Coalition Comes Together To Fight Missouri’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill

TheArchRepublicans hoping to pass a "don't say gay" bill that would among other things ban gay-straight alliances are about to face some stiff competition.

The Riverfront Times out of St. Louis reports that a coalition of lawmakers, teachers and doctors are rallying to defeat the disgusting measure:

This week the Missouri National Educators Association, the state's largest teachers organization, blasted the bill, stating: "[L]egislation like the "Don't Say Gay" bill, proposed by Representative Steve Cookson shackles educator's efforts to prevent bullying in our public schools."
"Schools, above all, need to be safe havens for students – places where students can learn and realize their full potential," reiterated MNEA President Chris Guinther in a statement. "MNEA members realized a decade ago the need for a comprehensive program to counter the bullying culture in public schools in Missouri. That's when we invested in developing the No More Bullying program."

Yesterday the Missouri Chapter of American Academy of Pediatrics also issued a public statement, saying: "…All children and teenagers need to feel safe in their schools, and HB 2051 takes that assurance away from them."

Meanwhile, some 37 Democratic members of the House have called on the 20 Republican sponsors of the bill (including John Diehl of Town & Country and Tim Jones of Eureka) to withdraw their support of the measure.

State Rep. Stacey Newman told the paper that "public outrage has shown us that we are not doing enough to protect all students in schools."


  1. Lucas says

    I spent the first ten years of my life in St. Louis, and still have a lot of family and friends throughout the state. This makes me very sad. I hope this ugly thing does not pass. I’ll be encouraging my family and friends in the area to pay attention to what their lawmakers are doing with this nasty bill.

  2. Christopher says

    As a life long resident of the area (Metro-east), action like this taken by my lawmakers is completely abhorrent. That fact that these lawmakers are doing nothing more than hopping on a national band wagon to railroad gay people is ridiculous. Missouri, though backwards, has never been (in my opinion) a bastion of anti-LGBT sentiment. This is just another way that Jeff City is working to make press for Missouri, nothing more. What’s sad is the STL and KC are very open to LGBT people and their families. It is not shocking that these representatives from T&C and Eureka are supporting this bill just because they are Republicans. This nasty piece of legislation needs to go back where it came from, the uneducated, rural parts of Missouri.

    All I know is that I will be moving back to the Illinois suburbs as soon as I am able.

  3. says

    Missouri legislators are putting there nose where it doesn’t belong just like our Governor Bill Haslam here in TN has pushed his agenda of discrimination throughout his brief tenure in office from shooting down Nashville’s anti-discrimination laws to creating the bill banning the use of the word “gay” in public schools. He’s railroading civil liberties to the extent of making it illegal to upload a “potentially offensive image” to the internet this year. I addressed our Governor’s antics with a visual commentary of him and his wife on my artist’s blog at Drop by and let me know how you feel about our rights being infringed upon.