New Gay Romney Spokesman Thinks Rachel Maddow Looks Like a Man, Needs to ‘Put on a Necklace’


This morning I posted about newly-appointed gay Romney spokesman Richard Grenell.

This afternoon, Rachel Maddow noted some of the choice things Grenell has tweeted about her, that she "needs to take a breath and put on a necklace" and that she is a "dead ringer" for Justin Bieber.

The latter is among a collection of sexist Twitter attacks highlighted by Think Progress.


  1. DanSwon says

    This fool brings shame on all gay men. Is there any way we can officially excommunicate him?

  2. Jumper says

    Really you douchenozzle? That’s the best you can come up with? Take a good look at yourself in the mirror Kapo…

  3. says

    Gay rightists AND leftists are guilty of making similar “sexist” statements about the women Grenell specifically named.

    A gay liberal

  4. Fritz says

    This guy needs to be subjected to the same punishment that Dan Savage suggested for Ken Mehlman: all gay men should agree that under no circumstances will they sleep with him. Make him a sexual pariah until he stops this crap, apologizes, and — best case — renounces the Republican party.

  5. Hugh says

    I just kept reading his tweets one after the other, and they just kept getting bitchier and bitchier. All of his tweets are so childish, I can’t believe this guy has a job as a spokesman for anything.

  6. Mary says

    To me this sounds like a strained attempt to court the anti-gay vote. Or maybe as Kiwi always says, gay Republicans like Grennell really ARE trying to please their (presumably straight) parents. Either way he looks pathetic. And Rachel is fine the way she is.

  7. LiamB says

    What? Rick likes misogynistic children? What a surprise. What an idiot. How fitting that he’s working for a man that wants to keep him a second class citizen.

  8. Daniel Berry, NYC says

    he’s a good fit for the candidate that made fun of a stereotype of how gay people talk. He’s obviously yet another self-hating gay republican. well–may they get what they deserve.

  9. Rick says

    @Fritz LOL. Tell me, if you put Dan Savage in a dark room with Tim Tebow–clad in nothing but a jockstrap, how many nanno-seconds do you think it would take for ol’ Dan to be down on his knees, groveling and begging for it?

  10. dm says

    We all don’t want to be discriminated against but all of you are so quick to discriminate against this man just because of what political party he belongs to. You don’t even know him. I find it refreshing that he is a Republican. The Republican party will have to change. This shows that it is (slowly) becoming more accepting. Maybe in the future both parties will be for equality and then we can have a real choice of who too vote for.

  11. RyanInSacto says

    Rick – first you applaud bitchy, queeny comments from Romney’s new token gay. Now you bring up Tim Tebow in a jockstrap. Tell me again, how are you not just the stereotypical homosexual that you’re always railing against?

  12. mike/ says

    well, at least we know that Romney is very consistent – he surrounds himself with people who have foot-in-mouth disease just like he does.

    this ones seems to be an a-h though. can’t wait to hear what Rachel has to say tonight!

    you know she’s going to say something…

  13. RxR says

    What an f’ing a**hole this guy is. He is nothing but a jealous chauvinist pig who works for a completely useless, idiotic, lying homophobe. Who by the way will get smeared in November :)… tick tock mittens

  14. bobbyjoe says

    I think you left out the last part of Grenell’s tweet:

    “Rachael Maddow needs to take a breath and put on a necklace… like the pearl one Mitt just gave me.”

  15. bill says

    When did it become so acceptable, almost fashionable for adults to blurt out whatever mean spirited, small minded thing that they can think of, about celebrities, politicians, their next door neighbors, etc.? How can we expect children to learn to stop bullying when we have people in such positions of power that do the same thing and not even very artfully–seriously, this is as eloquent and clever and ‘You’re ugly and your mother dresses you funny!’

  16. Gigi says

    It would be newsworthy if this guy wasn’t a mean-spirited, self-loathing, homophobic, sexist troglodyte. Since he is all of the above…not so much. I wonder if he and Prissy Baron are pals.

  17. Houndentenor says

    Criticizing her lack of accessorization doesn’t diminish the validity of what she has to say. Actually, it points up the bankruptcy of the right that they can only criticize her on fashion. If that’s the worst thing he can think of to say about her, she’s already won.

  18. James says

    The guy is a sexist pig. All of his attacks are against women and how they look.

    More disgusting and vile, he suggest that the media go after Obama’s school-aged children.

  19. PAUL B. says

    It’s no surprise that a self proclaimed “gay” associate of romney would say derogatory things like that. romney needs to have “gay friends”…like sarah piss-bucket does. They think it’s inclusive or something. I guess when you preach to the romneyettes…they believe he is. But to the rest of us with IQ’s over 40…it looks like what it is…kaka!

