1. CJS says

    Wow! He doesn’t take serious sides on political issues until he really sticks up for gay marriage at around the 19 minute mark (and then later marijuana smoking). Personally, I thought the delivery was great; it’s like Don Rickles delivering 30 minutes of one-liners.

  2. Paul R says

    I too found it hilarious, and didn’t think him nervous a bit. And even if he were, remember he’s in front of 2,000 VIPs.

    Yes, Obama was funny. But still. I never watch Fallon, but I watched all of this.

  3. buster says

    I thought he was awful. Like a grade-B comic at a minor Friar’s roast. 1/3 okay jokes, 1/3 unfunny jokes that should have been cut, 1/3 jokes that might have been funny if he’d delivered them properly.

    It felt as if every line was being read from pages he’d never seen before and was handed as he walked on stage. His pacing was … well, I want to say amateurish, but I think that’s unfair to the amateurs. I’m not his biggest fan, but I was really surprised at how poor the performance (and the pre-performance editing of the entire script) was.

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