1. Rob says

    To be honest, I agree with Ravi. However it may make people angry on this site or whatever, I think Clementi had some serious issues. To any normal functioning person, you don’t jump off a bridge because someone filmed you making out with another dude. That’s just not a normal response. I think Ravi genuinely didn’t have any anti gay animus. I think he just thought his roommate was a weirdo and wanted to be nosy.

    He acted in poor judgment, as many college freshmen do, but I don’t think he deserves the bias intimidation charge.

    The fact that he’s getting the same hate crime enhancement to his punishment that, say, a Skinhead might, is troublesome for me.

  2. Randy says

    Ravi didn’t push Tyler off the bridge. BUT he did what he was accused of in terms of invading privacy, tampering with evidence, blah blah blah. He was found guilty of the accused crimes by a jury of his peers.

    And I agree with MLD – this kind of response (recorded!) will not serve him well in any kind of appeal. Plus he’s putting out to the world “I did do things wrong.” Hard to win appeal when you tell the press you did wrong.

  3. Michael says

    WTF? Any shred of compassion I felt for Ravi just flew out the window. So… He doesn’t see how broadcasting a gay sex encounter to the entire college campus might devastate someone?

    The one item that keeps playing in my mind is the unidentified lover who said he was noticing people starting to stare, making comments to each other and how it all become very unsettling (obviously not the exact words). I can just imagine what it was like for Clementi. He finally made it out of high school and, thanks to Ravi, faced something far more horrible then he could ever have imagined. What did Ravi think would be the effect on him?

    I wonder if Ravi realizes his words are only making things worse for him in the eyes of many, many others.

  4. Kenn I says

    No, you could not have known what his issues may have been and you may have been the proverbial straw that “broke the camels back”. But make no mistake, your actions did play a part in Clementi’s death.

    I would agree you are paying a pretty steep price for it. That said, I do not feel sorry for you. I believe that your actions were malicious in nature and I also think you may actually have your own unresolved issues you need to work out.

  5. qj201 says

    Arrogant little creep. Blame the victim.

    He is totally guilty of what he was convicted of, invasion of privacy and tampering with evidence…which will probably hold up on appeal, although the bias charges are less certain.

  6. atomic says

    This slimeball lost in a court of law, so now he is trying to win in the court of public opinion. That’s why he’s doing the media blitz–so that he can garner sympathy and then see if that helps get his conviction overturned on appeal. It’s as simple as that.

  7. says

    This is all PR – an attempt to paint Ravi has a good person, one who would never do what he has been convicted of. I saw a portion of the interview on ABC News just now and I minored in advertising. Ravi will speak out now, before he is sentenced, to change the perspective, to put him in a more positive, “I’m just an 18YO fool” mindset in the world’s eyes so that he does not face 10 years in prison.

    Sadly Tyler Clementi cannot step forward like this and dispute any of Ravi’s new claims. Dharun Ravi deserves every day of his ten-year sentence and those of you apologizing for him, believing in him have been duped. The jury saw the truth and it is hoped that all this PR will not alter the sentence an honest judge will give him.

  8. Caliban says

    Rob, I used to think like you did. I was confused, with the attitude of “So somebody saw him making out with another guy for less than a minute then told a few other people about it. I don’t get what the big deal was, there HAS to be something more to it than that!”

    It took me reading “MB’s” testimony before I got it. (MB was the guy Tyler ‘hooked up’ with, who remains anonymous.) He said that as he left the dorm after Ravi and Wei had spied on them (plus the “5 or so” people Wei turned the camera back on for), there were people standing in groups looking at him oddly. The next time he met up with Tyler (the “viewing party” that didn’t work) they heard derisive laughter as if someone was making jokes at someone’s expense.

    Ravi didn’t “just” spy on Tyler kissing a man for a few seconds. He let Wei see and she showed at least five more people. Then after that he gossiped about with everyone he could both in person and via electronic means like Twitter and IM’s. (I think Ravi was using Tyler to elevate his own social standing- it gave him a story to tell.)

    What this is really about is that Ravi “outed” Tyler to the entire dorm and made him a figure of ridicule. We have no idea what someone else may have said to him but they wouldn’t have HAD anything to say to him if Ravi hadn’t turned Tyler’s personal life and sexuality into a running joke for public consumption and amusement.

