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Pope Commands U.S. Bishops to Defend Against Gay Marriage

Speaking to the U.S. Bishops today in Vatican City, Pope Benedict condemned same-sex marriage in reaction to the recent passage of marriage equality laws, AFP reports:

Benedict"Sexual differences cannot be dismissed as irrelevant to the definition of marriage," the pope said, warning against "the powerful political and cultural currents seeking to alter the legal definition of marriage."

"Marriage and the family are institutions that must be promoted and defended from every possible misrepresentation of their true nature," he said.

The Pope also discussed  "the serious pastoral problem presented by the widespread practice of cohabitation" and praised Bishops for their pastoral work:

"I appreciate all that your parishes, schools and charitable agencies do daily to support families and to reach out to those in difficult marital situations, especially the divorced, single parents, teenage mothers and women considering abortion."

In January, the Pope told the Vatican diplomatic corps that same-sex marriage "threaten[s] human dignity and the future of humanity itself."

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  1. "defend against"? what exactly is marriage equality attacking?

    republican language

    Posted by: t | Mar 9, 2012 9:54:21 AM

  2. Let me get this right: He appreciates the work of his minions in supporting families, except for mine. He finds my family to be a serious problem -- and I guess he should know, what with the great job he has done with his own marriage and his own family. Oh, wait...

    Posted by: kit | Mar 9, 2012 9:56:25 AM

  3. in other words, please meddle in affairs of state.

    Time to start taxing churches for their political activities!

    Posted by: QJ201 | Mar 9, 2012 9:56:40 AM

  4. No, they won't support our families but I'm sure that they will still be paying for lawyers in civil cases against abusive priests.

    Posted by: Peter | Mar 9, 2012 9:59:18 AM

  5. I think the Pope "threaten[s] human dignity and the future of humanity itself."

    Posted by: Dan Mc | Mar 9, 2012 10:00:26 AM

  6. "the serious pastoral problem presented by the widespread practice of cohabitation"

    Just noticing that Papa? People stopped listening to the church on that issue long ago. I doubt seriously that there is even 1% of the people married in the church who were virgins when they were married.

    Posted by: Joel | Mar 9, 2012 10:01:20 AM

  7. He really does look like the emperor in that picture

    Posted by: Chris | Mar 9, 2012 10:01:32 AM

  8. Fancy pajamas, girlfriend. Snapz

    Posted by: Stephen | Mar 9, 2012 10:04:39 AM

  9. @CHRIS - Yes! "Vow of Poverty -- UR doin it wrong."

    Posted by: kit | Mar 9, 2012 10:06:13 AM

  10. Pope commands bishops to get taxed by the IRS.

    Posted by: Polyboy | Mar 9, 2012 10:07:34 AM

  11. I was sent this piece yesterday about sanctioned same sex marriage rituals over the past thousand years by jewish and christian theologies. I had read bits and pieces over the last few years but never put together in an entire paper. Pretty much shuts down the "marriage has always been between one man and one woman" nonsense we hear all the time. Have a read, it's very interesting.

    Posted by: Michaelandfred | Mar 9, 2012 10:10:33 AM

  12. I am not surprised. "True nature", according to whom?

    Posted by: Matt26 | Mar 9, 2012 10:10:44 AM

  13. There was a time when I had a sentimental attachment to the church I grew up in. I went to summer camp run by the priests in Pelican Lake, Wisconsin (where the head priest had the seminarians bring me in so I would give him nude massages late at night. Fond memories.) Now it is just another twisted, f*cked up, evangelical font of superstition run by an evil, money-grubbing assh*le.

    Posted by: candideinnc | Mar 9, 2012 10:18:49 AM

  14. So now officially, a foreign head of state is giving marching orders to his minions to subvert the US Constitution. Where is the Patriot act when you need it?

    Posted by: Bob | Mar 9, 2012 10:30:14 AM

  15. The Catholic church advocates against gay marriage.
    Muslims want to put all gays to death.
    Orthodox Jews aren't big fans of gays either.

    In other news, the sky is blue and grass is green.

    Zzzzz...zzzz. This isn't really news.

    PS - The Pope isn't a head of state.

    Posted by: Artie | Mar 9, 2012 10:36:26 AM

  16. Im beginning to feel a petition to
    coming on.....

    Posted by: Mark | Mar 9, 2012 10:40:09 AM

  17. Because a Cross-dressing Nazi should have a say in anything that is state business in sovereign countries? The Holy See has no say unless they Start paying taxes however that would cut in to their pedophile payoffs.

    Posted by: nick | Mar 9, 2012 10:42:07 AM

  18. That is a face for nightmares. Pope Nosferatu I.

    Posted by: Dastius Krazitauc | Mar 9, 2012 10:46:24 AM

  19. Oh lord! The only thing missing from that photo of the Pope are winged monkeys and a broom. Who handles PR for the guy??

    michaelandfred - 1000 thanks for the link to Confuse the Righteous. Very interesting indeed.

    Artie - I'm curious as to your statement regarding the Pope not being a Head of State. Could you elaborate? The US State Department web-site refers to the Pope as being the Head of State of the Vatican City State and the Holy See, so now I'm curious.

    Posted by: Tim Tondreault | Mar 9, 2012 11:01:55 AM

  20. Just stopped by to join in the spitfest.
    @ Dastius Krazitauc - Pope Nosferatu I! Love it! Love your handle even more ...

    Posted by: Leroy Laflamme | Mar 9, 2012 11:02:29 AM

  21. @Nick : you got there before me !

    The USA is now being told what to do by an unrepentant unreconstructed Nazi.

    Welcome to the New World Order.

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Mar 9, 2012 11:24:39 AM

  22. funny, i forgave that guy who tried to kill the last pope really quickly too

    Posted by: DanSwon | Mar 9, 2012 11:30:49 AM

  23. Vatican City is a nation-state established in 1929 by a treaty between Italy and the Roman Catholic Church. The general purpose of the treaty was to clarify the relaionship between Italy and the Church and to prevent the Church from falling under the state authority of Italy. This was at the time fascism under Mussolini was rising in Italy. But the question of Italian state authority over the Pope had been disputed for at least 75 years.

    The Pope IS the head of state for Vatican City. The US and Vatican City exchange ambassadors. The Pope is also the head of the Roman Catholic Church.

    So, yes, his instructions to the American Bishops can be interpreted as the head of a foreign state meddling in the internal affairs of another nation. Or as the head of a religious body speaking within his authority to his subordinates.

    Posted by: jpeckjr | Mar 9, 2012 11:38:03 AM

  24. "Muslims want to put all gays to death"

    @Artie Very few Muslims believe that, any more than Christians, Jews, or adherents of any other religion. Every religion has its extremists, usually tiny in number; these kinds of exaggerations are what causes America to be so hated in the Islamic world.

    Posted by: Rick | Mar 9, 2012 11:40:47 AM

  25. Joe Ratzinger, AKA Benedict is irrelevant. The Catholic Hierarchy tells Catholics that using contraceptives is gravely sinful and about 99% of American Catholics use or have used contraceptives. Very few Catholics listen to the hierarchy on matters of sexual morality.Look at the most politically liberal states in the USA and you will see that they have large Roman Catholic populations.In a few cases even a majority. Benedict is pretty much what, that other Queen, Elizabeth is, a tourist attraction.

    Posted by: jack | Mar 9, 2012 12:09:22 PM

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