1. shle896shle says

    Sarah Palin and the rest of the GOP whack-a-doodles are too busy hating on the president to realize they’re handing him a reelection on a silver platter.

    All the Dems need to do is run GOP sound bites on a loop and then sit back and enjoy!

  2. Daniel says

    How does he listen to her ramble incoherently like that and NOT burst out laughing?

    Complete nonsense in the true meaning of the word.

  3. says

    “she goes into sentences with no exit plan”

    Best line I’ve read so far today. Clearly, Palin took the same logic class that Victoria Jackson did in college.

  4. Jpartain89 says

    It hurts my head to hear that kind of bull!!!! It’s disgusting and it baffles my mind how anyone can believe that… But I guess that’s the point. Republicans want us to be idiots, since they know knowledge leads to becoming democratic.

    That hurt my head a little too early this morning….

  5. Vern Dufford says

    PLEASE PLEASE…show this every day until the election this all the motivation ANYONE could need to vote for Obama.

    I know this is laughable! But never forget she could have been our Vice President…shudder…not so laughable.

  6. princely54 says

    It would be more laughable if it weren’t so offensive. To say Obama wants to take us back to ‘pre-Civil War’ is just so amazingly empty-headed and downright ignorant. She’s really an uneducated quasi-adult, isn’t she. She’s a child who lives in a fantasy land where she’s actually a leader who knows a thing or two about a thing or two.

    When will she just fade away into the Alaskan wilderness already?

  7. Michaelandfred says

    Oh Sarah…..after last nights showing of Game Change, only the fringe, fringe far right will be able to ignore what the rest of the country has known now for years. You are an idiot of grand measure. Your 15 minutes is over. This may upset the late night comics, but I can’t see the back of you fast enough.

  8. Houndentenor says

    I’m not laughing. She’s very popular in many parts of the country. And her way of thinking is very popular in most of the swing states. It’s easy to mock this crap or to believe that the vast majority of Americans will be turned off by this. We do that at our own peril.

  9. simon says

    Talking about swing states, it was probably what the old fool McCain thought when he bought her out from the wilderness. Now the GOP can’t put the genie back into the bottle.

  10. michael white says

    We can continue to make fun of her and the right. The problem is that they vote and vote in big numbers. We need to encourage our families and friends to vote, especially those who do not. We can change the game if we are able to do this and keep these folks from power.

  11. Brian says

    From a different Brian: Parsing through her rambling, her history lesson seems to have two parts. First, that the Civil War marked the time when all men, blacks and whites, were equal and could advance without prejudice weighing them down, based only on merit. Um, no, Sarah, the Civil War got the slaves liberated. The freed slaves were hardly in a position to begin founding great companies with no education or money, and the subsequent century consisted of many states doing everything they could to hinder any minor advance by blacks.

    Her second message seems to be that Obama’s attempts to divide us by income or sex is the same as slavery. Now, by divide us by income I think she must mean that at some point Obama wants the wealthy to pay more in taxes. And the dividing by sex, I guess that’s because he defended the woman called a prostitute by Limbaugh. How we get to those two things to wanting to enslave the wealthy, white, and/or male is a path that exists only in the deranged mind of Sarah.

  12. Matt26 says

    @Richard, yes.
    Why would any news channel take her? She knows nothing about history, politics etc.
    My guess is the head of Fox tells to certain shows to take her in. I would love to see the anchors reactions when she talks and they’re not in the air.

  13. rick says

    What the hell is she saying? She rambles on incoherently, stringing a bunch of words together, but they don’t form sentences. I guess she’s getting another 15 minutes due to the broadcast of “Game Change”. There is no other reason Sarah should be on TV. Oh, forgot it is Sean Hannity on Faux News.

  14. Reverse Polarity says

    Hahahaha. A lot of words come out of her mouth, but very few of them end up in a complete or understandable sentence. She’s like a human random word generator.

  15. TJ says

    The “low information voters” love his woman. And there are many low information voters. Anyone see the Alexandra Pelosi piece on Bill Maher? Low info types spewing the very nonsense they are encouraged to think by Fox News and people like Palin. One particularly scary “critter” talked about his chance to someday become rich despite obvious lack of intelligence or skill. Because all one has to do is work hard.

  16. colinu says

    I keep expecting the hair to come off, and the rambling person underneath to be Dustin Hoffman a/k/a Tootsie.

  17. says

    “she goes into sentences with no exit plan” perfect description of this woman. Seriously, how can anyone string together so many random words without even ACCIDENTALLY making sense?

  18. Jack says

    By all appearances she is using some really twisted, convoluted logic (giving her the benefit of the doubt) if not outright manipulation (likely) or, perhaps, completely inbred ignorant stupidity (more likely), and I’m amazed that anyone, even Sean Hannity, is giving her a platform to spew her distorted babble.

    However, it bothers me that this clip is presented divorced from any context. I know the full clip must be available out there, if I really want to find it, but excising the commentary/discussion leading up to that eye-crossing monologue does seem irresponsible to me.

  19. Gregoire says

    Ignore this fool. She is literally so disrespected and disgraced that SNL last night did a sketch that literally mocked the impersonations of Sarah Palin. She has literally become a cartoon of the magnitude that few humans achieve in their lifetime.

