1. Bart says

    Though Woody Harrelson and Matthew McConaughey are good friends who have a greed to do a TV series together, contrary to rumors, they are not the same person.

  2. ratbastard says

    Why would I want to see this movie? Seriously, why? The actors/male strippers? I’ myself am actually sexually attracted to regular guys. Male models can be absolutely very good looking, but for some reason 99% do nothing for me sexually. It’s like looking at a plastic doll.

  3. Reid says

    I think this will surprise some people, more than meets the eye. Soderbergh has about 15 Oscar noms and 5 wins. May be better than we think.

  4. Marcus says

    Between this and Glee, I feel like Matt Bomer’s immediate post coming out choices are becoming horribly embarrassing.

  5. David C says

    @Marcus: Shrewd choices made well before his official coming out. Glee highlighted his excellent comedic chops never seen as well as his excellent singing talent most were unaware of. Magic Mike will be a good film, better than most know at this point. His best choice will be The Normal Heart with another big one to come after that as well.

  6. Tarc says

    Bomer’s Glee choice was brilliant – a all-win, no-lose single episode career booster on one of the hottest shows on TV, plus a iTunes number one song? He got to show some comedy, show he can do a pop vocal (he’s really only been heard doing a hard-vibratto theatrical style),and he upped his cred with the teen crowd. If that was a career bad choice, a few more just like it will make him the most popular actor in America.

  7. Tarc says

    An Magic Mike? Honestly, with that cast, who cares if it had a plot. Strippin’ Joe would be enough for me… yowza!

  8. Bob says

    “An Magic Mike? Honestly, with that cast, who cares if it had a plot. Strippin’ Joe would be enough for me… yowza!

    Posted by: Tarc | Apr 13, 2012 4:15:30 PM”

    Can I get an AMEN!!!

  9. jaragon says

    It’s MALE STRIPPER MOVIE starring Channing Tatum (who as those who have seen “The Vow” know can be charming and has perfect butt)

  10. Marcus says

    Glee ended up being good for him because he was great on it, but it seemed a little, I don’t know?, obvious that his first gig after coming out would be on a Ryan Murphy show. A male stripper movie right after feels a little stereotypically empty even if the director has me a little more interested than usual.

  11. says

    “Why would I want to see this movie? Seriously, why?” RATBASTARD? Maybe because it’s made by one of the bravest, most interesting directors currently working? Just because it’s about strippers doesn’t mean it’s going to be devoid of any other worth. If this movie were about the regular guys that you (and I, for what it’s worth) find attractive I’m sure you’d still find something to complain about. Nevertheless, just because you don’t find this sort of physique attractive doesn’t mean others don’t and won’t want to see it. Good brief. Do you watch any movie with a woman in it for those reasons?

  12. Gregv says

    I lost interest in this movie when I realized they were doing the typical Hollywood “make sure they’re never really naked” thing to protect the eyes of all the prudish ladies of Podunk.

    The rough equivalent would be a movie whose central theme is about the famous beauty of the Swiss Alps, in which the shots ensure that The camera keeps panned down low to ensure that a mountain is never visible in any shot.

  13. J.D. says

    If we are talking about flesh alone, any YMCA shower/locker room is more exciting. Real people who talk and have interesting lives, who breathe and sweat and interact with you are more fun than abstract shapes in flickering light concocted by rich cynical coke addicts.