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Obama Will Not Sign Executive Order Banning LGBT Workplace Discrimination in Near Future

President Obama will not sign an executive order barring workplace discrimination against LGBT people in the immediate future, according to reports emerging after a high-level meeting at the White House this afternoon. Among those attending were Winnie Stachelberg, of Center for American Progress, Rea Carey, of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, Tico Almeida, of Freedom to Work, Joe Solmonese and David Smith, of the Human Rights Campaign, and gay Democratic lobbyists Steve Elmendorf and Robert Raben, MetroWeekly's Chris Geidner reports.

ObamaThose attending the meeting have been pushing for months for such an order from Obama.

HRC's Solmonese released a statement:

Earlier today, we were told that the Administration is not ready to move forward with a federal contractor nondiscrimination executive order at this time.  We are extremely disappointed with this decision and will continue to advocate for an executive order from the president. The unfortunate truth is that hard-working Americans can be fired simply for being gay or transgender. Given the number of employees that would be covered by this executive order, it represents a critical step forward.
Ten years of HRC’s Corporate Equality Index, as well as the research of our partner organizations to include the Center for American Progress and the Williams Institute, demonstrate that there is ample rationale for this kind of order. No similar executive order has ever had this kind of extensive research or factual basis established. While we believe that further study is unnecessary, we will continue to engage with the Administration to ensure that the case is made even stronger for workplace protections.

The White House said it had alternative plans, though the details were not disclosed:

Of the White House effort, Stachelberg says, "The White House will instead launch a multipronged effort to better address workplace discrimination against gay and transgender Americans. However, just as Congress should pass ENDA now, the President should now use his executive authority to extend existing nondiscrimination requirements of federal contractors to include sexual orientation and gender identity."

The proposed expansion of the federal contractor nondiscrimination executive order to include sexual orientation and gender identity had reportedly been approved by the Labor Department but according to Geidner, the White House is unwilling to take that step before the election.

Said White House spokesman Shin Inouye in a statement: "The President is dedicated to securing equal rights for LGBT Americans and that is why he has long supported an inclusive Employment Non-Discrimination Act (ENDA), which would prohibit employers across the country from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity. The President is committed to lasting and comprehensive change and therefore our goal is passage of ENDA, which is a legislative solution to LGBT employment discrimination -- just as the President pressed for legislative repeal of DADT."

StachelbergStachelberg issued a statement expressing disappointment in the White House decision:

Today’s news that the White House will launch a multipronged effort to address workplace discrimination against gay and transgender Americans, rather than immediately issue an executive order requiring federal contractors to have sexual orientation and gender identity nondiscrimination polices, is disappointing.

These types of policies are supported by nearly 75 percent of Americans, many of the nation's largest and most prominent Fortune 500 corporations, and nearly two-thirds of all small business owners, based on findings from a 2011 Center for American Progress survey. It has been shown time and time again through research conducted by this organization and others like the American Civil Liberties Union, the Human Rights Campaign, the National Center for Transgender Equality, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and the Williams Institute, that gay and transgender people face disproportionately high rates of discrimination in the workplace and that policies that protect employees are also good for business and the economy at large.

Just as Congress should pass the Employment Non-Discrimination Act now, the president should now also use his executive authority to extend existing nondiscrimination requirements of federal contractors to cover workers who are gay and transgender.

NOTE: MetroWeekly reported earlier that the White House would not sign an order before election day. They've updated their story and no time frame was named.

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  1. while of course its Important...lets just get Obama re-elected.......just the thought of a GOP....I dont even wanna think about it...

    Posted by: gay american | Apr 11, 2012 7:02:43 PM

  2. The left should not try to push Obama further to the left before the election. He is a smart politician who knows he has to win re-election in what is a largely center-right nation. The most important thing NOW is not to rock the boat. Concentrate on holding the White House, increasing the number of dems in the Senate and regaining the House. Right wing billionaires are going to spend millions to convince Americans that Obama is an extreme leftists, a socialist etc. Do nothing to help them. Just remember what great presidents Humphrey, Mcgovern, Dukakis, Kerry and Gore were and how they advanced the progressive agenda. I voted for all of them but the right was able to convince Americans that they were too liberal. Let us do nothing to repeat those mistakes.

