Maggie Gallagher Responds to Damaging NOM Document Dump

At the National Review, NOM's Maggie Gallagher tries to write off the news that her organization had its mask torn off, pronouncing, nothing to see here:

Maggie_gallagherIt’s always amusing to watch the media go to work to generate a non-story. In this case, it’s about “secret” documents that show NOM reaches out to black and Latino churches to fight gay marriage.

NOM’s response is here.

Mine is: Must be a slow news day over at BuzzFeed.

Jeremy Hooper notes:

"NOM's past President and Chair, Maggie Gallagher, doesn't give credit to the Human Rights Campaign's NOM Exposed project, which actually broke the story. But the bigger insult is that she simply doesn't care what Julian Bond, the African American Ministers Leadership Council, or any number of outraged millions have to say about NOM's crude and cruel attempts to divide us as a nation."


  1. Bernie says

    Keep sticking to it. Never let the world forget what these people have tried, and in many cases accomplished. The dissolution of NOM is at hand.

  2. Bobby says

    I don’t know why everyone gets so amped up about what this woman has to say. Look at her! She’s Velma from Scooby Doo with sand in her vagina. JiNKIES!

  3. Jeff says

    She is as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside. I’m sure that is part of God’s plan as a warning.

  4. says

    How will NOM ever find another spokesperson as glamorous and appealing as dear Maggie Gallagher? A woman willing to harness the bitterness of personal romantic disappointment into a national crusade against other people’s happiness in love.

  5. Rev. Verdon Coleman says

    She looks… disturbed in the picture. Like she has an extra chromosome or two.

  6. Albert says

    Bobby, that was funny as hell! Maggie is just a porcine bigot. Feeding time can’t come fast enough for that one.

  7. x man says

    Has anyone really visited and left stupid comments on the NORM site…I know I have a few times but if we’re gonna make fun of this woman why do it on our ground…go to their site and make fun of here there…I sent links to JENNY CRAIG…LoL
    Remeber we can make fun of here all we like but there the ones wining, so we really need to push her and NOM back into their closet

  8. jack says

    Maggie gallagher it saddens me that you are an Irish-American. NINA: they were the letters printed on many Help Wanted Ads in big cities in the USA in the late 1800’s. (No Irish Need Apply) Now the descendant of those Irishmen prints NO LGBT People need apply for marriage licenses in the USA. You are on the losing side of this issue Maggie. Equal rights for LGBT people is an idea whose time has come. Maggie there is still time for you to abandon your prejudice and get abord the freedom train.

  9. Bob says

    REMEMBER — they raised over NINE MILLION DOLLARS in 2010, probably more this year.
    We have to be smart about this, not just jape at her because she looks like a woodchuck’s grandmother with an atrophied pussy.

  10. jack says

    I think X Man and Mark who posted above are all wrong in their strategy/tactics. What good comes from making the comment: Does Maggie Gallagher’s mom cut “his” hair? Or as X Man posted: “I sent links to Jenny Craig LOL” What do you think that comment says to plus sized folks? Do you think it motivates them to join in the cause of equal rights for LGBT people?And for a gay person to suggest that his opponents get “back into their closets” is just obscene. You guys may want to think before you print. That is, if your goal is to win people over to the equality cause.

  11. Boone68 says

    Maggie Gallagher killed Daniel Zamudio. Her evil hatred will one day be marginalized and minimized so that it no longer causes the death of the beautiful young. I hope she rots in the HELL she so adamantly preaches about.

  12. jack says

    Get a grip Boones68. Maggie Gallagher no more killed Daniel Zamudio than you killed the 16 Afghani civilians shot by the USA soldier. Extremist statements like yours helps nothing.

  13. enough already says

    I must congratulate NOM on their analysis: Democrats* are easily divided into ‘me first’ groups.

    One need only look at how badly we have underestimated our enemy’s willingness to use any mean to defeat human equality to understand why they are so successful. Not, ‘have been’, but are.

    If we truly want our civil rights restored to us, if we really want human equality for all Americans, then we need to set aside our ‘my way is the only right way’ mind set and work together.

    For months after Prop. 8, many of us insisted we wait until we had firm data before condemning the ‘blacks’ for our loss. The damage done by the intemperate during those months lives on. NOM paid attention and simply said what any ruthless enemy of American values would say: Here is a wedge we can drive between two power factions of the Democratic party. Let’s do so.

    I won’t comment on the incredible racism and ethnocentrism which lies behind NOM’s assumption that Latinos and black people can be easily manipulated. The statements stand for themselves and have forever destroyed any claim the group made to acting solely out of Christian love.

    What does need to be done is to set aside our petty infighting and organize to win the upcoming referendums, to win in November.

    No, I didn’t want Obama either, and yes, he has not done as much for us as I would have liked. Can anyone, after the last two days of Supreme Court hearings still, seriously, suggest a Romney picked court would be more inclined to restore our civil rights?

    Just my two cents, for what it’s worth, but, I strongly suggest we not go over to the NOM blog and take cheap pot shots at them. Instead, let’s send money to the people fighting for us in North Carolina. Let’s volunteer our time in all the other fights this year. Let’s focus on keeping the Democratic party going the right direction. Let’s remember that 40% of the homeless children on the streets are queer.

    Oh, and let’s not waste our breath on the LGBTIQQA2Z versus ‘queer’ versus ‘gay’ battles anymore. They’re fun, sure. When you’re in a hot war, though – are they really the best we can do?

    *Republicans fall in line, Democrats fall in love.

    Oh, and anybody who now says I’m making this too much of a Democrats/Republicans campaign issue instead of an academic, intellectual argument on the metaphysical validity of free humans, needs to review their history of 1917 Russia and 1930’s Germany.

  14. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    Poor Ms Gallagher and all of NOM are a warning to the world of how compelling and destructive to the soul hate can be.

  15. says

    Why attack this woman’s looks when her words and actions are truly ugly? Jokes about her weight, her hair and her appearance are cheap.

  16. Robert says

    My mother always told me it was impolite to stick one’s tongue out. Mind your manners, Ms. Gallagher!

  17. Rick says

    If it were not so tragic, it would be hyper-comical to sit here day after day and see all of you have to face the constant stream of instances of racial minorities, religious minorities, and straight women displaying the most blatantly homophobic behavior…..and you all trying desperately…..desperately… fit that square peg of reality into the round hole of your Leftist ideology through a mental process of denial and delusion.

    Tragic in part because the delusional notion that any of these groups are or ever will be our allies is one of the greatest obstacles to progress.

    Our natural allies are, in fact, “straight”, white men…..who are now moving towards a new male culture that can encompass all of us and that will do away with the emotional, social, and sexual dependence on women that is the real source of our problems…….and that is borne out by the fact that the only real victories for gay rights that there have been have been the result of initiatives undertaken by “straight”, white men.

    Tear down the barriers that have divided us from “straight” white men and the homophobic attitudes of these other groups–which are never going to go away–would not matter.

    But instead, you go on spinning your wheels and wasting your time…..which is why this movement has stagnated so badly.

    As will become apparent yet again when “liberal” Maryland rejects gay marriage at the ballot box, as every other state with the opportunity to do so has done.