1. johnny says

    No, jackass, the question is:

    Are two wars critical? Are they worth borrowing money from China?

    Answer: NO.

    I guess he forgot about the TRILLIONS we’re spending on unnecessary wars in countries where we have zero business being.

  2. V-8 says

    totally agree Johnny…

    also, if people on his income bracket paid as much tax as I, a teacher, pay, all those programs would be funded, at least twice…. how about that to solve the national debt?

  3. jason says

    I don’t mind if Romney does this. I’ve had it with Obama and the sleazy Democrats. All they want is our vote. They don’t care about our rights. What have Obama and the Democrats done for us in the last 12 months? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

    I am sick and tired of voting for the disappointing Democrats. No Democrat will get my vote this time.

  4. Lish says

    He clearly missed the news that the health reforms save the government money. Amtrak saves the taxpayers money over the alternatives. And NEH and NEA are miniscule parts of the budget, there’s really no appreciable budget savings in cutting them.

  5. Clif3012 says

    Hahah, that’s right Grumpy Jason. You show ’em by voting GOP in 2012. The HRC will have to shut its doors because the GOP will deliver on gay rights so quickly. And with the number of elderly and sick Justices, having the GOP appoint at least two Supreme Court justices between 2012 and 2016 is a surefire way to clear the path for gay marriage in the US! What a sensible idea you’ve had.

    DOMA is still the turd in the punchbowl, but you have had an administration which has done more for gay rights than any of its predecessors (a low bar, admittedly, but DADT and refusing to defend DOMA aren’t exactly ‘nothing, absolutely nothing’).

    I could never be President. The temptation to now suggest to the NEA that they fund a nationwide tour of Mapplethorpe’s kinkiest prints would just be too great.

  6. jason says

    DADT was only repealed because the independent Joe Liebermann took by the bull by the horns and championed it. Obama was lazy and uninterested in repealing DADT.

  7. Paul in Charleston says

    Such smart republicans, let’s eliminate programs that actually help many people but not even think about changing subsidies for millionaire “farmers” for example. Yes let’s get rid of subversive art! And Amtrak, that socialists dream created by…Richard Nixon. And don’t get me started on Rombamacare!

  8. Peter says

    Yes, we will get rid of all beneficial programs and take America all the way back to 1859 and then we will all be happy again. (quote from the GOP’s book of reverse progress).

  9. Michaelandfred says

    Absolutely necessary to…..Rich White Men? Anyone know who has the second largest air force on the planet after ours? The U. S. Navy’s air force! Our military is so hugely ginormous it has started reproducing other militaries. And he’s going to save the economy by defunding Planed Parenthood? I just may stop reading and watching the news until after the election. I feel myself getting dumber just listening to these idiots. 8 more months of this?

  10. Vern Dufford says

    Living in Kansas walking my dog in this nice neighborhood that was up until the last decade was mostly jews folk some were even concentration camp survivors.One woman who passed this year would walk pass my house with her identification tattoo clearly visible she was a… sweaty pie. Now a young seemingly nice young family has moved into her home in fact it’s going on all over the neighborhood nice young families moving in. Good schools you know. It’s an unseasonably warm windy day and I have already found three Rick Santorum full color mailers rolling in the wind across the nice lawns. Santorum yard signs are starting to creep up these are young families with children and lots of them…scary!
    Can we afford not to vote democrat!

  11. says

    God, he is such a tool. Planned Parenthood isn’t owned by the government. He’d have no power to get rid of it. He could support defunding it, which I’m sure will go over great with those independent women voters he’ll need in the fall. Then there are the old Jesse Helms favorites: NEA, NEH, which cost like less than a penny in the scheme of things.

    @Jason, repeating lies doesn’t make them true, it just makes you an idiot. All pro-gay legislation has been the result of a Democratic majority, that’s 100%, sweetheart.

  12. Chadd says

    @Jason: So the Democrats have not done as much as you would like to advance Equal rights. What exactly have the Republicans done to advance gay rights? and what have they promised to do?

    The parties are going in different directions Jason. The GOP is moving away from equal rights – trying to repeal them wherever they have been achieved. If it were not for the constant tug backwards by the Repubs, the Dems would have gotten farther along. You can’t blame the Dems for Repub obstructionism.

  13. ratbastard says

    1) We need to end our war[s]. We need to seriously re-align our military, including completely decoupling from places like western Europe. Scandalous we still spend $$$ ‘defending’ Europeans.

    2) We need to stop insuring with taxpayer money mortgages. It’s the reason why the government was left holding the bag for trillions gambled away. Those financial firms took great risks because they knew potential losses would be covered by the government, i.e. taxpayer. Plus, it just fuels inflation.

    3) We need to institute price controls on stuff like higher ed costs and healthcare costs, both way out of control, far higher than our alleged inflation rate.Both higher ed and healthcare industries are heavily subsidized by the government, and would never be able to get away with what they charge if those various subsidies were taken away.

    4) Several massive federal government agencies, like the federal education department, serve no real purpose. Get rid of them.

    5) We need serious reform of public employee’s benefits package. They are way out of line.

    6) We need serious reform of how Congress operates, including their pay, benefits, and many instances of obvious conflict of interests, especially where $ is concerned.

    7) The executive branch of the federal government [i.e., the White House/POTUS] is too large and bloated, both with staff and $. It needs to be considerably curtailed.

    8) We need serious reform regarding lobbying.

    9) The financial regulations that were jettisoned since Clinton took office, most need to be re-enacted.

    10) Our tax code is a clusterf*ck. Seriously reform it.

    OUR BIGGEST ISSUE IS WEAK JOB GROWTH. Globalization, IMHO, has been a disaster, not just for the U.S., but all advanced western nations. 30 plus years of uninterupted trade imbalances with China speaks volumes.

  14. says

    yes, the man worth 200 million knows that the best way to help the economy is to keep ultra-wealthy men like him paying less in taxes, and cutting funding to groups that provide healthcare for lower-income women.

    it’s amazing how the GOP has convinced so many people to vote against their best interests.

    future generations will look back at this moment in american history as a shameful and embarrassing one where the country’s Right Wing made it expressly clear that they planned on f***ing the poor and middle class with no lube, nor even a courtesy reach-around.

  15. Brains says


    Your comments are really not worth responding to, however, I just could not resist!

    You are clearly clueless, or just plain STUPID!!

    Maybe you need to realize what the Democrats have done for you, lately, as in DADT; or simply skip the light fantastic and take your “self-loathing” ridiculous ignorant posterior off this board!!

  16. jamal49 says

    Dear Governor Butthole:

    The only thing we borrowed from China to pay for were those two wars in Afghanistan and Iraq that your butthole republicon friends got us into.

  17. says

    remember when Obama didn’t raise taxes and all those angry white people took to the streets with their protest signs saying “OBAMA RAISED OUR TAXES!!!”??

    yeah. racists be making shite up.

  18. wtf says

    Poor Jason. All he has are his meaningless rethug talking points, lies, and word salad. Poor thing. Pity him. He obviously needs medication and quite possibly hospitalization for his delusional thinking.

  19. jack leddy says

    If women, african americans , latinos. gays, working class men and women and the middle class and vets and military men and women do not get out in large numbers and vote for the democratic party in 2012 they deserve the government that they get.

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