1. Strepsi says

    HAPPY ENDINGS is my favorite comedy this season: for my money it has taken the mantle of best comedy ensemble from Modern Family.

    It is also like Friends, not for the obvious set up, but because I actually love each character and find them ALL funny.

    For the gay content, I love that Max is an anti-stereotypical schlub, but that Brad, who is straight and married, is by far the gayest character on television — he even kicks up his heels while he arranges the flowers! They are all hilarious, well worth a watch.

  2. Rick says

    Yeah, ABC got through almost two whole seasons with Max being reasonably masculine and non-stereotypical and actually having mostly straight male friends…….but I guess that was just too “normal” for a gay character, so they finally broke down and gave us just another queen….idolizing Madonna with his friends in drag.

    Disgusting, but not surprising.

  3. Rick says

    “This Rick dude has issues, man”

    I sure do and one of those is that virtually every gay male on network television is being portrayed stereotypically. Perhaps you did not see the season finale–they turned non-stereotypical Max into the worst of stereotypes…..and all the other gay characters in the episode were even more stereotypical–the other band members were in drag–and the two guys getting married were both over-the-top stereotypical, as well, one of them obviously and intentionally resembling “Anthony” from “Sex and the City”–lisping all his words, giggling like a little girl, and every word that came out of his mouth representing a gay stereotype.

    Gay men have become the clowns of network television, laughed at in much the same way that “Amos ‘n Andy” or “Step-n-fetch-it” or minstrel performers used to be, prior to the civil rights movement……and the most pathetic thing about it is that some of you think the general public is laughing WITH us rather than AT us.

    Just another example of a movement that is regressing rather than progressing.

    The down-and-out, socially marginal gay characters of 1975’s Hot L Baltimore, as bad as they were, were still better than what we are seeing now.

  4. ND Skin says

    Happy Endings is one of the best shows on TV period. Love it! The characters all work so well together, as well as their modern and very unique humor. It is a breath of fresh air on television. I also really like the gay portrayal on the show – especially Max.

  5. Rod says

    LUV LUV LUV Happy Endings. The best comedy on tv right now. Now ManDonna was awesome. I saw ManDonna few years ago in Seattle and the concert was just AWESOME. I’m wondering if the guys who plays Max was really the lead singer. Penny is just a-MAH-zing.

  6. says

    Sorry. Not a fan of Happy Endings. Used to be but ABC is simply pulling at the strings of the gay community. Give Max a real boyfriend, let’s see the same bed-bump we see with Penny and all the other characters. ABC is paying us lip-service. Used to watch it. Gave up when Max dumped his boyfriend. Just not believable. It is a lousy show. BTW, HATE the new captcha crap. You CANNOT figure out what they hell the letters/words are. I have to jump the hoop three/four times. Stop for Godsakes!

  7. Robert in SF says

    I was absolutely convinced for a while that the actor who portrays Max, Adam Pally, was in fact the same actor who portrayed Cliff St Paul on Ugly Betty (Marc’s schlub of a boyfriend) and Eli Wallace on Stargate: Universe, a schlub of a nerd.

    Just look at the two of them and tell me they don’t look like brothers who could star in show about twin schlub brothers who banter and get into light-hearted mischievous hijinks! :)

    But then, I am kinda face-blind.

  8. says

    Dudes, the point that Rick is making is not without merit.
    If we are being portrayed in a stereotypical manner then that is as offensive as being positively discriminated against.
    There are many movies, shorts etc. in which we are not portrayed as prancing ponies, and I would like to see much more of that portrayal, eg “13Mins”, “Crim and D” I guess the point is how much of the other we should tolerate.
    Comedy it may be, but the the straights have a short attention span ( to be stereotypical !).
    And it’s an important issue because all the straights seem to pick up is the comedy portrayals of us as fashion loving, all singing all dancing buffoons.

  9. MT says

    Happy Endings is hilarious! I was busting out laughing when I watched it the other night. I like Max, but I LOVE Brad (Damon Wayans Jr). He is HYSTERICAL! Some of his best lines could be viewed as throw aways, but in his hands they are each little gifts. Like the other night when his wife (Jane) comes out in her yellow tuxedo and Brad hugs her and slips in “My baby looks like pee,” I lost my s**t! Jane and Brad are the new Karen and Jack with the way they play off each other.

  10. endo says

    @Jack: You obviously have never seen 1 second of Happy Endings. And you really should STFU about things you know nothing about.

    Rick is a homophobe and a misogynist. Nothing he says deserves consideration. And to completely discount an entire character because of 1 trait he finds “too gay” belies a serious lack of intellectual capacity.

  11. mike/ says

    fer chrissake guys, every one of us is a ‘stereotype’! every straight person is a ‘stereotype’! and the sooner we all realize that the sooner the entire idea of a ‘stereotype’ will no longer be an issue. that we put individuals into boxes is the real problem. once we get over that, we will realize that there was nothing to get over to begin with…

    that being said, Happy Endings is one of the funniest shows to be on regular television in a long time. even when it has a kinda boring storyline it’s hysterical. the lines come so fast you have to re-watch it sometimes. the Marx Brothers, the Three Stooges, Abbot & Costello would be proud of it.

    and the fact that Damon Wayans turned down the lead in another show to stay with Happy Endings says a lot…

  12. M says

    I love this show. This week’s season ender was good but the previous episode “Big White Lies” was some of the funniest TV I’ve seen in a long time. What a great cast of characters.

  13. Den says

    I agree with Mike. Surely every character no matter how it is portrayed will be a ‘stereotype’ of some sort. Camp, Non-camp, shy, extrovert, nerdy, dull, excitable,intellectual, bitchy, friendly, depressing, life-affirming. All traits and all types of character can be viewed as stereotypes. The real problem is when many gays prefer the non-camp steroitype to the camp one. That really is homophobic.

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