1. cadence says

    It’s really sad that she couldn’t make this decision herself, and base her decision on how she feels about her sister, and what type of relationship she wants with her. Pat Robertson doesn’t know her sister, but she does, so why would she rely on his opinion. This just shows how brainwashed some people are. She knows that her sister isn’t evil, or any of the other things that someone like Pat would call her.

  2. DavidinDC says

    Why are fundamentalists (and if this woman is calling up PR for advice, then that’s a safe assumption) so completely unable to think for themselves? “I don’t know how to think for myself and make my own decisions! Please, Pat, tell me what to do!!”

  3. says

    You know what Kathryn (the letter writer) should do? She should take this clip and show it to her sister and say, “Listening to his answer, I realized how completely wrong and hateful he is. I *will* be your bridesmaid, I *will* bless your union, and I *will* stand up in front of all our friends and family and say what you are doing is right and loving.” And if she has to break with Pat Robertson, well that’s the tough luck.

  4. SFshawn says

    Any person that would seek advice from a senile old bigoted coot like Pat Robertson needs a therapist.
    Just like Jesse Helms and all the other angry old white men one can only hope he burns in his own hell and experiences a horrible,extended and painful death.

  5. borut says

    Hey, Pat, I’ve been invited to a wedding too, and I know for a fact that the bride isn’t a virgin. Should I go there and stone her to death, like the Bible tells me to?

  6. Dawson says

    Does anyone know what section in Roman’s he is talking about?

    Also does this also apply to going to any families 2nd marriage since the Bible is against divorce? Could one say it goes against God’s teaching to go to your wedding since the Bible does not recognize divorce except under certain situations?

  7. Caliban says

    Borut, people should send questions like that to him as if they’re serious. OK, maybe a *little* more subtle, mentioning the sister who isn’t a virgin or was married and divorced, quote the Bible verse about stoning adulterers then asking if you should just boycott the wedding or boycott the wedding AND send a letter to the happy couple informing them they’re sinners who won’t get into the Kingdom of Heaven.

    Trolling the 700 Club for sport and pleasure! 😉

  8. Vern Dufford says

    Someday we will all awaken load our Towleroad and find that the man has passed just like Jerry… whats name. He will be never missed or be remembered. He is nothing more than a Surly ,old,money grabbing, Republican, TV evangelist that should have disappeared from the public eye along time ago.

  9. ESA says

    Caliban, although you may already know this, and as much fun it would be to bombard them with their own BS, these pharisee lunatics carefully organize their own programming and that letter, supposedly written by an outsider seeking advice from his unholy senility, is more than likely an inside job just to drive their anti-equality agenda. It’s no different really than book authors receiving kudos and endorsements that are printed on their covers which 90% of the time are written by the publishing company after receiving an approval on the wording. I would give this no more credence than if I were to hear Sarah Palin say she was going to convert to Judaism.

  10. DanCobb says

    Does anyone else find this man off-the-charts hilarious? Every time I see him or hear him, I just love this guy. He makes me laugh out loud… side-splitting laughter. He’s just so massively silly.

  11. CPT_Doom says

    I think this advice is great, because it applies both ways. If anyone in your family is affiliated with any of the perversions of religion that preach the same hate as Robertson, simply refuse to acknowledge their “marriages,” their “spouses” and their “children.”

  12. Onnyjay says

    What PR and his ilk ignore is that Paul was expressing outrage at a very exploitative sexual milieu that had nothing to do with caring, committed relationships. “Gay” life and people as we know them rarely existed openly, but hetero and homo prostitution and sex slavery were common.

  13. Brian says

    Someone should remind this so called “Christian” that the concept and practice of marriage predates Christianity. The church is acting like a corporation that is having their intellectual property rights violated. If any intellectuals were actually running it, they might see the error of their ways.

  14. octobercountry says

    Dawson asked what bit of Romans was being discussed—this is one of the “clobber” passages often used against gay people. For a little information, look here for starters:

    Thing is—these verses really have nothing to do with gay relationships as we understand them today. This passage is talking about STRAIGHT people taking part in pagan fertility rituals involving orgies and all sorts of other wild behaviour. Given proper historical context, these have no bearing on gay relationships.

  15. kit says

    @LITTLEKIWI — Your comment is spot on! It is horrible people like this big bag of walking sphincters who destroy families. He’s trying to break one apart right now! When will these people finally get the “anti-family” label that they deserve?

  16. Alexx says

    If she was any kind of good sister or person she should be able to make that decision on her own. I feel like some of the questions on the 700 club are plants.

  17. Munro says

    What an incredible display of family values. How does this guy still think he’s Christian AT ALL? I’m stunned by his hatred and ignorance. Kinda hysterical though, in an ironic sort of way.