    Articles and journalists keep saying that Tyler Clementi was an “out” gay man. Yes and no. Coming out isn’t an event, something you do once and it’s over, it’s a process that Tyler had JUST BEGUN. He had told his parents (and felt his mother was rejecting) and his gay brother, who was apparently not out to their parents at the time. Some of his friends (at least online) knew and he went to gay message boards. He was just beginning to peek his head out of the closet and Dharun Ravi “outed” him to the entire dorm and gave details about Tyler and the “homeless looking dude” he was seeing. He publicly embarrassed a shy FRESHMAN gay young man in front of the whole dorm just a few weeks after school started.

    That doesn’t seem so innocent and harmless now, does it? Tyler Clementi showed up at college, as all new students do, expecting to start a new chapter in his life, to make friends, to find a career, etc. No doubt he was planning to come out to more people IN HIS OWN TIME, when he felt comfortable doing so. But Dharun Ravi spied on him in an intimate situation then used that information to embarrass him in front of the whole dorm. At that moment Tyler probably felt that he would never live that down, that he would always be “the guy who….”

    Obviously he overreacted but I don’t think any 18 year old, particularly a GAY 18 year old not fully out of the closet, would have just shrugged their shoulders and said “who cares?” They would be embarrassed, scared, angry, depressed; full of emotions that might overwhelm them.

    So yeah, actually I think we DO know why Tyler Clementi committed suicide. Was that a reasonable reaction? No, but it’s never really rational when teenagers kill themselves though, is it? “Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.” The difficulty is getting young people to see past the temporary pain, shame, guilt, loneliness or whatever they’re going through at the moment.

    But one thing we DO know is that the situation that ended up overwhelming Tyler Clementi started from the deliberate actions of Dharun Ravi.

    From that point you can get into questions of intent, reasonable punishment, etc, etc, but you DO have to start there. Dharun Ravi’s deliberate actions were a substantial factor in putting Tyler Clementi on the edge of the George Washington bridge. Any other conclusion is dishonest.

  9. Tony says

    There has never been any evidence that Tyler had any personal issues. He was a little shy but active in school, music and had good friends.

    I believe he must have been so embarrassed and humiliated about what happened. Peers in his residence hall, in his new home saw him being intimate with someone and were basically making fun of him.

    And then after the first time he learns that this sick roommate is trying to do it again. There were other ways of dealing with the situation but I can just imagine what that poor guy was going through in that dorm with that homophobe.

  10. Zlick says

    I don’t get it about the PR blitz. What you do on TV or even if you manage to change all of public opinion will not affect one iota of what a judge will do in a court of law, and doesn’t have a chance of effecting the sentencing or the appeal. I just don’t get it.

    I’d like to clear up 2 things, since misconceptions about them have already cropped up in this thread.

    (1) The bias intimidation charge Ravi was found guilty of concerned the victim’s reasonable interpretation that there was anti-gay bias. Ravi was acquitted of having his own anti-gay bias. There was not enough evidence of that, and to the extent he’s claiming to have been found by a jury to have anti-gay bias, he’s outright lying. But I’m glad the law holds us responsible for not giving two seconds’ thought to how our actions affect other people.

    (2) It was not the spying per se that appears to have unhinged Tyler Clementi. Few people saw the first encounter, and Clementi himself foiled the broadcast of the second. But not before Ravi had already tweeted an invitation to watch – and it was the reply tweets of Ravi’s followers that so upset Tyler Clementi – and rightly so. Not a word of condemnation for spying on a roommate’s intimate moments of privacy. Rather, 100% homophobic bile and hatred. The evidence demonstrated Tyler was very upset by this public ridicule on Twitter.

    Dharun Ravi set this all in motion and kept in motion, then lied to cover it up. But it apparently WAS the straw that broke the camel’s back and a boy is now dead. Perhaps Ravi’s right that this case would not have gone to trial if a death were not involved. But a death IS involved. And the case also would not have gone to trial if Ravi himself had just accepted the plea deal for community service with no jail time.

    I’ve never had much sympathy for the snooty, self-absorbed punk. If possible, this PR blitz pushes me into the territory of actual antipathy.

  11. galore says

    I absolutely can’t stand that freaking awful idiot Ravi.

    But he probably rejected the plea deal because a plea deal involves admitting guilt and if you are guilty of a felony as a non-citizen, you’ll most likely get deported.

    So it’s not as straight forward a decision to plead guilty in exchange of a light sentence for a non-citizen vs. a citizen.

  12. bkmn says

    Ravi gets to live and tell his side of the story, while Clementi was shamed and humiliated by Ravi, to the point of killing himself.

