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NEWS: WTC 1, Marriage, Wikiqueer, Dharun, And A Return To LV-426

Towleroad-roadicon World Trade Center 1 is about to pass a significant milestone; already has a decent view. 

Towleroad-roadicon Awesome editorial in The Concord Monitor about HB 437 and its mutant sibling, the Bates Amendment:

Before the House acts on the Bates proposal for a nonbinding referendum question, we need to get a lot more answers about the process, fiscal impact and precedents this would create. We also need to know what problem this seeks to solve, which is the question all responsible legislators must ask themselves before they vote to enact or repeal any law.

Have any voters been denied the opportunity to express their opinion on marriage equality? Has anyone been prevented from testifying on HB 437? Has there been a groundswell of public desire for a statewide referendum? Has the Marriage Equality Act of 2009 hurt any individual, family, business, nonprofit organization, city or town? Of course not.

Towleroad-roadicon LA: Man was asked "Are you gay?" Then he was attacked.

Towleroad-roadicon Visit the new gay Wiki, Wikiqueer:

... a web-based, not for profit, free-content encyclopedia and resource project, based on an openly editable model, specifically for and by the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, questioning and ally communities. It is a program of The Aequalitas Project, a nonprofit organization serving as an incubator for new progressive programs. 

In a manner similar to Wikipedia, WikiQueer is written collaboratively by Internet volunteers who write without pay. Anyone with Internet access can write and make changes to WikiQueer articles (except in certain cases where editing is restricted to prevent disruption or vandalism). Users can contribute anonymously, under a pseudonym, or with their real identity, if they choose

Towleroad-roadicon Alternate Dharun Ravi juror says he'd have voted the other way:

As an alternate, the Woodbridge Township resident heard all the testimony but did not participate in deliberations. The jury, which returned its verdict Friday, was unanimous in finding Ravi guilty of all 15 charges, including invasion of privacy and anti-gay intimidation.

"Whatever (Ravi) did was stupid, but I don't think he ever had any intention of intimidating (Clementi)," Downey said. "I think that scenario could have happened 100 different ways, whether he had a straight roommate who had a girlfriend over ... there are 100 scenarios where he could have been goofing around and turning the camera on and it had nothing to do with somebody being gay."

Downey said he was "kind of up in the air" on the other charges, saying he likely would have voted to convict Ravi on charges of hindering apprehension and tampering with witnesses and evidence.

RidleyScott Towleroad-roadicon What's Tony Perkins think about the Dharun Ravi case?

Tony Perkins, president of the Christian group FRC, called the verdict "another opportunity for all Americans to speak out against the behavior of anyone who would abuse another person – especially a child – because of his/her sexuality or any other reason." However, Perkins warned in a statement that "some pro-homosexual activists would exploit the personal tragedies of these families to promote a political agenda."

Towleroad-roadicon An 82-year-old gay nude model and his $71 SoHo apartment. Some dudes have all the luck.

Towleroad-roadicon Lots of colleges are asking new students about their sexual identities.

 Towleroad-roadicon When do we die?

Towleroad-roadicon Last night at the Anaheim AMC, Sir Ridley Scott and Damon Lindelof took questions from an audience and premiered the extended trailer to Prometheus -- Ridley's long-awaited return to the universe of Alien. (Aliens and its sequels were all other people's movies.) Prometheus looks a little corny -- it looks to be loosely based on Erich von Daniken's ancient astronaut nonsense -- but man! It's nice to see that Gigerish aesthetic again. Watch the Q&A and trailer AFTER THE JUMP ...

Watch live streaming video from prometheus at




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  1. In my experience, an alternate juror doesn't get to hear the judge's instructions, which are critical. And of course doesn't get to participate in deliberations, which are super-critical.

    So his views don't mean much, do they?

    Posted by: Bingo | Mar 18, 2012 5:55:35 PM

  2. Thank you @Bingo, his views as an alternate don't mean squat. I suppose, if I were in Ravi's immediate circle, we would be preparing to get him deported in hopes of skipping any jail time. He has to have a great cadre of relatives back in India and if we let him go without serving at least ten years then it is just another gay-death whitewash. How arrogant of him to pass up the community service. Hopefully, in prison, he will be able to provide just the right kind of community service appropriate for his sentence.