    Posted by: jack | Apr 11, 2012 7:11:31 PM

  3. It's sad to see "gay rights" groups reduced to groveling and begging for an executive order against discrimination.

    Posted by: milpert | Apr 11, 2012 7:25:33 PM

  4. Politicians acting in their own best interests? Say it isn't so!

    PS Andy, your new captcha is diabolical.

    Posted by: Tone | Apr 11, 2012 7:25:39 PM

  5. What's sad, Milpert, is watching them behave so utterly stupidly and against their -- and our -- best interests.

    Posted by: BobN | Apr 11, 2012 7:44:52 PM

  6. By all means, let us not make waves. Let's just sit in the back of the bus & be quiet. Of course they'll do the right thing after the election... or the midterms... or the following cycle....

    Posted by: toddinsf | Apr 11, 2012 7:45:53 PM

  7. Continue on the path you're on, Obama. Do as Carter, and alienate everyone you possibly can.
    The weakest possible contender Republicans can come up with, and slowly but surely, it's looking like he can defeat you. And with actions like these, what loss would it be for us?

    Posted by: Matt | Apr 11, 2012 7:51:46 PM

  8. WTF? Why do Democrats hate gay people like Republicans do?

    Posted by: Alan | Apr 11, 2012 8:05:53 PM

  9. Another slap in the face of GLBT Americans...totally unacceptable. Obanma does not deserve the votes of GLBT Americans. We can and should vote Green Party, or write in someone who is willing to embrace full equality. Obama should be ashamed of himself for refusing to issue an executive order banning discrimination against LGBT Americans, and for not supporting marriage equality.

    Posted by: Jim Kelly-Evans | Apr 11, 2012 8:09:33 PM

  10. If Obama loses in november, LGBT people will be in for some mighty lean years. Fortunately he is not making the mistakes that many liberal democrats have made in the past and helping the opposition paint him as an extremist.

    Posted by: jack | Apr 11, 2012 8:11:05 PM

  11. Hopefully he'll sign it before he leaves office at the end of his first term

    Posted by: Name: | Apr 11, 2012 8:21:06 PM

  12. I didn't mean to sound callous earlier. It's easy for me as a non-American to see things in a less somber light than the US LGBT community. I would feel betrayed by this too.

    Posted by: Tone | Apr 11, 2012 8:29:12 PM

  13. Obama really did not want to proceed with DADT repeal in the lame-duck session, either, and just stood by passively as others got it done.....signing it in the end because he really had no other choice.

    So his record remains nearly perfect on gay rights--all lip service (usually just before election time and when funds are needed) and no action, unless virtually forced into it.

    That said, the 75% figure quoted in the article may apply to the public's views on discrimination against gays in the workplace, but I am sure it does not apply to their views on transsexuals.....and the latter would no doubt become the focus of opponents (and Obama's political enemies) if he went forward......and that would be severely damaging indeed.

    How much longer are activist organizations going to continue to sacrifice advances in gay rights that apply to tens of millions of people on the altar of including a tiny, tiny number of gender-confused people who are not even gay in all legislation effecting us, virtually ensuring its defeat in every single instance?

    Absolutely pathetic on every level imaginable.

    Posted by: Rick | Apr 11, 2012 8:29:29 PM

  14. No surprise. No disappointment. No fierce advocate. Nothing.

    Posted by: John | Apr 11, 2012 8:38:39 PM

  15. Oh, and no vote.

    Posted by: John | Apr 11, 2012 8:39:31 PM

  16. You said it best, Rick. Completely agree.

    Posted by: kyle | Apr 11, 2012 8:40:41 PM

  17. If you vote for the Green party which has no chance of winning, you are voting for Romney. You will be just like the liberals who voted for Ralph Nader and elected Bush.

    Posted by: jack | Apr 11, 2012 8:42:59 PM

  18. Forget his record on gay rights and think about the SCOTUS judges he'll appoint versus any conservative. That alone should get him your vote. It's where we're going to win our equality anyway.

    Posted by: kpo5 | Apr 11, 2012 8:46:02 PM

  19. Those gender-confused trans clowns and the effeminate diva-loving queens are the real problem. Also, I fart when I bottom because I have a big stinky hole that can't close anymore. I used to use manly and masculine adult-diapers, but now I find that it's more effective if I just shove some tampons up inside me. That's why I'm so angry. Because I have a fistful of tampons shoved up my @ss.