    Who was whoring themselves out? Right Ravi?

  13. jim says

    Huh, if he’s so unconcerned with looking like an idiot, why didn’t he just take the stand at the trial?

    There’s something that’s bugged me about the whole series of events, and it’s the event we know nothing about. Read somewhere that there was a meeting in the dorm room between Ravi and Tyler the night Tyler commited suicide. My gut tells me there has to be more, something bigger, that drove Tyler to end it, and that Ravi has something to do with it. Only 2 people know what was said, and 1 of them is dead. Over-dramatic? Perhaps. But there’s just something missing here.

  14. texasguy377 says

    He refuses to take even a minimum amount of responsibility for any of this actions. He is doing media interview yet he refused to tell his side of the story at his trial.

  15. Davelandia says

    Why are people giving this jerk airtime?

    He did what he did, a jury found him guilty of it, and he honestly thinks he’s being used as an example because for a change a friggen jury actually followed the law without emotion and did the right thing?

    He obviously still doesn’t get it. He obviously has no remorse. He obviously needs to just shut up and go to jail.

  16. Angela Channing says

    Okay, what made my blood boil, is he states that he knew what Tyler was thinking and he knew that Tyler was not intimidated by him or bothered by his actions? Yes, that is why Tyler requested a roommate change because he was so comfortable with the situation. Anyone who says they know what someone else was thinking is lying or deluding themselves. I agree with (commenter) Jim, something else happened and I would not be surprised if it was something very sinister on Ravi’s part.

  17. daftpunkydavid says

    people’s emotions are understandable obviously. but i prefer justice to revenge. also, i think ari waldman’s commentary on this was spot on.

  18. my2cents says

    Maybe if the elder ‘queens’ spent more time reaching out to the fledgling members of the community than having public relations of the balcony of a cruise ships…

    The gay community is reflective of the gay “commun-it-me” of if I don’t feel it it’s not happening, until I can make it about My experience.

    IMO — If Tyler had had the support of his ‘anonymous’ (elder) trick perhaps this situation might have h=taken another turn.. .
    Tyler didn’t go his, or the the “center”… He went the the bridge.

    And the greater good of no One has been served.

  19. Lucas says

    The only person who’s at fault for Tyler Clementi’s suicide is himself. I was bullied in school, many people were, but I grew up and got over it. It’s not Dharun Ravi’s fault that Tyler Clementi was a weak person.

  20. bobbyjoe says

    Ah, ABC’s 20/20, the show that simply can’t wait to interview people convicted of anti-gay crimes so they can share “their side of the story.”

    The show that helped Matthew Shepard’s killers violate their sentencing agreement “to refrain from talking to any news media organizations” strikes again.

  21. Swine says

    I think it’s Ravi’s tone & attitude that’s so disturbing. He’s not remorseful in the least. Does he really admit to doing anything wrong? If he does, he’s not specific cuz elsewhere he says that he had to turn the cam on cuz Tyler’s hookup was scuzzy-looking & he wanted to protect his stuff.

    He’s still spouting the same lies, the same denials, with no remorse at all & a “poor me” ‘tude. We’re supposed to have sympathy for him? I don’t. Have fun in jail for 10 years, Ravi. Maybe he can yawn all he wants & look bored like he did at the trial. Have fun back in India afterwards.

    Did he even try to apologize for his actions to Tyler’s parents? Of course not. Arrogant prick.

  22. Randy says

    Bad move, Ravi. The time to make these statements was in court.

    As David Boies is fond of saying, it’s really easy to make all kinds of claims on TV, but court is a lonely place to lie.

    And that’s why he didn’t take the stand.

  23. says

    What an arrogant lying cur.
    This superior, confident air of taking comfort that he was “insignificant” in Clementi’s life makes me very cross.

    The lack of remorse, the self justification, the failure to be totally mortified that he had a part of some one’s tragedy all demonstrates that this is one hell of an unrepentant bigot.
    What he did was unforgivable.
    I think 10 years is what he should get……maybe his arrogance will cool off in that time.

  24. Tom Stoppard says

    Clementi killed himself because he felt there was no way that he could solve his problems. Even when he wanted to change rooms, he’d reasoned that he could have ended up with a worse room-mate. To me, this looks like the classic “helpless and hopeless” feeling of someone who is deeply depressed and unable to put their problems in perspective. Unfortuntely, such people, when they get that low, sometimes kill themselves.

