1. Dback says

    Personally, I’d really (really really really) like to see the guy in the pic–the one in the blue plaid shirt–naked to check the size of his unit, and see how much bigger it can get.

  2. Rix says

    Now if only Barack Obama and David Cameron could once again get on board and contribute videos (Hillary Clinton’s could have her husband in the background).

  3. says

    people who complain about the It Gets Better campaign are useless whiners.

    why? simple: the campaign is individual-driven. ANYONE can make a video. ANYONE can share the specific message that they feel is most useful in that video.

    and yet they don’t. why? because they’re useless whiners. they’re rather say “this video is just for famewhore celebs!” than make a damned video themsevles where they give the specific messages of hope, encouragement and direct WAYS to make one’s life better than young people need most.

    some folks simply hate dan savage more than they care about helping lGBT youth. that’s stupid. dan savage is not the campaign, and the campaign is not dan savage.

    each member of my entire family made a video. mother. father. sister. brother-in-law. each message was from the heart, and each video gave a different view of how to make your own life better, and how to make other’s lives better.

    you show me someone who complains about the It Gets Better campaign and I’ll show you a complete ninny who’s wasted their life picking the wrong battles for the wrong reasons.

  4. LittleKiwi, Abridged says

    oh, so your opinions differ from mine? let me write a long-winded, tedious post listing your moral failings and explaining how you are wasting your life by not agreeing with me. while i’m at it, i’ll probably mention my family a few times, and how much they love me. unlike your parents, who “never hugged you” (’cause you’re a fag HURR DURR)

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