London Mayoral Candidates Out-Gay Each Other; Brian Paddick Talks Bullying

PaddickBrian Paddick used to be London's top gay cop. Then he was a mayoral candidate. Then he was a contestant on I'm a Celebrity: Get Me Out Of Here. Then he was an author.

Now he's a mayoral candidate again — as ever, with the Liberal Democrat party — and at a forum on LGBT issues with his fellow major party candidates, he opened up about having been bullied for his sexual orientation when he was a student, and decried homophobia in the police force.

From the BBC:

Mr Paddick said: "When I was in school I remember being manhandled, about to be thrown into a freezing pool of water fully clothed because I was gay, until a teacher intervened.

"I also remember boys trying to strip me naked and luckily my brother found out and came to rescue me."

Mr Paddick, a former Metropolitan Police officer, said: "There needs to be an absolute culture change in the police. I will put that pressure on to deal with racism and homophobia within the police."

The other candidates on-hand — including incumbent Boris Johnson of the Conservative Party and ex-mayor Ken Livingstone of the Labour Party — spent their time on the dais trying to out-gay-friendly each other. Livingstone said that London is "gay-friendly" already, but not nearly gay-friendly enough; Johnson boasted of walking "every mile" of the city's annual pride parade, and promised to put out an honest-go-goodness "gay manifesto" before election day.



  1. Max says

    “Livingstone said that London is “gay-friendly” already”…

    No, parts of London are gay-friendly, and other parts have been declared Sharia-controlled zones.

  2. ratbastard says

    Gay Manifesto?! LOL….Paddock doesn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning. The other two sound [and Johnson looks and sounds] like clowns. Any self respecting homosexual doesn’t need to be s*cked up to because of his/her sexual orientation. 95% of what average gays think and worry about are the same as everyone else. I’m sure average Londoner’s would prefer their mayor concentrate on stuff like the exorbitant cost of living in the capital, endless fees for this and that, crime, road conditions, transit conditions, etc.

  3. Andreas says

    Yes, he’s very handsome and smart, but he’s not going to win. Sadly, the Liberal Democrats have lost too much support since the last general election and people don’t vote for individual but political parties. It’s a pity because he would make an excellent mayor. I just don’t see it happening.

  4. ratbastard says


    I’M NOT CONSERVATIVE OR REPUBLICAN. Get new material and TALKING POINTS from your masters.

  5. says

    @Ratbastard: Having a gay -friendly city is a contributing factor to having one that has lower-crime rates and thus lower policing costs, etc., and safe and welcoming attitudes take nothing away from road maintenance or anything else you mentioned.
    Some mayors can even chew gum and walk at the same time. It’s a nonsensical argument to suggest that one can’t simultaneously achieve more than one goal at a time.

  6. Max says

    Rat, anyone who does not worship Obama is automatically a far-right Nazi (who hates women). There is no nuance. There is no perspective. There is no understanding. There is only Obama.

  7. Austerby says

    As a voter in this election I’m spoilt for choice on these terms: but has been observed, just because I’m gay I’m not falling for these obsequies: I’m privileged in that the choice I have is not over how un-homophobic they are, but my decision can be on my judgement on what their plans are for schools, transport, welfare and the economy. I’m lucky.

  8. JayKay says

    Ignore Ratbastard, he’s one of those proverbial basement-dwellers that live to troll anonymous chatrooms.

  9. says

    The police thing is a reality that needs addressing – police forces have been historically unkind and unhelpful to many LGBT communities, and individuals.
    We’ve all heard the horror stories, many of us have lived them. You go for help, and all you get is indifference or, worse, more prejudice. Stings. Raids. Targeting.

    There are also truly wonderful members of the force. The police forces tend to attract two types of people: those with a brave heart and a genuine drive to serve and protect, and those who got Cs and Ds in highschool and want to have a gun, a badge and a license to be a bullying idiot.

    My mum has been doing workshops with the Toronto police force – it’s been a big, useful eye-opener for all parties. There’s a reality that compassion, alas, needs to be taught, and reminders of it kept up. LGBT-specific workshops need to be done just as much as workshops on racial/ethnic/cultural issues and issues of “Class”, or economics.

  10. says

    And here’s a manifesto for you.


    We have been here since the dawn of humanity,
    We will be here at its twilight.

    We are your sons, your daughters,
    Brothers and sisters, nieces and nephews,
    In all branches of the family tree,
    With its many colored leaves.

    Despite the hardships of the past (some of which we shared with you)
    We are STILL here.

    We are your soldiers, your police,
    Your healers, your teachers,
    Your political and religious leaders,
    The artists that hold a mirror up to society
    And the hammer that smashes the lies,
    We are in all professions that keep this country going.

    Despite our blood sacrifices,
    Despite our continuing service to a country that denies us Equality,
    We are STILL here.

    We are still here, despite the continued denials of our equality,
    Despite the taunts,
    The beatings,
    The murders,
    All because of a bastardized corrupted view of what “the Divine” asks of ALL of us.

    We have never asked for “special treatment” or exclusivity,
    We’ve only asked to be treated equally, fairly, and justly,
    As any other citizen of this country would normally be treated,
    According to our laws.

    No matter what you continue to do to us-
    Be it continued oppression,
    Be it torture through “reparative therapy”
    Be it genocide,
    We will STILL be here,

    And we will outlast any opponent to our existence.

  11. Ryon says

    *Sigh* dreams do come true. who’d have thought serious political candidates would be trying to win an election by trying to out gay the other.