    He was a young person, away from home the first term, very vulnerable, and didn’t have the right support mechanisms. Also, we are only just starting to realise how toxic the online world we have created for ourselves is. It is cruel and simplistic to say he was “weak”, as another commenter has done.

    Ravi was a contributory factor – he became represenative of Clementi’s insurmountable problem. I’m guessing that there’s a good chance that if Ravi had been a nice guy, Clementi would still be alive today.

    But if Clementi had not died, and instead he’d filed a charge against Ravi, the outcome should have been exactly the same.

  25. Alexx says

    I think Tyler cared and was intimidated, but he had other issues as well. I don’t trust micro previews like this because its edited so sharply and the interviewer is literally feeding a perspective into Rhavi.

    I don’t think he should get 10 years, 3-4 at the most, but his lack of empathy and accountability is disturbing. Its a trend I see in younger adults and teenagers today.

    There is a “I make decisions in my own my life and it has no effect on others, if it does its because of them” which is true, to an extent. But it shows a marked disassociation from empathy and, hell, even sympathy.

    With Facebook and twitter and other social devices our culture (America especially) has fallen into and consensus of approved narcissism.

    I think this is why Rhavi did what he did and feels the way that he did, that what he did was just for fun and it had no real impact on Tyler, but the extent that he tried to cover what he did and what he said on twitter and Facebook shows that he knows what his actions say and imply, even though he says otherwise.

    That was the evidence that told me that yeah, he is a stupid kid, but Tyler being gay did play a part in him trying to use spying as a way to make himself popular.

  26. sparks says

    Just like there were surely other problems in Clementi’s life contributing to his decision to jump off that bridge, I have no doubt there were ALSO other actions by Ravi and his circle of friends which contributed to Clementi’s feelings of helplessness, hopelessness, and shame.

    Such actions most likely included mocking, spreading rumors, teasing, etc… all of which can be much more devastating in confines of a dorm/roommate situation where the victim’s “home” is not a safe place and offers no real privacy.

    Clementi was essentially unable to escape his tormentor, who was provided 24/7 access to the victim. And that’s why I agree 100% with the guilty verdict.

  27. NJGuy says

    After reading all the comments, I’m almost embarassed to be a gay man. Does anyone here have objectivity? Thank God you people weren’t on the jury – you’d have issued the death penalty. Is it possible for you to take your own pro-gay bias out of the equation.

    Yeah, being gay is this BIG stigma and everyone is shocked and horrified by it in such a rural backwards place like New Jersey. Come on. This is college. Kids of all sexuality, race, gender, etc. go thru so much worse in college. And a very small percentage commit suicide. Yes, it’s awful. And I’m not saying either roommate wouldn’t be an immature jerk or trying to cause trouble. But prison? If Tyler hadn’t killed himself, this would be a non-issue.

    But he did. Over something that would have been a NON-ISSUE. So if it would be a non-issue if he had lived, why is it suddenly an issue because he committed suicide? Obviously there’s a major missing piece to this puzzle – and it lies with Tyler and his mental state.

    I think the fact that this went to trial, let alone a possible prison sentance, sends such an awful message to the world. That gay men are so fragile and unstable that what would be a normal college prank can push us all over the edge. So, oooooh, walk on eggshells around that uber-sensitive gay boy over there. He could jump at any minute!

    You know who this really hurts? The people who REALLY are bullied. Who are physically and mentally abused on a regular basis. There are people out there who would gladly trade places with a boy who was seen kissing another guy on a webcam by 5 people.

    Two more things. We know that Tyler left a suicide note and that the police haven’t released it because “it had no bearing on the case”. If that’s true, then why has this even gone to trial? Tyler is so devastated and traumatized by Ravi’s actions that he’s going to kill himself, but not mention it in his suicide note? Ridiculous.

    And why isn’t anyone talking about this weirdo he was dating and/or sleeping with? First, how fragile and closetted does anyone think Tyler is if he’s meeting a guy online and inviting him to his dorm on campus?? And, does no one think its weird that this MB guy was 12 years older than the 18 year old Tyler? Yeah, 30 years old and NOT OUT. Not even after his boyfriend (or whatever Tyler was to him) committed suicide. Something’s fishy there. He says he never knew Tyler’s last name. And that even though they texted constantly, he didn’t know Tyler had committed suicide until the news reports. But wasn’t curious what happened when he stopped getting texts?

    Theres no proof of this, but I think this MB is the key to the case. He either dumped Tyler when he found out about the webcam or he blamed him or went off on him or something. Hes hiding something.

