1. says

    I’m curious as to why Towleroad seems to be covering David Archuleta news. He’s not gay, he’s not spoken out against gays and he’s involved with a church that spent lots of money passing Prop 8. Why is he worthy of coverage?

  2. breckroy says

    I think because he, and most things American Idol, have been proven interests of a lot of the readership. But also, no doubt, because he is also the subject of a tremendous about of gay-speculation (justified or not). Given that this blog is a wonderful mix of gay news, gay adjacent news, cool things that have nothing to do with anything but being cool (such as the awesome things), and, finally pet interests of Andy and the writers, there really doesn’t have to be a reason. I like that aspect of Towleroad!

  3. anon says

    I love his voice. He seems like an extremely nice person. Gay or not. I wish him well.

  4. Bart says

    I was going to ask the same question as Matt. Have nothing for or against the guy, just don’t understand the fascination.

  5. sparks says

    My gaydar went off immediately the first time I watched him being interviewed and I think it’s downright criminal that his professional and personal development is being stifled and suppressed by his father’s religion.

  6. Davelandia says

    Wow! I’m quite surprised, but I find this photo to be shocking – just the reality of it. I too love his voice. We all have our callings in life and I guess he feels this is his. I wish him well and hope to hear him singing again once his mission is over.

  7. ratbastard says

    Just leave the dude alone. He doesn’t appear to be an a-hole or anything. Leave him alone. It’s his life.

  8. LD says

    I totally agree with Matt. Please Towleroad, if you like David Archuleta this much, make up a separate section/fanpage for him. Thank you.

  9. jack says

    Good luck to a nice young man. My hope for him is that someday he will be able to free himself from primitive religious beliefs.

  10. jamal49 says

    Pathetic. OK. So now he’s a Mormon missionary. Good. The Mormon cult and Archuleta deserve each other. So. Let it rest Towleroad and let’s move on. Davey’s church wants to take away what little freedoms we have in this country. We should be focusing on that and the possibility that Elder Romney might just be elected as our next President with Rick Santorum as his Veep. That’s just a little bit more important than some third-rate twink singer who can’t find the courage to turn away from the perfidy of his religion and become a real man and a human being.

  11. Nate W. says

    Just a minor correction–that’s not a photo of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. It’s a photo of a choir put together from inmates… I mean, missionary trainees, at the Missionary Training Center.

  12. John says

    Totally agree with Breckroy. It’s Andy’s blog and his random and eclectic selection of stories – whether they meet someone’s definition of gay related or not – is what makes this a daily must read for me. If you don’t like something he posts, move on to the next item or just plain move on.

  13. Dan Cobb says

    That photograph of him in that choir is heart-wrenching. He looks like a stamped-out commodity made to be like every other stamped-out commodity that the factory is making. He looks caged and deflated. So sad for such a sweet and good-natured young man. Even his father’s relentlessness hasn’t wiped the smile off David’s face… but this picture… almost haunting. Don’t let them kill your spirit, David!

  14. sam says

    Found this blog. David Archuleta has all kinds of fans, many adults, even gays. In his New York concerts, many gays attended his concerts and he can really sing, write, rearrange songs and play instruments. Have u seen this fan video? Fans just love him for who he is. He is simply a beautiful human being, humble, non-judgmental, sincere soul.

  15. RBearSAT says

    Good to see those wishing him well in his journey. Regardless of your faith persuasion, the commitment of a young person to a good cause is something we see so little of these days. Yes, the Mormon faith does not condone homosexuality but regardless of that they do provide good help in other areas. Some things take time and hopefully, in the future, minds are changed to change that ideology. It’s happening slowly in other faith organizations through the good works of those within the organizations who are helping change minds.

    To those who question Archuleta’s inclusion in these events, it’s pretty apparent you don’t really scan many of the stories. If so, you’d be questioning about a third of the postings in here. I mean, just scanning the front page today we have a posting about NYC taxis, Sarah Palin co-hosting the Today Show (now that’s one I could use less of), and several postings about the presidential campaign. The point is that Towleroad provides interesting and sometimes obscure news listings along with a good smattering of the LGBT news. All I can say is that your disdain for Archuleta’s interest (and it hasn’t been that much) is more a hatred of him than anything else.

    I personally enjoyed his music during the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s Christmas show a couple of years ago. His voice, along with the Choir, provided uplifting Christmas entertainment. He’s one of the few world-class entertainers who’s in it for the right reasons and not trying to scam the public as much as they can.

    Well wishes to David on his mission and looking forward to his return and his music then.

  16. says


    Personally, given how much the Mormon church has targeted gays and lesbians over the years, funding Prop 8 and groups like NOM, I think it’s important to for Andy to cover the Mormon religion…. almost in a ‘better know your enemy’ kind of way.

    There’s a reason why the Mormon faith attracts so many zealous true believers, who when called on by their ‘prophet,’ will fund things like Prop 8 with massive donations… donations some of them can’t even really afford and may not necessarily agree with.

    Add to the mix the fact that there’s wide-spread speculation that Archuleta is in the closet (which seems likely IMO) and has thousands of gay fans, and I think this is relevant.

    If anything, fans of Archuleta should be made more aware of not only his faith, but how devoutly he follows it — especially gay fans. Because if they’re buying things from Archuleta, they’re funding the Mormon Church… and we can consider stories like this a reminder of that.

  17. V says

    David Archuleta from American Idol coming to a town near you with a bible in hand! Lock your doors & windows!!!