    Posted by: OS2Guy | Mar 18, 2012 6:24:53 PM

  3. Hopefully, in prison, he will be able to provide just the right kind of community service appropriate for his sentence.

    Have you no shame? Wishing a man to be gang-raped in prison is despicable. And if you, os2guy, are gay then it makes you a vile, homophobic, self-loathing homosexual.

    Posted by: AG | Mar 18, 2012 7:06:45 PM

  4. No, they don't, Bingo. But, of course, to make the guilty charges seem controversial they have to find an irrelevant alternative juror who disagrees with the decision. Unfortunately for the Boston Globe, there isn't any controversy they can conjure up here, the final verdict has been made, regardless of what this alternate juror thinks.

    Also, the alternate juror is not fit to be on a jury if he cannot separate emotions from logic.

    Posted by: Francis | Mar 18, 2012 7:20:34 PM

  5. James Downey says that because he doesn't think Ravi ever had any intention of intimidating Clementi, he'd have voted the other way, but in fact he agrees with the jury in that respect. The jury didn't think that Ravi had any intention of intimidating Clementi, either. They found that Ravi knew that Clementi would reasonably feel intimidated, not that Ravi intended intimidation, and it's on that basis that Ravi was found guilty. This is an example of an alternate juror not understanding the law, probably because—as an alternate—it wasn't explained to him, and he never saw the actual questions on which the jury deliberated.

    Posted by: Vint | Mar 18, 2012 7:54:18 PM

  6. Here's how the jury found Ravi guilty on the bias intimidation charge.

    Invasion of Privacy with the purpose to intimidate Tyler Clementi because of sexual orientation: ACQUITTED

    Invasion of Privacy, knowing that the conduct constituting invasion of privacy would cause Tyler Clementi to be intimidated because of sexual orientation: ACQUITTED

    Invasion of Privacy, under circumstances that caused Tyler Clementi to be intimidated, and considering the manner in which the offense was committed, Clementi reasonably believed that he was selected to be the target of the offense because of sexual orientation: GUILTY

    In other words, it didn't matter what Dharun Ravi was thinking or what he intended, only what Tyler Clementi reasonably believed. New Jersey has a very strong anti-bullying law indeed.

    Ravi was a fool to turn down the plea deal he was offered.

    Posted by: Ninong | Mar 18, 2012 9:08:19 PM

  7. Prometheus doesn't look corny -- it looks awesome and amazing. I love the fact that the first teaser trailer was a huge shout-out to the origianl Alien trailer (and I love that they've continued with the shout-outs in the other trailers). And while it's not a prequel and contains only "strands of Alien's DNA," I'm insanely exited about it. Especially all these snapshots of the Space Jockey. Or, Space Jockey-ish . . . thing.

    Posted by: finkles2000 | Mar 18, 2012 11:10:27 PM

  8. Agreed, FINKLES2000!!! It looks so cool....can't wait to see it!!

    Posted by: nikko | Mar 19, 2012 1:18:01 AM

  9. It does no good to say it, but I'm saying it anyhow: "Gay" and "Queer" are not the same, nor are they interchangeable terms. Will there be no end to the desperate attempts to shove the vile Q-word down everyone's throat? Looks like the RadiQueer gatekeepers have taken over Wikipedia now!

    Posted by: Stuffed Animal | Mar 19, 2012 12:32:25 PM

  10. @ Stuffed Animal

    I get that Queer and Gay are not exactly the same, but from what I understand queer is a more inclusive term that covers gay orientation as well as lesbian, bi, trans and any other identity that doesn't quite fit into a neat category. Thus if someone identifies a gay man as queer, that person is not technically wrong. But if one identifies a queer person specifically as gay one could very well be wrong. Plus Wikiqueer is not solely targeted at gay men thus the title "queer" in is appropriate for this website.

    Posted by: Buffy | Mar 19, 2012 1:19:29 PM

  11. I am totally intriqued by the 82-year old man who models nude. I imagine he is in good shape physically, but more than that, I admire his being so comfortable in his own skin, literally and figuratively. We should all have his health when we are 82 and have what surely be must be a solid sence of self-worth. I'd love to meet this man, naked or not.

    Posted by: MichaelJ | Mar 19, 2012 3:20:10 PM

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