    We know Tyler was out, despite the person here saying he wasn’t. He’s having a 30 year old guy come to school to spend time alone with him in his dorm room three times in one week. Trust me, everyone knew he was gay.

  28. says

    He made a texts saying “GAYS ARE NOT WELCOMED HERE” in regards to finding out he has a gay roomate.

    Let’s switch that scenario:

    “BLACKS ARE NOT WELCOMED HERE” Ravi wrote upon finding out he would have a black roomate, who he made fun of for being black on twitter, and text messaging, and taped having intimacy in an interracial pairing, to which the black roomate expressed sadness and frustration over and took their own life shortly after.

    Now imagine the outrage regarding the above scenario and how 85% of society would want his head cut off. He did it to a gay kid, expressed disdain for his being gay, and is now considered an INNOCENT MARTYR by a great many.

    Yes folks, homophobia is alive and well (even though our gay kids are dying and unwell as a result of it)

  29. Kyle-ATL says

    You want to know the REAL tragedy in all this? That every single interview he’s given indicates he doesn’t believe he did a thing wrong, has no remorse, and believes HE is the one being victimized here. That is the real narative of this entire tragedy for me, and speaks volumes on the kind of soul this kid has when cameras aren’t on him. He’s guilty in every sense, but most of which for being so unapologetic about his own actions.

  30. Michelle says

    Anyone defending him, or trying to make a martyr out of him, or downplaying his role in this need to seriously step back and do some soul searching, and evaluate their disdain for gays. I truly believe that those who can actually empathize with this guy, knowing all the facts of this story, need to ask themselves why they take issue with gay people.

  31. says

    The most fascinating and tragic thing regarding every story that involved a gay individual targetted by way of homophobia is somehow, someway it is ALWAYS twisted into blaimg the gay, and justifying the homophobic actions of the accuser.

    *Matthew Shepered’s senseless killing was spun into him being a druggie who was coming on to his accussers (false, and confirmed as a false speculation by the investigators, but that sure didn’t stop the homophobes)

    *Larry King child shot in the back of his head after relentless bullying in school. He was painted as over the top, obnoxious, coming on to his cold blood killer and making the killer feel uncomfortable (false, and a twisted spin on the facts)

    *Tyler Clementi painted as some mentally disturbed, nutcase who was going to commit suicide either way, and his killer was simply a fun loving kid just having fun, being a kid, and Tyler was weak and couldn’t handle a prank. Even though his roomate made his discomfort with gays obvious

    Notice a pattern with EVERY single high profile tragic case involving the death of a gay person? by the end of the twisting and spinning, the homophobe is the victim and the gay person “had it coming”

  32. USC Trojan Fan says

    Shame on anyone who tries to “hetero wash” this case and erase the known, factual, and obvious elements of homophobia involved. How calculating can you be? Tyler expressed his observations of homophobia in that dorm. Ravi expressed his own homophobia via twitter, texting. Ravi’s friend Molly confirmed Ravi did have resent over Tyler being gay. Homophobia is the consistent theme of this case, and shame on anyone who pretends it’s not there.

  33. Francis says

    Dharun Ravi is not a good person. That’s really all I have to say, really all that needs to be said. He is a bad person, he has zero remorse for what he did, and has proven himself as not willing to take any responsibility for his actions. Even people who have been defending him readily can see that Dharun is a very cold, arrogant, jerk. This PR blitz done in an attempt to rehabilitate is public image will CRASH AND BURN for Dharun because he simply does not have the personality people are going to rally behind. It’s pathetic at this point. What’s important is that the jury saw threw him and he’s not gonna get away with what he did to Tyler. That’s ultimately what matters here.

  34. woodroad34d says

    He’s a sociopath. Someone who doesn’t accept responsibility for his actions, lies about his motives, has very little sympathy for the victim and then plays victim himself…yep, sociopath. He should just join Fox and be done with it.

  35. kelehe says

    Poor little Ravi, he felt like he was being used. Poor little victim. But he doesn’t feel he used Tyler as a point of ridicule, the butt of his “joke”…but he’s not homophobic, no, ridiculing gay people for being gay isn’t homophobic. He is a typical POS smug punk who was convicted of the crimes he was accused of, not killing Tyler. Those crimes are real and they warrant the punishment he could receive, and hopefully, he will.