    Posted by: Rick | Apr 11, 2012 8:46:09 PM

  20. And just so we're clear, it doesn't make me a transperson just because I shove lots of tampons up inside my anus. Every day. I simply have a very loose anus and what is commonly known as "rotten bowel syndome" - I'm sick of trans people and effeminate queens singing Lady Gaga songs and acting like everything is a parade, when I end up getting dirty looks at the pharmacy when I buy my boxes of extra-jumbo tampons for my leaky pooper. If more of you queens acted more like real men then the girls at the checkout line wouldn't assume that I'm like you stereotypical limp-wristed sissies when I'm buying boxes of tampons for my droopy-poopy hole of stench.

    It's all transexuals' fault, clearly.

    Posted by: Rick | Apr 11, 2012 8:53:34 PM

  21. And the impostor that just posted under my name demonstrates exactly what kind of individual is responsible for including the gender-confused in proposed legislation--crude, hate-filled (particularly with hatred of themselves), twisted, and incapable of functioning in mainstream society.

    The only way this movement will ever see a victory again is to purge these people entirely from it.

    Posted by: Rick | Apr 11, 2012 8:56:44 PM

  22. To prove that I'm not like that pathetic impostor I'm going to not prove it, because facts and proof are for limp-wristed effeminate sissies that make manly gay men like me look bad.

    Men should act like men, and if you want to know what men act like then look at the majority of men and see and do exactly what they're doing.

    This explains why I'm a vegetarian, because America's manliest manly men are all vegetarians and everyone knows that only some hippie-sissy femme gender-confused freak would eat meat of any kind. This is why most football-loving American men would prefer a broccoli-quiche over a steak or hotdog. Real America-loving football-playing masculine men prefer vegetables.

    And yeah, we need to purge transgendered people from society. Purge them. Because such a thing is possible.

    The reason these bills don't go through is because of weak effeminate gender-confused people who aren't the manly vegetable-eating masculine men that we're supposed to be. And to prove I'm that, I'm going to remind you that my name is Rick, and it takes at least 7-8 jumbo tampons up my pooper in order to stop me from releasing noxious fart-clouds every time I break into a light jog.

    Also, I'm so ugly that when my dad molested me he was thinking about my brother.

    Posted by: Rick | Apr 11, 2012 9:04:52 PM

  23. Well, it seems that impostor can't go away. The only way this movement will ever gain traction is if you gender-confused freaks learn from the rest of us and pretend you're not gay when there are straight people around. It's worked for me for 53 years and if you want to be as successful as I am in mainstream society you should do the same.

    Also, when I was 16 I was caught blowing a neighbor's dog and she ratted me out, which just goes to show how much you bleeding-heart liberals know about thinking women are your allies. They're not. If they were my neighbor would have seen that I gave her dog the best head it had ever had.

    Posted by: Rick | Apr 11, 2012 9:13:20 PM

  24. Personally I don't think he should sign it. Any order that can and Will be overturned by a republican should not be signed. When it came up the first time he should have said NO! Does this suck YESSSSSS! You want work place protections? Your fight is with Congress!!!!!!!!
    How many of you write or meet with your members? Has any one? Who knows where their members stand? I do, both my sens and my rep are for it. It's Your job to fight them and know where they stand. We need ENDA, this way NO state can refuse and no president can overturn it.

    What about hospital visitation rights, any of you repubs think mittens will keep that? Or will that be the republicans first anti gay prize. People really think the grass is greener on the right, Have at it but if they win because you have a hair across your a$$ don't cry when the Sh-t hits the fan.

    Vote green vote sage whatever but Think before you vote. Any vote other then a vote for the president is a vote for a republican, don't kid yourself

    Posted by: GeorgeM | Apr 11, 2012 9:21:28 PM

  25. Jack, that post was wonderful. But if you keep talking like this people will accuse us of being the same person! Seriously though, glad to see that some people here agree with me about making Obama's life as easy as possible until after the election.

    Posted by: Mary | Apr 11, 2012 9:26:00 PM

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