1. Steve says

    I don’t know. I appreciate the sentiment, but not everyone who is gay wants to crossdress and there is more to it

  2. Brad says

    I agree. I wouldn’t have wanted to be prom queen, courage or no, but I think it’s nice that he’s trying to stand up against strict gender roles. It may not encompass all LGBTs, but it’s not often you have a straight teenager trying to stand up for any of us.

  3. Paul R says

    Wow. Jesus, I mean River, looks to have been growing his beard since he was about 4.

    Nice of him, but I don’t quite get it if he can’t articulate his motivation better. Especially since it sounds a bit insulting.

  4. bobbyjoe says

    That news station in the clip refers to being gay as “sexual preference” and the reporter oddly enunciates the word “homosexuals” instead of “gay.” Are we sure that’s a CBS station? ’cause it sure sounds an awful lot like FOX.

  5. Hollywood, CA says

    Dear School Admin,

    Stop caring so f’ing much about this petty BS and focus on educating our kids! We’re far more concerned with the low scholastic scores and horrible drop-out rates, then who can be PROM QUEEN! It’s for the students, they chose, end of story! Focus on the important stuff and stop trying to restrict nonsense!!!

  6. Joey says

    I think this is a hoot. He is poking at the uptight school district and they responded by showing their prejudice. He won the most votes, afterall. I may never want to wear a dress but I will defend anyone’s right to do so. He also got the kids in his school to think about gender roles. I say thanks!

  7. says

    Wait, this hippy is in high school? WTF?!

    @BobbyJoe – This is Arizona where I think there are maybe 50 of us liberals in the entire state. So not surprising that a reporter for the CBS affiliate would sound like they were from FOX instead.

  8. Homo Genius says

    yes, these seems to be another gender issue that we get saddled with. i know its not popular to say but i really wish we could retire LGBT and go back to being just Gay. i dont know why trans is lumped in with us.

  9. Symon says

    I’m not sure if it’s all over Canada, but we don’t even *do* Kings and Queens at Prom/Formal.

    Nobody ‘wins’, everyone just celebrates and dances. I’m not sure I understand this whole king/queen business. Just like I don’t understand some of the comments on here. HappyDay, really? It looks more like you’re one more of those gay guys that forgets that there are also trans men and women in our larger collective community. It’s not all about you, or gay men, exclusively.
    I think it’s rather clear that this is a great and conscientious young straight man who is bringing attention to not only diversity, but cultures of expectation. If a straight man isnt’ offended or afraid of winning “Prom Queen”, maybe some of you gay men should stop being associated with any use of the word “Queen”, in your own lives. The kneejerk responses on here weren’t too enlightened. This kid stuck his neck out for everyone perceived as different – show some thanks or stfu.

  10. Randy says

    The school is WAY out of line here. Gay boys can show up in dresses and run from prom queen, but straight boys can’t? And who is going to check their sexual orientation?

    At 1:20, the report says this guy got the most votes for Prom Queen, so he should win. It’s called freedom and democracy.

  11. says

    Symon, we didn’t have kings and queens at my highschool, either. It’s not much of a canuck thing.

    homo-non-genius: “i know its not popular to say but i really wish we could retire LGBT and go back to being just Gay. ”

    that’s funny – because a large part of the population wishes you could retire being gay and go back into the Closet.

    see how that works? if you’re not going to stand in solidarity with your trans brothers and sisters, dont’ ever expect any straight people to stand in solidarity with you. truly.

  12. Francis says

    Here is the thing, yeah, River’s heart is in the right place, and what he’s fighting for is ultimately what we’re all fighting for, or at least should. And that would be tearing down institutionalized gender-discriminatory, extremely rigid, gender-norms. What we see on these comments when stories like this are posted is that there is, tragically, a pretty fair amount of gay men who are almost as anti-fem gay, and in some cases, more so, than homophobic straights. We see the stories of STRAIGHT people who accept gay men who are more fem whereas on this website GAY men attack any man who dares not be masculine. It’s really pathetic, because being a gay/bisexual male alone puts us outside of what rigid gender norms see as being a man. So you anti-fem types are fighting for NOTHING, and are whining for NOTHING, but what you are doing is exposing your own insecurities and biases for all to see, and it’s ugly.

    Rock on, River, glad to see you have support from your fellow students, and you have a supporter in me, too.

  13. says

    you show me a gay man who attacks perceived “effeminate” behaviors and/or gay men and i’ll show you a wimp who can’t stand up to real bullies.

  14. jack says

    If the kid got the most votes he should be prom queen. Why do serious educators get bent out of shape over silly issues like this?

  15. Jase says

    Judging from that picture, the headline should read “Hobo Denied Right to Be Prom Queen…”

  16. Mary says

    Hard to know what to make of this. It’s good that this kid is standing up for a group he considers oppressed. He seems to mean well. And I’d sure rather hear of him doing this than hear of another gay or trans kid committing suicide. He got the most votes? Then considering how the culture is changing, the school administrators should do the wise thing and let him be “the prom queen” or whatever. There will only be backlash if they try to stop him. Any anti-LBGT sentiment these days gets a person labelled a “hater” and invites a lawsuit.

  17. wtf says

    It still amazes me that there are so many gay men who comment on here suffering from internalized homophobia combined with an utter lack of knowledge re: gay history. So get this: you wouldn’t have ANY rights if it weren’t for the drag queens and trans people who FOUGHT for your lame a$$ in 1969 and the lesbians who took care of the gay men literally DYING on the street in the 80’s. Get a farking clue, you ungrateful ‘holes.