  20. jack says

    Look, he can disagree with Rachel Maddow’s politics all he wants, but to immediately dive into a typical Right-wing misogynistic attack stating that the Lesbian is too butch goes a long way to show that he is not an ally. He could have just called her a pinko, or he could have followed Rush and called her a Femi-Nazi. But stating that she needed to get more feminine, shows that I think he still has issues with being gay, especially since he is so heavily involved in politics on the right.

  21. Mary says

    Houndentenor, you gave the best response of any of us here. The South is lucky to have you!

  22. Tile says

    Shame on ANYONE who tries to say this guy represents gays, and he’s making gays look bad…MOST GAYS ARE NOT REPUBLICAN! Most gays LOVE Rachel Maddow. Most gays will end a friendship (understandably) as soon as they hear their gay friend is a “conservative” which ALWAYS indicates varrying degrees of internalized homophobia.

    You show me a gay conservative who isn’t somewhat homophobic and I’ll show you a black KKK member who is color blind. Neither exists.

    This tool represents gay conservatives, who will literally sleep with a lizard, while snorting coke, in a Tijuana puddle of mud, with a cross on their hand if either their parent and or a member of the Republican party dared them too. They have no shame

  23. Jackson says

    I always said. Be VERY careful around a gay conservative. They are very disturbing individuals who should not be trusted. They will do and say anything to fit in with the hetro conservative crowd. I frankly would feel more comfortable in the presence of a convict rather than a gay conservative. Gay conservatives are extremely shady.

  24. StevyD says

    Some gay people who grow up with hatred constantly thrown at them by the important adults and community leaders involved in their lives, give in to a severe sense of self-hatred. One might hope that as an adult such children will outgrow these feelings and lead productive lives for themselves and their communities. Unfortunately others like Richard Grenell continue in their self-hatred throughout their adult lives. Thankfully, it is only the rare few like Grenell who would turn that self loathing into a damaging and punishing effort to destroy their own community because they can not allow themselves to accept their own sexuality and despise those of us who do.

  25. Bad advice says

    If this is a Mitt Romney move it only shows how isolated he is. Hey, I wonder if Mitt was considering Sarah as a running mate and she advised him on this, ya think?

  26. ChristopherM says

    A gay guy makes bitchy comments about women’s fashion, and Rick likes him?! I guess he hates women and loves money more than he hates femme gay guys.

  27. Pointed says

    No, this guy ain’t gay, he just plays one on “The Gay Republican Politics Today Show” to make people think Romney is not a homophobe himself, which he is. He is a plant for Romney’s disingenuine attempt at placating the Gay populace. His statement panders to the stereotyping that is so abundant today. What, she doesn’t look normal by his definition? I guess he should be flipping his wrist around as he walks and talks using his stereotype. Has absolutely nothing to do with being a Repug.

  28. john patrick says

    I heard Rachel Maddow on Fresh Air on NPR explain why she dresses plainly. She said she doesn’t want to dress in such a way as to distract from her stories. She wants her reports to be the main thing on her shows, not the way she dresses. That makes sense to me.

  29. Bri says

    Hahaha. I love all this self righteous outrage. “Bitchy, old queen”. “Perhaps he secretly wants to take a breath and put on a necklace.” “Lucas” = Troll”.”AUNT TOMS”.”bitchy, queeny comments”. Go ahead and tear this guy apart guys, but which one of you hasn’t been guilty of thoughtless comments, tweets, or snarky judgement? The Left is digging up all they can to destroy and tarnish this gay man. Is it okay, because he’s a “bitchy old queen?” A “self-hating homocon”? Any of you personally know him? I guess it’s okay to judge him, because his political views are “wrong”, or different than yours.

  30. kpo5 says

    He’s the kind of gay who calls himself a “fag” in front of his Dad just to see the old man chuckle.

  31. EdA says

    Ah yes, the positive Mittens spin on this guy Grenell was that he was a spokesperson for W’s ambassador to the United Nations. What the Mittens people forgot to mention is that the scumbag this Quisling was a spokesperson for was John Bolton, a staunch believer that there aren’t enough wars for Americans to get killed in.

  32. ophu says

    Everyone is entitled to their own stupid, ridiculous opinion. I think this Richard Grennell won’t find much love in the gay community, except maybe from “Rick”. How about it, Rick, you want to be this guy’s significant other? Looks like you both could use some love, and I’m guessing you’re both short on options.

