1. D.R.H. says

    Can she just overdoes so I don’t have to hear about her anymore? No one cares! She’s another f*cked up child star turned drug addict. Why does this deserve anyone’s attention?

  2. Michael in Toronto says

    It was painful to watch her. She seemed distracted, disembodied, detached. Looked awful: that hair, those cheeks, those lips. Flubbed her lines. Depended more and more on the cue cards, which became more and more obvious.

    Oh Lindsay. Move out of Hollywood. Get help. Get clean. Really clean. Ditch that psycho family of yours. Come back BIG. Others have done it, but you have to GO AWAY for awhile.

  3. says

    Frankly it wasn’t a bad show at all – SNL has had much worse and Lohan had some good moments. I liked the opening monologue where they poked fun at her drug history, the pat-down, checking her eyes with a flashlight. The women is trying to get her working life back on track, it can’t be easy, and with so much negativity we should give her a break. BTW, the show was the second highest rated SNL in a long time so quite a few somebodies were watching.

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