In Iran, The Look Of Democracy


There is, in fact, an occasion on which it is both brave and peerlessly cool to wear a Toby Keith teeshirt: When participating in an Iranian presidential election.

As (very few) Iranians dolefully queued up to participate in yesterday's electoral rubberstamping, this unnamed young man dressed as one should when participating in a democratic act: precisely as he wished. Maybe he did it as a joke, maybe he did it because he really loves America and/or Toby Keith; maybe he did it because he's irrepressibly punk and wanted to offend somebody's political pieties. (Or maybe it was his only clean shirtt.) Whatever the reason, salaam to him. And good luck. 

(HT: The Atlantic.)


  1. Max says

    It is not democracy when a band of unelected religious thugs decides who may be a candidate and who may not. And you would be surprised how many Iranians like America.

  2. says

    As i understand it, (but not from first hand knowledge) many in Iran are very pro west, and are extraordinarily friendly and hospitable towards foreign visitors, and that includes Americans.

    We shouldn’t demonise an ancient civilization because some religious fundamentalists are in the ascendant … the moment.

  3. Max says

    Jack, you are correct. But we do not demonize this ancient civilization, we demonize the totalitarian Mullahs who shoot their own citizens in the street.

    RGB, you are very ignorant.

  4. Salythetruth says

    It is NOT a democracy. It is a TEOCRACY. The main difference? You could not –even if willing by the majority of the population even if it was subjected to a special vote, which is not- change the religious centered constitution; quote “The article further stipulates that particular aspects of the Constitution are unalterable: the Islamic character of government and laws, the objectives of the republic, the democratic character of the government, “the absolute wilayat al-‘amr and the leadership of the Ummah”, the administration of the country by referendum, and the official religion of Islam.”
    So you can use the word “democracy” in exchange of “voting always for the same”.

  5. yes, please says

    They do have their “lookers,” some hotter than others, but the nice thing is when the clothes come off there is all that hair. But I digress. Their government is over-ruled, at any time, by the old hairy religious man at the top, so it is not a democracy.

  6. Fruit-for-Peace says

    I would SO love to be a Persian sex-slave – to a MAN, not a woman, not that there is anything wrong with Persian women or women in general. Dem SEXY mens!!!! 😛

  7. anon says

    As is typical in any theocracy, the private lives of the citizens bare no relationship to the public face of the country. Everything is done in secret. Everyone is in the closet.

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