  18. H8Str8s says

    Cool straight people like this fill me with chagrin. I applaud his actions. This is a very different thing than what life was like back in the early eighties when I was a teen. No straight boy could have concieved of doing such a thing. He would have been thrown out of school and if he wanted to sue, his parents wouldn’t let him until he was eighteen and they couldn’t stop him. He is very lucky to be able to do this. He is brave. Obviously things do change. I used to think they don’t, but I simply can’t hold that position in the face of this story. I am over sensitive,but, I am so touched my hands are unsteady.

  19. James says

    I think it’s a bit much for men, gay or straight or bi, take on the role of prom queen. Isn’t it just another case of men trying to take something away from women? I could understand if someone were trans, but male identifying individuals have their own category.

    Male privilege in our society shouldn’t be extended to take one of the few roles desired by women.

  20. Mhmm says

    @WTF right on!

    Gender is a social construct. Until y’all realize this you continue to oppress yourselves with these stupid, out-dated notions of masculinity and femininity. Men can have a feminine penis and women can have a masculine vagina. Our true nature is genderless. This is all just a choice, unless you’re still programmed and don’t see it yet. Welcome to 2012. It’s never been like we think it has. Wake up to reality.

  21. DJ says

    I totally agree with you Homo Genius. The trans need their own group. As a gay man, I don’t have the same issues as a trans person. I have no gender identity issues – I am a man who is attracted to other men. Lumping trans people in with gays just makes things confusing.

  22. Mikie Dennis says

    Ok I guess this is someone trying to be helpful to gay folk, but I disagree and I am one of them gays.

    When a guy runs for prom queen they are taking away the experience from the females who run for such. A queen is a female,not a male straight or gay. Let him run for king and see if the novelty of which there is none gets him votes.

    Hey if a lesbian was voted in and then a stink were made I would be right there protesting, but a guy is not a queen and gal is not a king.

    I am a gay male not a gay female, if I were I would be a lesbian.

  23. says

    Dang, this kid’s still in highschool?! That beard’s thicker than the hair on my head!

    And yeah, it may not the right way to go about it, but his heart is in the right place and he deserves our support.

    Oh, and I dare everyone to close your eyes, and say RICK three times.

  24. And NowThis says

    There is a time and place for expressing one’s individuality. The school is looking or a king (male) and a queen (female). They can set their rules for the contest.

  25. And NowThis says

    The school has set the rules for the contest: king (male), queen (female). So it should be, but I applaud the kid.

  26. Oliver says

    kids! next thing you know they are going to want salt and pepper shakers on the cafeteria tables. oh boy. will they picket for pepper?

  27. JM Texas says

    Just another case in our decaying country where winning a popular vote does not always mean you will win. I believe this has happened before on a much larger scale; Al Gore and G.W. Bush. All though this is on a much sillier platform, does the same runs not apply?

  28. Some queens have beards says

    So can we have a pic of the king?

    Why does his pic make me think, WWJD?

  29. says

    He got the most votes, he should be queen.

    Glad he is making the school administration squirm. I’m so tired of the rigid mentality of these highly paid people.

  30. Danny says

    Towleroad identifies this guy as straight, which is probably true. But he could very well be “trans.” Most trans people are straight. And trans is defined so broadly as to include straight guys who get off on wearing women’s clothes. None of this has anything to do with gay people, which is why “LGBT” is so nonsensical.

  31. says

    I never knew the Gay Rights movement was about getting the “right” for boys to compete against girls for Prom Queen titles? What’s next: Gay men fighting to compete in the Miss America and Universe pageants? This is what happens when we get so caught up in Gay stereotypes, we start confusing them with reality. This is also the kind of thing that’s sure to spark anti-Gay backlash, and the pathetic thing is, it’s not even worth it! Putting such tomfoolery on a par with our fights for marriage equality, open military service and workplace protections amounts to a complete mockery of the equality struggle.

  32. H8Str8s says

    I see your point and I admit I overlooked it at first in having taken deeply to heart the intent of the young gentleman. Try to look at it as performance art/demonstration for gay equality. I think it would have been great if he could have made his point some way that wouldn’t be seen to be taking anything away from anybody in anyone’s mind. And I can see in a sense that he is. That is too bad. He could not have made his point any other way.
    Have you asked yourself if this gender stereotypeing is at all good for girls? Wasn’t this prom king and qeen bit made up when girls were girls and boys were boys? Isn’t it about time we got over that? Isn’t this his point? Do you applaud that at least, even if you can’t appreciate how he is doing it? I mean, do you think gender stereotyping is good perhaps?

  33. RedRoseQueen1 says

    OMG SYMON, I LOVE YOU! You totally got the REAL message here; “This kid stuck his neck out for everyone perceived as different – show some thanks or stfu.”
    MANY people on the “fringes” of society..those who are perceived as “different” and therefore are marginalized or treated as downright “unacceptable”.. ALL owe a big “THANK YOU” to this straight but enlightened young man.My hat’s off to him! 😀

  34. wtf says

    Stuffed Animal: are you really that obtuse? Do you do it on purpose? Or just stupid. Yeah, that’s it. You’re just an idiot. That’s the only possible explanation. DJ and Mikie Dennis are obviously undereducated, so there’s some hope that they MIGHT be able to understand the concept of what’s going on here. But Stuffed Animal? No, you understand it; you just choose to turn it into something else. Oh, that’s right. You’re a TROLL. Concern troll is concerned. That’s it. Fool.

  35. Jenny says

    J-just no. Please, stop, River.

    River intentionally did this as a joke. But, ever since he got in trouble for it, he’s made nothing into something. People probably just voted for him because he was different or they thought he was funny. I was walking with my friends and we happened to walk by him. My friends were laughing and giggling about a guy in a dress. Smooth move, River. Now, students will think it’s okay to laugh at guys in dresses!

    Next thing you know, all the bathrooms will be for both genders…