  18. Jeff says

    I could care less about American Idol and its contestants, but for some reason I’ve always felt so sorry for Mr. Archuleta. And seeing him in this picture IS heart wrenching, as a previous poster said.
    Regardless if he is really gay or not, I just feel badly for anyone involved this deeply in the Mormon Cult (and that’s what it is, don’t try to tell me otherwise), especially when it’s the parents forcing them to give up two years of their lives in service to this organization.
    I hope he can move on from this and lead whatever life he really wants to lead, hopefully far from this cult and his awful father.

  19. MKisNE says

    ugh. whatever it takes to keep the gay repressed. a lot of repression. but at least he gets to sing.

  20. David Hearne says

    In other news, an insipid and cute-to-some twink whose family belongs to the KKK has announced he’s putting off his music career for two years so he can go door to door looking for recruits.

    Seriously people- keep your ephebophilia in check. This is what monsters look like when they are young.

  21. jeff s says

    if he knocked on my door, i’d invite him in. he’ll get a nice cup of tea, respect, and an earful.

  22. says

    I’m a massive fan of the “i’m an ex-Mormon” campaign.

    terrific videos, terrific messages.

    after the Prop 8 “fallout” the LDS put forth that preposterous “and I’m a Mormon..” campaign, which made no sense. in trying to get a better image they started putting forth stupid ads with people saying “I’m a painter, and I also enjoy surfing! And I’m a Mormon”

    As if people’s reservations about the LDS were that we didn’t think they surfed…or something. Rather than “I respect equality for all and I believe in a strong family, regardless of its beliefs or who makes it up..” it was a dunderhead campaign that ignored the real issues behind people being wary of the LDS.

    the only good mormon is an ex-mormon

  23. Gary says

    Would you please stop posting about this guy? He is not gay, he is not a supporter of the gay community and he – clearly – is deeply involved with one of the most anti-gay orgs in the world – what’s the matter with you? Why on earth would you ask us to laud this hater? Stop it! Who cares what he does?!

  24. MarkUs says

    I’ve flown to Sao Paulo numerous times and seems I’m always in line with these cuties in their suits and black nameplates at immigration. I just never bothered to discuss what they are until I saw this photo and said to myself “I know these dudes!”

  25. Luke says

    I wish him to…abandon those freaks like it happen to about 33% of the elders that go in a mission. Sorry but I’m not religious and beleiving that a farmer found the third part of the Bible in his backyard and as the broadway show says “In 1978 God change is mind about black people” it just ridiculous.

  26. Bob says

    reply to other commenters
    A–he is GAY, GAY, GAY, even if his Dad and his religion make him deny it
    B- the purpose of the “mission” is to immerse the young men in pushing the church 24/7, getting rejected over and over, and only thinking mormon during the years they should be learning how to think for themselves.
    C– the REASON all this stuff about D A is all over the net– MORMON PUBLICITY MACHINE, watch out for them, they are trying to finally be “normal” and get Romnent elected, so they can CONTROL YOUR MORALS, AS GOD TOLD THEM TO DO (barf)

  27. spraypaintedgold says

    There seems to be this idea amongst queer, questioning, and closeted Mormons that the points they score with their god for going on a mission help outweigh the gay sex. Maybe their chances of gaining entrance into one of their heavens increase. Any “Returned Missionaries” want to weigh in?

  28. gayalltheway says

    One word: Brainwashed.

    I hope that they do more good things to help people than just proselytize.

  29. Bobby says

    As long as he is doing what he wants, I see no problem with this. What concerns me is that he is doing this to please others and if that is the case, this breaks my heart. He always seems like the type to please others more than making himself happy. I blame that mentality on his over-bearing father. I hope he finds the strength to one day stand on his own and be proud of who he is…and for who he is to become.

  30. says

    I wanted David Archuleta to win Idol in 2008, only because he was a better singer than the eventual winner David Cook. Now, I can’t stand either one: Mr. Cook for starting the “White Guy With Guitar” streak that will likely continue this year and into the future because a heterosexual white male with a guitar is the only person that matters in the twisted world of American Idol, and Mr. Archuleta for being too damn squeaky clean Mormon, which is another thing that Idol (and reality television in general) LOVES. Just once, I’d like to see a Mormon on reality TV who ISN’T squeaky clean and prim and proper. Or someone from Utah who ISN’T a Mormon. Either one works for me.

  31. Tarc says

    I’m trilled he’s going to do his mission – mostly because it’s two years when he can’t make any more horrible (so-called) music. Prosletizing is a grievous no-no in my religion, so it’s hard to even say that, but dear god, it’s better getting doors slammed in his face than killing innocent brains with that drek he outs out.

  32. Jack says

    Seeing the coverage of this reminds me of looking at old press clippings and issues of Life magazine when Elvis was drafted into the army…

  33. Anjo says

    In case anyone is interested, David’s Philippines album Forevermore is now on iTunes. Check it out.

  34. Linda says

    There are so many closeted Mormon kids like him. I find the above picture to be sad also. Totally devoid of joy.

    His family has tried to argue that David does not support the church’s beliefs about gay people. However, David is guilty by association unless he makes a public stand.

  35. Linda says

    PS The comments about his overbearing father are no longer correct. That relationship was pretty much sevored within the past months.

  36. Joseph says

    Just wait! There is no importance about if David is a man or not. The gist of the matter is that God created a man and a woman and He blessed them as a family in marriage. People’s mind can change, but this reality isn’t going to change, because It is an eternal truth.

    I know it, and I appreciate all the God’s children. I love him, and I love you. Nevertheless I can’t change this reality.