  36. Jay says

    No sympathy for this creep. What I have found so curious about the response to this case in the comments section of non-gay websites is how many right-wing sob sisters there are. Who wooda thought that the same people telling bullied kids to “suck it up” would be shedding so many crocodile tears for Ravi, saying that this conviction has ruined his life. Let’s get one thing straight: Tyler Clement has no life; Dharun Ravi has a life.

    He will probably serve less that a year for his illegal activities, including invasion of privacy, lying to authorities, destroying evidence, suborning people to perjury, etc. If people are really worried about Ravi, they should tell him that he has every opportunity to redeem himself.

    Of course, the conservative sob sisters talking about how poor Ravi has been mistreated also think that advertisers shouldn’t abandon Rush Limbaugh because he’s just a comedian, just like Ravi is just a kid who did a prank on his roommate. Give me a break.

  37. warren says

    No one is claiming, nor was he convicted of Tyler’s death. He is responsible for and convicted of an invasion of privacy, tampering with evidence and sharing his handy work with the world, period!

    It is irrelevant what Tyler’s “issues” were or what he thinks his affect of his misplaced actions where in this situation. What is relevant is that he was fairly convicted of an undebatable crime.

  38. Tom Nunnery says

    In response to MLD: His jumping off the bridge was not a response to one act.Nothing is ever like that. He was dealing with other issues such as coming out to his parents and attempting not to reveal this to them at this time.

  39. Robert says


    I suggest you read the other accounts of what Ravi did before you rush to claim the He’s the Victim. Whether Tyler had other issues or not is irrelevant to the discussion. What Ravi did was just plain wrong.

    1. Tyler clearly was intimidated by Ravi. He tried to get his room assignment changed. That was not allowed in trial because it was not an “official record” from the school since the procedure was the form is submitted to the RA and not a school office.

    2. Ravi clearly had a guilty conscience since he tried to delete tweets, and try to get to Molly Wei and have her change her story before the police talked to her

    3. He tried to set up a “Viewing Party” for the second hook-up. Essentially all of his friends thought he was sick and so it got shut down.

    Read the Rolling Stone piece on Ravi. Its pretty clear that, despite his words, he though that having a gay room mate was something he could use as a story with his friends. He did base his interactions with Tyler on Tyler’s sexuality instead of who Tyler was as a person. He did out Tyler to the whole university against Tyler’s will. As another poster said, this could very well have been the straw that broke the camels back. Without caring anything what else Tyler might have been going through, Ravi took Tylers last safe place away. That is the bias crime he committed.

    What Ravi is trying to do now is to get his story out for an appeal. He’s trying to show that he is just a stupid kid. Its clear they are going to try the “boys will be boys” defense again. The problem is that Ravi comes off (in my opinion) as an arrogant little prick. I think , and hope, that this little media trip will backfire on his pompous ass and the judge throws the book at him during sentencing. Its clear that he feels no remorse.

  40. anon says

    This is how ALL defendants in criminal cases talk. It’s why defense attorneys tell them to keep quiet. There is nothing unusual in what he said. Everyone denies culpability for things they did in order to escalate the confrontation to the point where a higher authority is needed, much like when kids fight and then drag in the parents. Juries are instructed to ignore facile and common affects of character as misleading indicators of guilt or innocence (such as an “innocent face”). In this case, the denial of culpability or the manner of the denial is not indicative of guilt or innocence.

  41. bobbyjoe says


    If the interviewer is on ABC’s 20/20, you can bet he’s on the side of whoever commits a crime against anyone gay, no matter what that crime is.

    20/20 is a far-right bigoted cesspool, the same show that deliberately violated Matthew Shepard’s killers’ plea agreement that they weren’t allowed to speak to the media in order to put up a “blame the victim” piece about Shepard that’s still used by right-wing anti-gay sites as “evidence” that Shepard was asking for it. Do a Google search for “Matthew Shepard” and “20/20,” and I guarantee you after ABC’s site itself, you’ll find the links to the story are at far-Right sites.

    20/20 is also the show that kept right-wing creeps like John Stossel as anchors for a long time. It’s kind of like Disney’s version of “Fox News.”

  42. Mike says

    Yes, the first thing I would do after being convicted of 15 counts would be to do interviews in the newspaper and on ABC.

    I sure hope the sentencing judge is watching all of this…

  43. says

    Ravi: You bullied a kid you KNEW was vulnerable, alone, and delicate. You contributed to making him feel completely rejected from society. Your partner in crime, Molly, admited in court that you took sick pleasure in tormenting Tyler. You are a low life with ZERO redeeming qualities (a trait common amongst all homophobes)

  44. Huh? says

    Armand – where did you see that Ravi sent out a message saying “GAYS ARE NOT WELCOMED HERE” ?? Because that’s not in any news story. What he reportedly Twittered was “Found out my roommate is gay”.