  18. Tra says

    Funny, my wife’s mother had to deal with the same exact issue when her daughter married me. My wife’s mom is a devout Catholic, married twice (& still hasn’t gotten her 1st marriage annulled by the Church) & was struggling with this. She consulted with family, her own priest, & family friends who were priest. They told her to Go & support her daughter. Yep, they told her to go.

    She couldn’t bring herself to do it. She was afraid she would throw up, & was afraid if the Rev would pronounce us husband & wife & she would (IMHO) spontaneously combust.

    Almost 4 yrs later, I still can’t forgive her for hurting her daughter like that. Why can’t people use their God-given intellect to make the choice to be there for that relative, instead of letting man’s interpretation of the Bible push them away from loving their own family?

  19. Gregv says

    @Dawson: Have you ever heard of those religious temples that currently exist where all the men line up to have sex with the High Priestess? Well, it’s a pretty similar idea that was being talked about in the letter to the Romans. It was described as an orgy to worship birds and reptiles. The letter doesn’t suggest that ANYONE there was gay and certainly it had NOTHING to do with any gay couple getting married.

    But besides that, the letter was written by Saulaid Tarsus, a man who spent much of his life cruelly persecuting and attacking Christians. it’s so bizarre that so many like Robertson would revere such a man’s words and elevate them above Jusus’ own words.

  20. jack says

    pat robertson and all the other christian bigots love to quote the bible’s anti gay passages. However, they never mention that the same bible calls for the execution of all those who work on the sabbath, committ adultery, curse their parents, or worship any gods other than yahweh etc etc. They also give glory to the biblical god who drowned all the little children of the world in Noah’s flood, burned to death all the women and children of Sodom and Gomorrah because of the “sins” of the men, killed the baby of David and Bathsheba to punish them for their tryst, even accepted the child sacrifice of Jepthah. This biblical god which has been spun into “our heavenly father” outdoes Mao, Stalin and Hitler in the depth of his depravity. This bible and it’s god are the enemies of humanity and civilization. Robertson is just an old fool who still believes some of it when it conforms with his bigotry.

  21. Skyglider says

    I am a Christian. Pat Robertson is NOT a Christian nor should he be associated with the term. Christianity is about love and endless compassion. Christ did not teach this hateful nonsense. Paul, nor any of the books associated with this journeys, have NOTHING to do with the teachings of Christ (Yeshua, by his true Hebrew name; the most AWESOME rabbi ever).

    Christ NEVER wanted a church, much less a collection of misinformed bigots spreading hate, in his name.

  22. jack says

    I believe you are wrong Skyglider. Christ was an old testament believing Jew. He accepted all of the hateful stuff found in those bigoted tomes. He even said he had not come to change one iota of it. I do believe that Jesus, if he was a historical character, was a gentler soul and tried to gloss over the horrors of the Jewish books we call the Old Testament.But he basically failed in that attempt.

  23. jack says

    Bigotry and prejudice die very slowly. In 1968 my dad, an Irish Catholic, refused to attend my younger brother’s wedding because it was in a protestant church. Never , never let religious dogma stand between you and family. That is so sad.My brother Joe was the first of my family to marry because his oldest son (me) was gay.I proudly stood beside my brother as his best man because I would not let some ancient dogma stand between me and my brother. Never let religious dogma stand between you and your loved ones.

  24. DeeperStill says

    “When is this old fossil going to die?

    People need to start jumping out from behind corners and scaring him.

    Posted by: endo | Mar 9, 2012 2:52:38 PM”

    LMFAO! So funny, yet true at the same time!

    May he die in pain… Slowly.

  25. Vasili Scandalis says

    I’m a gay man and find Pat Robertson… well, just very set in his ways. I have never been suprised by what he says because he continuously stands constant for what he believes in. It may not be right however, he has a right to say what he wants… it’s his show and network. We have a right to disagree. I love this blog and what it does to inform us all. The title on this piece is misleading .. Pat Robertson did not call her eveil…. he just told her it was wrong and since that is what is believed in that particular narrow minded circle that the sister should not go… Fine … Don’t go I say.. This guy is going to never change and we should not put negative energy towards a narrow minded right wing born again Christian fundamentalist. AMEN! LOL

  26. Jerry6 says

    It is really a mistory to me how many people make these ignorant and hateful Christian preachers multimillionairs with their hateful disregard of human emotions and love of one another. What is it that drives these people to create hatred among us for material profit?

  27. jack says

    I wonder if the relatives who attended Pat’s wedding were giving there support to fornication? He has admitted that his wife was pregnant when they married.

  28. TJ says

    JACK – What the “right” sort does is always forgiven, because it is circumstantial. What the “wrong” sort does is always unforgivable, because they are inherently bad. The laws are always bent for the good people (e.g., death do you part, unless someone gets Alzheimer’s). The bad people? Not so much.

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