1. joanna says

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  2. says

    it’s like the kids in elementary school who make up lies about others in order to avoid telling the truth about themselves.

    the GOP is in a war against common -sense. this is why they resort to social “wedge issues” when talking to their base – the base aint smart enough to know anything about foreign policy, fiscal needs, taxes, etc. so they get ’em with “abortions n gays and jeebus!”

    and that’s why those voters vote against their own best financial interests. they lose money, but they voted for the jeebus babies to be born straight. or something.

    and they don’t need no healthcare, because they’s patriots and them don’t need no help from no government telling ’em what to do – or something.

  3. says

    “Queer Contrarianism?” Oh, brother! I know how much some Towleroad staff are in love with the Q-word, but please, let’s try to avoid pretentiously edgy headlines like that one, shall we? Don’t even quote a phrase as dumb-sounding as that.

  4. JD says

    I’m pretty sure that the headline meant “queer” as in “peculiar”, since the video has no directly LGBTQ-relevant content. You don’t see that use much on gay sites, so it’s kind of surprising.

  5. db says

    Alan, it’s great that you could tear yourself away from watching Fox News long enough to post that. Now, why don’t you watch the video and learn something.

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