    So, OK, I put that in your scenario. He finds out he has a black roommate and says “Foudn out my roommate is black”. Then the black guy asks to have the room to himself, and enables the webcam so that five people see this black guy kissing a white girl.


  45. Question says

    I am sure everyone here has been in situations with someone who may not express homophobia but you can tell they have a problem with you being gay. Even is this Ravi guy didn’t say it and it doesn’t sound like there’s any evidence that he did, it sure sounds like it. But would that alone be enough to make someone commit suicide? There doesn’t seem to be any taunting or physical violence or name calling. There might be embarasment over people seeing Tyler kissing another guy. But killing yourself really seems extreme given the evidence. Which, granted, isn’t what the roommate was convicted of. Because that wouldn’t make sense. Ravi might be a jerk and a loser, but Tyler must have had other problems. If you follow the argument here about how bad it was what he went through, then we all would have killed ourselves years ago

  46. Sam Clines says

    Bye Ravi. You’re going to jail, and all your little defenders…some of which are on here, are bleeding their little heart that their poster child homophobe is going behind bars for sometime with a very likely trip back to India. I for one love seeing your life ruined.

    Tyler YOU are in my prayers. Ravi and HATERsexuals like him always get caught by karma! which puts a smile on our faces.

  47. Bill says

    With respect to the comment, “So… He doesn’t see how broadcasting a gay sex encounter to the entire college campus might devastate someone?”

    The problem is that it never happened. Tyler had shut off Ravi’s computer on Sept 21 but on Sept 19, when Ravi had the web cam on, it seems he viewed it with Molly Wei and then Molly Wei viewed it with some others, all for a few seconds. Apparently all anyone saw was some kissing.

    “Broadcasting” is the wrong word. If you call what Ravi did broadcasting, then a recording on a telephone answering machine would also be considered to be broadcasting. You had to explicitly connect to Ravi’s computer (or some server depending on the configuration) to see anything.

    Ravi was stating that a lot of what the press was saying about him is wrong. He’s right about that – the press reports had a lot of mistakes, many of them technical. A live video stream is not a recording, for example. A recording is much worse – it can “surface” again and again as it is passed from person to person. A live video stream that is never recorded is gone once the activity it shows ends. That doesn’t make Ravi a “good guy” – it is just that what the public thinks he did is not what he actually did.

  48. Raviwasframed says

    You are all a bunch of idiots. Ravi had nothing to do with his roommates death. Clements parents are much more culpable. A bunch of pc freaks on this sight – rav got no justice!

  49. FunMe says

    I just finished viewing the biased 20/20 show trying to put Ravi in the best light possible. They even had Dan Savage saying perhaps it was a rush to judgement.


    Case is closed. He was found guilty. And guilty he was of the things he was accused of. Ravi is going to go to jail. Maybe even thrown back to his country of India.

    Lessons will be learned, whether he, or other people defending him, like it or not.

    Case closed! (Caso Cerrado!)

  50. gregv says

    I don’t hate Dharun Ravi and I don’t want his life ruined over this mistake, but I did think that this interviewer did a very poor and biased job here.

    Ravi had typed “F*** my life/He’s gay” and then paralleled that to Tyler’s own “off-color” comments that “I got an azn!”
    He let Ravi excuse his own comment that he’s friendly with gays and he was just sharing some interesting info with friends. (Who says “F*** my life” as an indifferent comment to something he has no problem with?)
    The reporter did NOT mention that Tyler’s own comment was to a high school friend who is Asian. In the context, there is no reason at all to refer to it as “off-color.” If Ravi had said to a long-established gay friend, “Guess what, my roommate is gay, too!” no one would describe it as “off-color.”

    Ravi uses the “one of my best friends is gay” line. Well, where is he? Why was he not a witness? Why is he not being interviewed for the 20/20 story? The interviewer seems to suggest that the mere mention of this “friend” would have changed the verdict in Ravi’s favor.

  51. RichB in PS says

    After watching the ‘interview’, I did not hear, feel nor see culpability from Ravi on any level — for what the jury heard and subsequently rendered, it is probably best Ravi did not take the stand – his attorney defended his client.

  52. Bobby says

    What a terrible disgrace that interview was…20/20 needs to look at the evidence and see that the jury was right.

