Tennessee Principal Threatened to Expel Students for Gay PDA, Demanded Students Pray

More on anti-gay Tennessee high school principal Dorothy Bond from the ACLU:

BondMultiple students contacted the ACLU to express concerns about an assembly that took place on Feb. 9. At the assembly, Principal Bond reportedly said that gay people are “ruining their lives” and threatened to administer severe punishment – including 60-day suspensions, assignments to an alternative school or expulsion – to any students who were observed publicly displaying affection for members of the same sex. The school already has a policy on public displays of affection that is neutral regarding sexual orientation.

The incident appears to be part of a broader pattern of official anti-gay remarks and policies by the principal, and of incorporating prayers and proselytizing into school events. On one occasion, school officials scolded students who did not bow their heads in prayer and threatened them with discipline. On another occasion, the principal told a lesbian student that she would go to “hell” because of her sexual orientation.

Tennessee Principal Tells Gay Students They're 'Going to Hell': VIDEO [tr]


  1. kpo5 says

    My personal thanks to Dorothy Bond for single-handedly demonstrating why we are in desperate need to enforce separation of church and state, anti-bullying programs, LGBT history, and cultural tolerance in public schools. Bravo, bigot.

  2. Frank says

    I was very respective when I e-mailed her and told her that she was exactly like The Taliban and King Henry VIII for forcing her religious views on others.

  3. Rick says

    If she does not get fired, it will be because all of you on the Far Left have made it nearly impossible to hold anyone who is black accountable for anything they do, lest those holding them accountable be accused of “racism,” especially in th South.

    So you can largely thank yourselves for situations such as this one.

    And before you blame her attitudes on Tennessee, as your compliance with political correctness will drive you to (see Paul R’s comment above), realize that there have been similar situations involving black women in New Jersey, Michigan, and California recently. So geography has nothing to do with it.

    Your extremism in defending people of color under trumped up charges of racism for so long, regardless of the merits of the cases–and trying to cover up their homophobia or make excuses for it, because it was politically inconvenient to acknowlege it–are now coming back to haunt you.

  4. RonTEX says

    @ Rick and TJ, this has NOTHING to do with race and everything to do with separation of church and state and the fact that she is breaking the law. You’ve both obviously learned your debating skills from FOX, constantly trying to hijack the conversation to your right talking points. What’s that Rick, I can’t hear you with my big, masculine, straight acting d*ck in your mouth.

  5. Tyler says

    Rontex: if/when this lady isn’t fired (and she probably won’t be), it’ll have everything to do with race. Employers are terrified of firing minorities, exactly for the reasons Rick mentions.

  6. RonTEX says

    @Tyler, I would disagree that her eventual firing would have “everything” to do with her race considering she’s mixing religion into the public school system and that is against the law. The ACLU will be quick to move on this and expedite her removal. Since she has been doing this for years it shouldn’t be difficult to find enough evidence to prosecute her and hopefully shine a light on other schools in Tennessee that may be breaking the same law.

  7. Jeremy says

    @Rick – As a gay black man, I’m not really sure what your argument is. I don’t believe I’ve ever done anything to you or anything to be accounted for. It’s just ironic, that I’m originally from that part of Tennessee and have actually stepped foot in that high school – 10 years ago. Those attitudes that this woman expressed are very prevalent in the southern black church community; however, I take more offense to you generalizing an entire of race of people and I believe that my mother and father (whom are both no longer in the church because of rampant homophobia) would be offended by that comment as well. My parents are both teachers and administrators as well and know this woman personally. I haven’t had a chance to speak with them as of yet; however , I can assure you that they will not fall silent; if this story pans out. I have fallen victim to both racism (merited cases) and homophobia. It’s not an issue about being too far left or right. It’s an issue of these kids being victims and not being in an environment where they feel welcomed and are being bullied by a bigoted adult.

  8. DanSwon says

    Good grief, this beast should not be allowed anywhere near children. She’s clearly a lunatic. She should probably be in a psychiatric ward.

  9. Rick says

    @Jason It is way more complicated than that. It also has to do with the historical emasculation of black men (the extreme homophobia is a form of misguided over-compensation for that); with the low relative levels of education among blacks compared to other groups; with the dysfunctionality of black family life (75% of all the black children in America last year were born to single mothers)–which leads to warped notions of masculinity among young black men (homophobia is just one element of a culture than also encompasses widespread violence and the rap music that lubricates it all).