  20. Brokebackvol says

    WTF? What was all that “jibba-jabba” about? I said to myself “GURL you are just all kinds of cray-cray!”

  21. says

    The thing is – if this were a Tina Fey sketch it would be heavily criticized for being over the top, insensitive, a bigoted attempt by The Left to make the Right look prejudicial and mean-spirited, and just plain ridiculous.

    i’m floored that this is real.

  22. says

    ever notice that the white people who complain about how “Obama is the one that’s racist” sound just like those Straight Christians who insist that “they’re the real victims of discrimination, because gays a prejudiced against Straight Christians?”

    Yeah, that’s because they’re the same people.

    Determined to cement their place on the wrong side of history.

  23. A correction says

    I must disagree with Brandon. She goes into sentences with no plan whatsoever. No entrance plan, no exit plan, and not a thought to what lies between.

  24. johnny says

    Picture a big jar of key words and phrases inside her head which gets shaken hard and then dumped out.

    The resulting nonsense is what comes out of her mouth.

  25. Michaelandfred says

    She’s like a republican Magic 8 Ball. Her head is all full of
    “talking points” and then the host asks a question, gives her a little shake and out pops, “socialist radical racist drill baby drill.”

  26. markmmark says

    I haven’t laughed as hard as I did when my brothers made me blow cheerios and milk out of my nose one day! Thanks Sara for your idiotic sense of humor which apparently ranks among the finest slapstick, Lucille Ball….yes, you must be getting a sit com real soon, you probably wet your panties chomping at the bit! Yee Haw now on to some real news please folks!

  27. Chuck Mielke says

    Yes, this clip is something of a word salad with no coherent point in the structure or verbiage of her blather. However, she does a crucial thing for her listeners: she links Barak Obama with some vague badness, ostensibly going back to before the Civil War when (something bad existed). This is the emotional message of her ramble. Please don’t underestimate the power of incoherent bad-mouthing. Logic isn’t the only means of communicating.

  28. Bosie says

    IM going to watch HBO’s “Game Change” BUT THIS WOMAN IS AN IDIOT! oh lord she is such a waste…i feel for her because she wants the spotlight sooo bad but she’s an idiot.

  29. toferdavid says

    The point that Breitbart and others have made deals with the notion that the media and others prevented conversations from occurring that examined the President’s beliefs and background. The media didn’t cover this in 2008, and why the MSM didn’t exhibit any curiosity at all about Obama’s days in college and his activism there is a legitimate question.

  30. says

    It looks as if she has changed her appearance, especially her hair and lips, to remove herself from the image of Julianne Moore as Sarah Palin in Game Change. Now she should change her ignorance and get an education.

  31. Waybig says

    I cannot believe that it has been nearly four years, and yet we are STILL dealing with this simpleton. Do most losing VP candidates stick around this long?

  32. woodroad34d says

    Watched “Game Change” last night. My favorite line was from one of the McCain staffers referring to Sarah: “Do you think she’s mentally unbalanced?” I shouted “YES!” and laughed hysterically.

  33. says

    “we are all created equally’ Is there someone that can explain to her what that means; since she apparently does not understand the words she used??

  34. says

    Nice to see a clip of Sarah with the words ‘think’ and ‘progress’ emblazoned over her head, as an apt reminder of two things she’s incapable of doing.

  35. Den says

    You’ve all got her wrong. This was actually a satirical sketch, where she was doing an over the top impression of Tina Fey doing her… surely that’s the only logical explanation for this.

  36. jack says

    Obama is about as racist as Palin is a Rhodes Scholar. Obama’s mother was white, the grand parents who raised him during many of his formative years were white, more than 90% of the people he has appointed to high administration positions are white. The wing nuts on the right know this already. They just never let facts cloud their judgement.One of the tragedies of the last few decades is that the christian right and wingnuts in general have completely taken over the Republican party, which was once a proud, slightly right of center conservative party.Does anyone think that Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt or Dwight Eisenhower, all Republicans, would be able to win that party’s nomination today?

  37. Seamus says

    Does Ms. Palin know the difference between being “created equally” and being “created equal”? Big difference!

  38. Darrell says

    Why are American politicians Right “Wing Nuts” she makes Canada’s Prime Minister Sinister Harper look downright adorable.
    Obviously she has mental frostbite since she obviously cannot even finish a sentence without stumbling and loosing track of her thoughts…..Perhaps she should just get a position at a Arbys Drive Through maybe it will get her “speach” back on track having to speak clearly into a microphone…LOL

  39. says

    Does Barak Obama really want to take the country back to the era of slavery? It must be so, if Sarah Palin tells us it is, just as she claimed that Paul Revere (instead of heading for Concord) rode his horse through the streets of Boston firing his gun and ringing a bell while yelling to warn the British not to take our weapons.

    If she plans to write a revisionist history of America, I hope she finds a good editor to teach her how to compose sentences and how stay on subject without using random catch-phrases.

  40. John says

    Maybe one day, when she’s shooting wolves from a helicopter, she’ll fall out. And then what’s left of her will be eaten by the wolves. Just hope the wolves aren’t poisoned by all the bile.

  41. mykos says

    From her 1:23 rant, she just made the case for the Republicans and what they want to do, NOT the Democrats.

  42. Mike says

    I believe that our education like such as South Africa and, uh, the Iraq everywhere like, such as and…