1. endo says

    I’ve seen Deadmau5 live twice, once in Ibiza, and everyone there was on E. He’s in the wrong business for an anti-drug crusade.

    And ya know, if you’re anti-drug, don’t do shows that start at 1 AM. Hurp durp indeed.

  2. Polyboy says

    Well, it seems like the “He Man Femme Haters” club has their hackles in a up.

    Just write some woman hating commentary with a flew splashes of racism. That will ll get you back on your even keel.

  3. QJ201 says

    Funny that Deadmau5 is bitching about E since all his music is totally geared to sound better while rolling.

    Kinda like DJ’s who play “drum and bass” bitching about tweakers. Uh duh, sounds better when you are twisted.

  4. Tim says

    I agree with Mau5 and there’s plenty of us that can party till early hours of the morning and enjoy him and many Drum and Bass artist without being off our tits. The only reason I leave early is to avoid the tweekers that ruin the rest of the experience for those of us that really enjoy the music.

  5. Notkony says

    Controvery and celeb “feud” – check
    Controversy and video “banning” – check
    Controvery and “standing up to repressive police states” – check
    I’d say Madonna’s on her way to another successful tour and album release.

  6. Alberto says

    Wow, yet another artist bashing Madonna. Tired. And sooo classy. And by the way, trashing Madonna to get your name in the papers has been done before. Deadmau5 is as big as they’re going to get. As for Madonna, if anyone is surprised by anything she does, what’s wrong with you? This isn’t 1992.

  7. Marc says

    Isn’t there an age requirement to get into these live events? I think so and adults can do whatever they choose.

    If Mau thinks Madonna influenced anyone that night to take drugs, HE’S ON DRUGS!

  8. SayTheTruth says

    She is an opportunistic whore. She try to be trendy an appealing to ecstasy consumers and I don’t think she wants the same for her kids. She shouts out loud that she will defy the St. Petersburg anti gay law by publicly proclaiming her support for LGBT on her concert, but now that we know that the scumbag who pushed for the law will be present with the intent of making sure she get prosecuted we will see if she does it for real or it’s all for the press.

  9. t says

    maybe lourdes has seen molly?

    oh wait, she’s not even allowed to watch her OLD lady’s videos. at least she demonstrates some good judgment when it comes to HER kid.


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