  33. Mark says

    I can’t help but get the feeling that it’s been a really, really long time since anyone plowed Miss Grenell but good. Poor dear, all she has left is bitterness.

  34. shle896shle says

    Well, he’s a gay Republican, so that right there kills his credibility and then to turn around a make some middle school joke about a fellow gay human being is ridiculous. I don’t think too many people take him seriously, seeing as that he represents the very side that wants to take away his rights as an America citizen and who generally looks down on gays He’s a pathetic JOKE.

  35. Michaelandfred says

    So what…$300,000 for the election with a $100,000 bonus if he can get amendments on the ballots in states that don’t have them yet and another huge bonus if he can sell the public on the repeal of DADT. Wow, by Christmas he can buy a condo in Mehlman’s building in Chelsea.

  36. ratbastard says

    Can I read any of these forums with-out 3/4 of them degenerating into ‘Rick’ s*cks rants? Is ‘Rick’ real or a made up persona designed to agitate?


    The necklace thing is goofy, but Rachel Maddow does look like Justin Bieber actually, or vice-versa. Not saying I dislike the woman [I don’t know her anymore than 99.99% of the posters here in all likelihood actually know her], just a simple observation.

  37. says

    Wow. I knew Rachel Maddow was a pathological liar whose “reporting” is always exposed to be factually inaccurate. But I did not realize she was a woman. I thought she was just a man the same was Larry O’Donnell is technically, chromosomally, male.

  38. john patrick says

    Bruce, surely you jest. Pathological liar? Reporting always exposed to be factually inaccurate? Proof, please.

  39. wimsy says

    How deeply must you loathe yourself to work for a lying, hateful homophobe? And imagine the contemptuous looks he’ll get at Romney meetings where he-man haters gather to out-Mitt each other! Poor, stupid, pathetic bastard.

  40. Rick says

    “I heard Rachel Maddow on Fresh Air on NPR explain why she dresses plainly. She said she doesn’t want to dress in such a way as to distract from her stories”

    Yeah, just as lesbians will tell you that cut their hair super-short “because it is easier to care for” or that they wear men’s shirts because “they are more comfortable.”

    When in reality, those who do those things are really just trying to look like men.

    That aside, all the squealing in this thread, as hilarious as it is on one level, is pathetic on another.

    It demonstrates how completely indoctrinated some of you have become with the ideology of “gender-non-conformity” and its ugly grandmother–feminism–and how deeply they have damaged you psychologically, to the extent that you no longer even have a recognizable male identity.

    It was a comment about a necklace, for heaven’s sake……and look at all the bile that such a light-hearted comment resulted in.

    As sad as it is funny.

  41. ChristopherM says

    What’s funny, Rick, is your misogynist homophobic ass calling anyone psychologically damaged.

  42. GeorgeM says

    Bruce issue with women or just this one?? You rick Jason dam it’s getting crowded in here

  43. ratbastard says


    Our subculture ‘community’ is really an almost mirror image of the ‘community’ at large; those who do and say the ‘correct things fit in, those who think outside he box, are often ridiculed and even bullied by those in the ‘community’. It would appear to be a human nature thing, not a gay/straight thing.

  44. says

    and he, like all Gay Republicans, needs to grow a pair of balls.

    NOT because he’s “a woman” – because he’s a wimpy little boy whose orbs never dropped.

    This is what Gay Republicans do to get “tolerated” – neuter themselves, then piss on themselves for good measure, to show subservience.

    and, as usual, all the gay republican (wait, did i say ALL? i meant both of you, with your fake aliases. sorry) will type out some nonsense from a place of complete anonymity. because you can’t possibly put a face to your gay republicanism – it might piss off the people you’re still sucking up to.

    Grenell is a wimp and a coward, but this is what gay republicans do. tow the line for the bully you’re scared of, and get one more day of pithy tolerance.

  45. ophu says

    Rick, your self-image problems are your own; we don’t want them. Can’t you see we don’t wan’t them? We have enough problems from outside the community without taking on yours too.

  46. jamal49 says

    @LUCAS: Any examples? Or just a “gay liberal” cheap shot? If you’re a “gay liberal”, then I’m Ted Nugent. If we’re talking about snark on blog-sites by hit-and-run commentators, um, maybe. If we’re talking about professional talking heads, responsible activists and politicos. Maybe not. So, it’s always good to back up your “gay liberal” comments with facts. Unless, of course, you’re a GOProud Girl or a LCR-ette, or just a run-of-the-mill conservative who thought to inject a little whiny-con controversy on a gay-oriented newsite. Facts, honey. Just the facts.

  47. Daniel says

    If Rachel Maddow looks like a man….I would TOTALLY go out with a man……