Tennessee’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Stalls, May Be Dead This Session

Tennessee Senator Stacey Campfield's "Don't Say Gay" bill appears to be going down once more, the Tennessean reports:

CampfieldThe sponsors of the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill agreed Tuesday to put off debating the measure until the committee’s last meeting of the year — a procedural move that usually signals they do not intend to pursue it. Backers said they would instead shift their focus to an abstinence education measure that they believe would clarify how sex education is taught in public schools.

Earlier this week, Governor Bill Haslam criticized the bill, and Representative Joey Hensley, the proposal’s House sponsor:

“He knows and understands that, as I’ve said before, is not something I think is particularly helpful or needed right now. Again, I think the state already has rules in place about what can be taught.”


  1. says

    UFFDA celebrates this bill. after all, in his world, no one says “gay” because gay culture and gay community is so big and scary for him. That’s why he hides on this site 24/7 posting as UFFDA and his alter ego, Rick.

  2. Real Talk says

    I’ve long suspected UFFDA was Ratbastard and Rick. There’s just too many similarities in the rants not to mention, both their unhealthy obsession with Kiwi. UFFDA is the Rick that took it’s meds, but the cray is still there.