    And on top of all this there are the African cultural roots (sub-Saharan Africa and the Caribbean are the most homophobic places on earth, regardless of the degree of religiosity of the particular sub-group you are talking about)–And this homophobic aspect of the culture pre-dates the introduction of Christianity and is just as prevalent in non-Christian areas as it is in Christian ones (despite the attempts of the Far Left to pretend otherwise, in an effort to blame white people for the problem).

  10. GeorgeM says

    Tyler then shame on the company for being afraid. My company has defended it self 3 times at CHRO since Ive been there.. If the person effs up you deal with it. It’s letting it go on that hangs you. Write ups are a wonderful tool for tracking people and building a defense. This is not her first time at the rodeo, the school board had a job to do the first time. You have to have some balls to be in business. people claim sh-t all the time, you hit it head on. I work for a great executive director, she doesn’t back down. And yes all 3 CHRO complaints were from black people and all were unfounded
    I guess it can go either way sometimes

  11. Rick says

    @Jeremy I did not generalize an entire race of people. I simply observed that most whites do not want to try to fire someone is black because they almost invariably will be accused of racism if they do, with all the difficulty that will entail for them.

    If you are not one of those who would make such an accusation–and if your parents are not–that’s great, but all it takes is a fairly good-sized group of unscrupulous people who are willing to do so to result in justice not being dispensed.

    And that is probably what will end up happening in this case, unless other African-Americans, such as you and your parents, go after this woman and demand that she be fired, yourselves.

    Because nobody who is white who is acting alone is going to be willing to do so, for the reasons already stated.

  12. GeorgeM says

    I think Jason is correct in a lot of ways, the church does dictate a lot of hate more so in christian churches.IMO
    I’m sure Rick had a point to (he does now and then) but I could only get to the first masculin word lol

  13. GeorgeM says

    Tyler you are right
    Bottom line is its wrong. We’re not going to change anything on here it has to happen there. You do that by getting involved and staying involved. Holding people accountable regardless of party, race or religion. it’s never easy and God is it tiring but will be worth it in the end, more so for the younger gen.

  14. Jeremy says

    @Rick – Maybe you should really think about the way you deliver your message; instead of trying to analyze the genetic make-up of people. My understanding is that there are both several black and white parents whom are going after her. The question lies in who will defend her actions and I can assure you that particular town has a very strong black church community.

    Unfortunately, racism still exists and there are still cases where a person is fired simply because of their race and I have seen the look of shock when meeting face-to-face with clients and/or an executive as their speech coach after a phone conversation.

  15. Matt26 says

    “It is the policy of the Haywood CB of Educ. not to discrimanate on the basis of handicap, color, national origin, sex, age or religion in ANY of the progrmas or practices in the school system.”
    Right, so follow the rule.

  16. GeorgeM says

    To everyone who called or emailed, good job!!!
    Who knows if it made a difference but at least you were not willing to stand by and let this happen. The more our community does things like calling and emailing the more society as a whole will understand our existence and our want to be treated equally. As a community we can change things

  17. says

    “If she does not get fired, it will be because all of you on the Far Left have made it nearly impossible to hold anyone who is black accountable for anything they do, lest those holding them accountable be accused of “racism,” especially in th South.”

    So much for your Far Left theory, buddy. Looks like she’s been held accountable, despite all those liberal white apologists for black homophobia. Oh, wait, there were no liberal apologists for black homophobia here . . . every sensible person said she should be out of a job because of and only because of her homophobia (not her race or her gender, as much as black women may personally upset some), and she is. So guess you’ll have to find some new way to blame the make-believe Far Left for religious-based homophobia.

  18. Mel Smith says

    She needs to resign or be fired, and it’s not a ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’ position.

    As a black gay man, I wish that some of you muthaf@ckers would stop race baiting.

  19. Sarm says

    Good riddance to that Christian degenerate. The grip of their tyranny is finally weakening.

    Now be a good psycho and fade away into obscurity where you belong.

  20. lookyloo says

    The religious right/christian conservatives started a pretty genius plan years ago. They started, nationwide, running for, applying for, and volunteering for LOCAL public official jobs.

    They know those are positions which will (and have) allow(ed) them to create/influence public policy around their agenda at the local level which will/does help them get to state and national positions.

    Their problem is; Some of them can’t keep their zealousness in check for the long haul and keep revealing themselves the nutty, ill informed bigots they truly are.

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