says

    Wow. So cute.

    can you all please stop arguing over who is more righteous, who is more politically accurate in their representation of their domestic culture, etc… and just SUPPORT THE NEWLY ENGAGED COUPLE!

    This video was about celebration and love, not about divisiveness and ridicule.

  64. Rex Mundi says

    @Canadian: I’m so sorry all that happened to you, but it’s pretty surprising to me that any of that transpired in Toronto! What part of the city was that? I guess I’ve had much better luck, as I have kissed my boyfriend and held his hand on the street countless times, and on one unfortunately drunken evening, even made out with a boyfriend on the steps of a church, haha. I’m also happily out to my boss, co-workers, landlord, etc.

    Don’t let the actions of a few convince you that this is not an enlightened city. I couldn’t feel more comfortable walking hand-in-hand with my boyfriend down Queen St on a sunny afternoon.

  65. Flowered Rose says

    UPDATE: After the fanfare and talk-show circuit the relationship kinda fizzled out, unable to capture that excitement of proposel and extremely high expectations of the relationship from that point forward.

  66. david nichols says

    this is part of what makes canada so great. and to the naysayers who say it is only because its between girls that the crowd is cheering thats bologna, this is in ontario. in canada gay people are treated the same as straight people. and i would like to think this would be the case in any NHL arena. but in canada i am sure it is.