    The jury was picked in a painstaking process and both sides agreed that this group of people could be trusted to look at just the evidence and come to a decision…there was no witchhunt after Ravi.

    Remember 12 people all agreed he did it..I doubt all of them just hate Ravi.

    I cannot believe they used the word “sexiled”[from the room]…Tyler asked for his privacy and Ravi agreed and then spied on him.

    The saddest thing of all is I use to think chris coumo was hot..but after this nonsense he’s kinda a tool.

    Also Dan Savage is an idiot.

  53. 2020 says

    Too saw the 20/20 interview. Greg skipped one point. After Tyler said, “I got an azn”, he also said, “No way his parents don’t own a dunkin donuts”. Does anyone think that’s at least a little racist? I mean, if we’re saying we can see inside Ravi’s mind and know what he’s thinking, why are we not holding Tyler to the same standard? It seems to me both of them made stupid flip comments about the other. Nothing that i’d call hate speach or bias.

    What I didn’t understand is that if Tyler knew Ravi had the webcam on the first time (which we know because he did turn it off the second time) why did he have MB back to the dorm again? People are characterizing Tyler as this painfully shy introverted closeted gay who is very delicate and on the verge of snapping. Meanwhile even after he sees his roommate posted on Twitter about him and had a webcam on him, he still had someone over? I can’t reconcile these two images frankly. If we have to believe his roommate was so difficult that he would kill himself to get out of it, why was he continuing to behave as he did before?

    I thought it was stupid to point out that Tyler checked Ravi’s Twitter page like 40 times over 2 days. Really? As if that’s a lot? Do the people at 20/20 not get it? Whenever someone is on their computer, they refresh their Facebook, Twitter and other pages repeatedly. That’s no big deal. I check this site at least 10 times a day.

    I also didn’t Tyler felt rejected by his parents after coming out. It seemed to surprise his mom too. I don’t know where that came from, if his parents said something to him to give that impression. If he had a fight with his boyfriend that made him desperate. We don’t know. From what he said to the resident manager and online, he was pissed off at Ravi but he never said he was being bullied or attacked. But he felt his privacy was being invaded and it obviously was.

    I was glad to hear from Ravi because, yes, he doesn’t take responsibility for Tyler’s suicide. And no one ever asked him to because that’s not what he was accused of. He did take responsibility for being immature and a jerk and said that if either he or Tyler actually brought up the subject and talked about it, it probably would have ended differently.

    Even the political activist guy (who lost me when he said that saying “Saw him making out with a dude. Yay!” was an insult and equated it to physically beating someone up) said that Ravi should get maybe a year or two in prison and not ten.

    I came out of this feeling torn. Ravi was a jerk and immature. But I didn’t think it was a hate crime or anti-gay. Tyler comes out much more complicated. Quiet and shy, but bringing a 30 year old guy to his dorm repeatedly and asking his roommate, who he knows is spying on him and talking about him, to leave them alone to have sex. Someone who’s parents say they loved and accepted him, but felt rejected by them. Someone who was posting on line as an openly gay man but people felt was closeted. It’s all very complicated.

    I wish the police would release this suicide note and other writings on his computer. But none of that would bring him back and would probably not change anything. In fact it might hurt his parents more since it sounds like he was talking about his feelings about them.

  54. Sam says

    During the trial it was shown Ravi talked to his friend about wanting to also put the web cam on his bed to make sure Tyler didn’t come near him when he was sleeping..u know cuz he’s so attractive

    He also said “keep the gays away”..who says that? he also said the 2nd attempt “could get nasty”..he knew what was happening, and knew what he was doing..he’s no victim..testimony showed he went into two peoples rooms to check that the web cam was on and aimed at the bed.

  55. Ms Red says

    Didn’t read all of the comments above just the last few, anyways I totally agree with both deedrdo & T. This guy came off being very arrogant. I saw the interview when televised & I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt but the interview sealed it for me. This guy proved why they charged him in the 1st place. He wanted to make fun of Clemente & his sexuality. What better way then to film him on webcam. What I find unbelievable is that some people find it hard to believe that this drove him to kill himself. If you check the news you will find that people have killed themself for lesser things as well as bullying, online harrasement & or bullying among other things that may seem miniscule to others but to these people they see sucide as a way out. We need to help these people that feel sucide is a way out for issues that they are battling with. God Bless Clemente, I hope he finds the peace he couldn’t seem to have here on earth.

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