Lincoln, Nebraska Considers LGBT Anti-Discrimination Ordinance


Lincoln, Nebraska may follow Omaha in passing an ordinance protecting LGBT people from discrimination, and will be officially proposed later this month, supporters announced at a news conference yesterday, the Journal Star reports:

EskridgeThe proposal would extend legal anti-discrimination protection in Lincoln to gays and transgender people in housing, employment and public accommodations.

"As a person of faith who practices the peaceable, inclusive religious principles of the Jesus movement, discrimination has no basis because God shows no partiality," said the Rev. Karla J. Cooper, pastor of Quinn Chapel and chaplain at Doane College. "It is a divine mandate and imperative to pass the fairness ordinance in the city of Lincoln," Cooper said to the more than 40 people gathered in support…

…Councilman Carl Eskridge (pictured) said he didn't expect to see the kind of controversy that occurred in Omaha, where a similar proposal was passed recently, but he acknowledged there will be differing opinions among Lincoln business owners and churches. "There won't be unanimity," he said.

The Nebraska Family Council is already digging in against it:

The Rev. Al Riskowski, executive director for Nebraska Family Council, said his group would be part of the opposition.
The amendment raises freedom of speech, freedom of religion and morality issues, he said. "This is truly more of a morality issue than a minority issue," he said, adding the protection was  not necessary.

Supporters have launched a website: Make Lincoln Fair.


  1. Jon says

    THANK YOU Councilman Eskridge for your principled leadership for equality and a future without discrimination. Bravo! You have a supporter in far away California!

  2. says

    I grew up in Omaha and am heartened to see the kind Midwestern folk I remember have been stepping up and staying with the times. I’m glad to hear of more support down in Lincoln as well. Not we can only hope some of the more rural areas will follow the example. GO BIG RED!

  3. Brian says

    I grew up in Lincoln and will be visiting family there in two weeks. It’ll be interesting to see how people react to the proposal. There will definitely be a significant number of people opposed to the ordinance. However, after the Ron Brown debacle a few weeks ago up in Omaha over the ordinance proposed and passed up there, and the fact that Lincoln is a huge university town, the number of people who support the bill may be surprising.

  4. TJ says

    As a current Lincoln resident, and a young, newly out man, I am glad to see Eskridge standing up for what is right, and more importantly, what is necessary. There is no excuse for this not to pass, and I am doing everything I can to raise awareness amongst my peers, both gay and allies alike. This will only improve the already great city of Lincoln!

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