Gay ‘Texts from Hillary’ Creators Get Invite to State Department, Meeting with Hillary


Stacy Lambe and Adam Smith, the gay men behind the hilarious, super-viral Texts from Hillary Tumblr, received a submission from Madame Secretary (above) and an invitation to the State Department, where they went today.

LambsmithMetroWeekly's Chris Geidner speaks to them about the Tumblr, which they started just a week ago.

The two communications professionals — Lambe works on clean energy and Smith on campaign finance reform — went for drinks a week back. It was that recent? Yes. "We were on the rooftop of Nellie's last Wednesday," Smith tells Metro Weekly.

They received the submission and the invite yesterday:

"It was sort of unbelievable. Her staff had emailed us yesterday, said that they liked the site and that the Secretary wanted to meet us. They asked if we could come over to the State Department, and we of course said, 'Sure, we'd love to!'"

Clinton told them her favorite submission was the one featuring Ryan Gosling.


  1. Craig says

    This is probably one of the funniest Tumblrs out there and I’m glad Hillary has a sense of humor. If you’re not following it, you REALLY should!

  2. AmicusCurae says

    I just love her! I will never forget her historic speech to the UN on gay rights. I hope she is President some day.

  3. Nat says

    Awesome story.

    “Clinton told them her favorite submission was the one featuring Ryan Gosling.”

    That’s my favourite too. The image of Gosling trying to be sexy and seductive and then Clinton shooting him down is hilarious.

  4. Davelandia says

    Oh my sides hurt from laughing so hard. Awesome Tumblr, and awesome her sense of humor. She’s just all kinds of win.

  5. janewhite234235 says

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  6. Henry Holland says

    So much for using the annoying-as-hell Captcha to prevent spam, Andy.

    Love the Texts from Hillary site, my favorite is the Anthony Weiner one: “Is that it?”

    I’d love for her to stay on as Secretary of State, but that doesn’t seem likely.

  7. MT says

    I’m so glad people’s perceptions of her are mellowing. I’ll bet she would make a great president.

  8. purdybits says

    President Clinton2. Was never a fan of early Hillary. She has earned her stripes. She is due her due. Such a patriot. Such an American. She has bucked tradition and advanced the nation’s cause world wide. It’s aged her, but she’s earned the world’s respect. I would cast my ballot in a heartbeat. Rule with firmness, love your family, respect God, have compassion & respect the rights of all: Hillary.—and humor doesn’t hurt.