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Russian Pols Push Law Banning 'Gay Propaganda'

RussianPosterMitt Romney this week criticized President Obama for being too close with Russia, a nation he archaically described as our "number one geo-political foe." Considering the candidate's opposition to LGBT rights, though, he's more aligned with some Russians than he'd like to admit.

The Washington Post reports that right-wingers over there are pushing for a national law banning "gay propaganda," just as conservatives did in St. Petersburg.

A controversial bill that is likely to fuel discrimination against Russia’s embattled gay community has been submitted to Russia’s lower house of parliament.

The bill calls for fines of up to 500,000 rubles ($16,500) for “spreading homosexual propaganda” among minors.

The legislation was submitted Thursday to the State Duma by lawmakers from the central Novosibirsk region who blamed media for promoting gay lifestyles as “normal behavior.”

Also, for good bigoted measure, the law's authors also included a high fine for "promoting pedophilia," as if that's somehow connected with gay rights.

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  2. Belonsky,

    Stick to the US news. You will not reveal your ignorance about foreign countries that way. I guess you don't even have a passport as a proud parochial American. Suck it up. Your idol, Obama, made a big deal of being friendly with the Russian government that is crushing gay rights right now. Not the Republicans. Not Romney.

    And the silliness of calling some political forces "right-wing" in the country you know nothing about. The views of the Russian politicians pushing these anti-gay laws on the role of government in the economy are way closer to the views of your fellow left-wingers.

    Posted by: AG | Mar 29, 2012 1:42:29 PM

  3. Okay, you are both mistaken if you think US politics matter to Russians. Clinton and Bush both expanded NATO all the way to St. Petersburg despite promises to the contrary. Both also pushed harsh neoliberal agendas reminiscent of Pinochet that have done nothing but harm to the populations. All presidents up to and including Obama have been pushing Reagan's Star Wars dream of NMD. What is the difference?

    Posted by: gildy | Mar 29, 2012 5:16:39 PM

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