Maryland Governor O’Malley to Sign Marriage Equality Bill Today

Governor Martin O'Malley will make Maryland the eighth state to legalize same-sex marriage when he signs a marriage equality bill today, the Baltimore Sun reports:

OmalleyGov. Martin O'Malley is set for a victory lap today when he signs into law his hard fought measure to legalize same-sex marriage. The signing is set for 5 p.m. in the State House.

There will be waiting, however:

But even with the governor's signature, same-sex couples won't get Maryland marriage certificates until the law goes into effect in January 2013 — at the earliest.

Fired-up opponents have pledged to collect 100,000 signatures opposing the bill by June 30 — about twice what they would need to trigger a state-wide referendum on the topic. On Wednesday several powerful groups joined forces to accomplish that goal. Polls show that Marylanders are evenly split on the issue — so there's no telling what will happen in November.


  1. Dan CobbD says

    I work in the legal community of Baltimore where Gov. O’Malley got his start. He used to work out in the DAC (Downtown Athletic Club). He’s QUITE a looker! Beautiful body, in shape, and straight.. but he’s the kind of straight guy who most certainly groves to appreciation from gay dudes. He used to wear really short shorts with slits up the side. Very sexy guy. He’s also a fun musician and headed an Irish band called O’Malley’s March. He’s not the brightest bulb in the room, but he’s a decent guy. I once shook his hand –his law practice was right around the corner from the office I had downtown Baltimore.

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