Missouri House Votes to Add Gun Owners to State’s Protected Groups; Gays Still Not Protected

The Missouri House has passed a bill that protects gun owners from discrimination, St. Louis Public Radio reports:

ColonaUnder the bill, gun owners who carry their firearms with them in a lawful manner (i.e. possess a concealed-carry permit) cannot be fired, denied benefits, or otherwise discriminated against.  It was sponsored by State Rep. Wanda Brown (R, Cole Camp).

The state still has no law protecting LGBT people from discrimination:

Mike Colona (D, St. Louis – pictured), an openly gay lawmaker, expressed outrage that Missouri would protect gun owners from discrimination but not protect people based on sexual orientation.

“I can be fired because of my sexual orientation, my constituents can be fired because of their sexual orientation," Colona said.  "What this body has done is put protecting gun ownership above discriminating against somebody because of their sexual orientation, and I just don’t think that’s right.”

The bill is now headed for the state Senate.


  1. Phillip K says

    The obvious solution to this conundrum is for queer Missourians to carry guns at all times. Pink Pistols FTW! 😉

  2. Ethan says

    Well then its time for every LGBT person in Missouri to become a card carrying gun owner.

  3. wyocowboy says

    Wtf???? That’s al then they (gun owners)cod the gays? Is that the plan? That is really sick! I am glad after I was born my folks left Missory! Now o am ashamed to said I was born in Hopping Missory.

  4. DanCobb says

    Wow… so you walk into a place that is looking to hire. You make sure you’re packing a sizeable piece that no one could miss. You swagger around at the interview, making clear that you’ve got a piece in your jacket pocket. Even let it me seen. Then, if you don’t get hired, you file a lawsuit that you were discriminated against because you were carrying a (loaded) firearm into your prospective employer’s workplace. Wow… sounds like a big payday for bubbas in Missouri!

  5. says

    From OSHA website:

    “The Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSH Act) was passed to prevent workers from being killed or seriously harmed at work. The law requires employers to provide their employees with working conditions that are free of known dangers. ”

    Ohio also tried this in 2009, but the courts struck it down citing already existing employee safety laws.

    No employer should be forced to overlook a potential employee’s unwillingness to leave his firearm in the car.

  6. Dustin says

    Very appalling, although as a gay man who grew up in Southeast MO, and has spent the last 9 years in Central MO, not very surprising. Its through bullying, hatred and overt discrimination like this that youth and adolescents learn to assault and instill fear in the kid that doesn’t quite fit in, or whom prefers things and activities that are not considered gender appropriate.

    But we can’t let our own disgust and fears cause us to spew hatred back. In my worldview, discrimination is based in a lack of knowledge. I know that you can’t educate everyone, but there are lots of people that will listen! Find them, and we begin (or continue) to change the world.

  7. Vern Dufford says

    Hey…live in this area and although I was born in Pa.Lot of gun carers there also.But all the political power is the in the rural areas in Kansas thats were the term right wing-far right wing take on a whole new meaning.But the poorer areas of Mo. take the hit a shooting and death ever day so it seems.But the republican LOVE their guns they do not see the big picture or the violence they bring.

  8. Perkin Warbeck says

    Was there a problem? Were people being fired/denied benefits because they had a gun? What a strange land you all have up there….

  9. Mark F. says

    This doesn’t have anything to do with the gun law, but Mike Colona’s hot! So fuckin’ sexy!! 😀

  10. bb says

    I have a little trouble seeing the relationship being posited here. I personally vote in favor of gay rights protections whenever the opportunity arises. That said, as a straight gun owner having stumbled upon this blog post I feel compelled to point out that some of I read here is less-than-endearing to your cause.

    One might get the impression that Mr. Towle and some of the commenters are proposing that until gay rights are protected it should be ok to discriminate against others, and for exercising a right specifically protected by the Constitution, no less. Surely that is not what was meant… right?

    …and by my understanding, no, the bill does not even go so far as to protect a right to carry in the workplace.

    I find myself regularly disappointed by the eagerness of people who regularly suffer discrimination to “pass it on”, as occurred here in California when the gay marriage ban rolled through largely thanks to overwhelming support by black and Latino voters. I guess some things never change.

  11. Peter M. says

    Bonkers! Clearly shows the value that LGBT people have in Missouri.

    And completely off topic: Mike Colona is fu**ing hot! :)

  12. Jim Stone says

    What a WASTE of time!!! The taxpayers are paying their salaries..aren’t they supposed to be working on job creation?? This is great fuel for any Democrat running against them. Remember this nonsense on election day folks!!!

  13. William says

    @Dustin: “In my worldview, discrimination is based in a lack of knowledge. I know that you can’t educate everyone, but there are lots of people that will listen!”

    I’m pretty certain you didn’t mean that line the way I’m reading it, but it triggered a knee-jerk reaction in me. So let me respond to it the way I’m reading it without taking offense that I mis-read you.

    In my worldview — a Catholic worldview (don’t anyone respond to me arguing Catholic and gay are mutually exclusive; I’ll argue you down materially and philosophically) — a person can be culpably ignorant; say, for example, our bishops who should have known some of their wayward priests were engaging in grave scandal.

    In Catholic moral thought, we have a notion of innocent vs culpable ignorance (or invincible vs vincible ignorance, respectively). Innocent or invincible ignorance describes ignorance of matters where a person does not have resources available to him or her to discover the truth or the person does not have sufficient rational capacity to discover that truth. Culpable or vincible ignorance describes ignorance of matters where a person does have access to resources discover the truth and has sufficient rational capacity to discover that truth, but is too lazy or obstinate to discover the truth. In the case of the latter, the person is guilty of an offense, even if ignorant, because the person reasonably could have, and should have, known the truth.

    What I see unfolding in Missouri and other pockets of the United States falls, in my humble opinion, under the category of culpable ignorance. I’m not interested in hearing anymore that people just don’t know.

  14. Tyler says

    Firstly, I’m not American so I don’t quite understand the discrimination gun owners face. However, I think like most people here, I feel its a bit rich that gun owners are covered for discrimination when the LGBT community isn’t. I think on the whole discrimination is much more pressing issue in the LGBT community and it certainly seems that we’ve just been excluded here on purpose, which in itself is very frustrating (well not for me personally ha ha). I mean when are gun owners bashed because they are gun owners? Or told to keep quiet about it if they’re in the military? Or told they can’t marry the person they love? Or told that they’re going to hell and that they’re disgusting? I think we have a right to be indignant at the situation.