1. Nat says

    I’d parachute Jake Gyllenhaal’s character from the Time to Dance video to wipe them all out a la Running Man-style.

  2. Caliban says

    Maybe because I’ve never really had to deal with them, I don’t really get the complaint about “hipsters.” They wear “tacky” clothes to be “ironic”? They’re vegetarian (or not) or vegan (or not) and champion obscure bands? They can sometimes be confused with the Amish? (Admittedly, I find some of the bearded guys kind of sexy.) They’re not hooked up to mainstream media and fashion in the approved way?

    What’s the complaint?

  3. Nat says

    “What’s the complaint?”

    1) They often act like elitist douchebags towards anyone who isn’t into the same things as they are.
    2) Most are from upper-middle class families and have never had to seriously worry about money, yet they bemoan their self-induced poverty.
    3) They demonstrate an incredibly superficial adherence to causes they champion.

  4. says

    Funny thing is that most people who hate hipsters are self-loathing hipsters who would never call themselves hipsters. It’s always more fun to make fun of these than actual hipsters.

  5. Randy says

    After Twinklight, I’m assuming this is all the incentive Afton Nills needs to make The Hustler Games.