1. Markt says

    I liked his persona in Capt. America better. That interview showed nothing but his guard up.

  2. atomic says

    Now, don’t get me wrong, Chris is handsome, but I would *SO* much rather see his brother Scott, who actually IS gay, and in my humble opinion, so much more woofy!

    So let’s hear it for Scott Evans! 😀

  3. Secret Identity says

    Wow, I have LOVED Chris for years. But this interview kinda just turned me off a bit. He sounds so straight…..I know, he IS straight…but, I kinda just wish he’d get over himself and marry me already.

  4. jack says

    If you want to see a hot Evans, check out Kris Evans on Bel Ami. He seems too perfect to be human. I think he was born on Mount Olympus. Check em out!

  5. Rick S. says

    I’d rather see Scott Evans…employed. Ever since his brother outed him (presumably with Scott’s permission), he hasn’t been seen lately, either on the small or big screen. Perhaps that has been voluntary on Scott’s part…either that, or it is depressing proof that unless you are already an established star on a hit show like Neil Patrick Harris, coming out is not a good career move.

  6. David says

    I don’t know why everyone is so down on this, I thought he was adorable in this interview.

  7. says

    RICK S.:

    Scott, like a lot of Soap actors, and just actors in general, have a hard time finding work in Hollywood.

    I don’t think him coming out has anything to do with his lack of success.

  8. says

    Forget all of you haters, he is all kinds of adorable. Still remember the first time I saw him on screen in “Cellular;” lust at first sight!

  9. Bob says

    Ugh. Scott got the brains and the looks that’s for sure. Yikes, is this guy supposed to be a “grown man”. Missed that one fur shur.