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Road Armed neo-Nazis patroling Sanford, FL:

Neo-Nazis are currently conducting heavily armed patrols in and around Sanford, Florida and are "prepared" for violence in the case of a race riot. The patrols are to protect "white citizens in the area who are concerned for their safety" in the wake of the Trayvon Martin shooting last month, says Commander Jeff Schoep of the National Socialist Movement. "We are not advocating any type of violence or attacks on anybody, but we are prepared for it," he says. "We are not the type of white people who are going to be walked all over."

Because nothing diffuses racial tension like gun-toting racial separatists patrolling an already on-edge community.

Road Some pro-equality activists don't like what other pro-equality activists do with their money.

Road A survey for your mothers. (HT: Joe.My.God.)

CageCage Road Only dubiously witty, but unexpectedly fun: Nicholas Cage does John Cage.

Road Apparently, Los Angeles isn't superficial, New York drives aren't that bad, and Miami isn't full of fit people.

Road PinkIsTheNewBlog has a pic of Zac Efron's bum.

Road Andrew Sullivan on America's bad religion:

"When I go and see young people, their image of Christianity these days is one of judgment, intolerance and to some extent bigotry and politics," Sullivan said. "They associate it with one political party in this country, because of the fusion of evangelical and ultra-orthodox Catholics with the Republican Party. They don't see it as the message of Jesus, they don't see it any more as a message of love and forgiveness. They see it as a bunch of people trying to control their lives through political mechanisms.

Road Gallup probes American religiosity:

... it’s no surprise that all of the “top” ten [religious] states are in the south save Utah and Oklahoma, which, as Abbie Smith will attest, may as well be in the south. It’s also no surprise that the least religious states are in New England, with the proportion of “very religious” being 23% in New Hampshire and Vermont, 25% in Maine, and 28% in Massachusetts ...

What did surprise me was the 32% of Americans who see themselves as “nonreligious" ... Since roughly 10% of Americans don’t believe in God, and only about 1.5% go so far as to describe themselves as “atheists” or “agnostics,” I wonder how many of these 32% of “nonreligious” Americans are secret atheists who just don’t like the label, or are unwilling to confess to an interviewer that—horrors!—they don’t believe in God.

Road Teen sells kidney for Apple products:

He received 220,000 yuan ($35,000) for the transplant, gave the student 22,000 yuan ($3,500) and shared the remaining money with the other defendants and several medical staff involved in the operation, Xinhua said.

When the student returned home, he was asked how he could afford a new iPhone and an iPad and he told his mother that he sold one of his kidneys

Road High up in Chile's Atacama desert -- at almost 17,000 feet above sea level, where heads ache, noses bleed, and "dizziness overcomes the researchers toiling in the shadow of the Licancabur volcano" -- scientists are turning Chile into one of the world's elite destinations for astronomical research. But for how long? From the Times:

At the same time, the financial crisis in rich industrialized countries has raised concerns that funding for some ambitious astronomy projects could face constraints. In the United States, a Congressional panel last year proposed killing NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope before a compromise spending plan saved the project.

“It would be very sad for humankind if we were so spiritually decadent to forgo the pleasures of consciousness and of knowledge,” said Mr. Mosterín, reflecting on the funding choices political leaders need to make. “These things make human beings a very interesting animal indeed.”

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  1. Fox labeled the white supremacist group in Sanford as a Civil Rights group, because there already wasn't enough proof that Fox is run by idiots.

    Posted by: cadence | Apr 8, 2012 7:43:11 PM

  2. Good it's about time that whites stuck up for themselves! So sick of blacks playing the victims when they are the most racist, ignorant people on this planet.

    Posted by: James | Apr 8, 2012 7:45:45 PM

  3. Norton (via Firefox) gives a malicious content warning for the linked website for the Mega Millions story. Brandon, you may want to delete the link.

    Posted by: Acronym Jim | Apr 8, 2012 7:57:36 PM

  4. Fox labeled them a Civil Rights Group, then amended it to "White Rights Group"

    i'm white. WTF are WHITE RIGHTS!? Being white doesn't hold me bac in the world. in any way. at ALL. "rights" were only *for* whites, for far too long.

    what a load of crap. and no, cowardly trolls, coming on here to anonymously insult black people will not make your conservative-@ss families like you better. but hey, knock yourselves out.

    Posted by: LittleKiwi | Apr 8, 2012 8:11:20 PM

  5. this is what rights the NSM fights for, via the SPLC, lol. : "NSM ideology mirrors that of the original American Nazi Party. The group openly idolizes Adolf Hitler, described in NSM propaganda as, “Our Fuhrer, the beloved Holy Father of our age … a visionary in every respect.” NSM says only heterosexual “pure-blood whites” should be allowed U.S. citizenship and that all nonwhites should be deported, regardless of legal status. As Schoep put it: “The Constitution was written by white men alone. Therefore, it was intended for whites alone.” Apparently Fox News 35 couldn't find that on Google.

    Posted by: LittleKiwi | Apr 8, 2012 8:28:40 PM

  6. There's always those fun studies that show gay leanings among self-identified neo-nazis. Don't forget those.

    Posted by: anon | Apr 8, 2012 8:51:27 PM

  7. About the religious labels: we had a discussion about that in my church's annual business meeting once. Who, exactly, is a member of that specific church?

    There's formal membership: it's when the Bishop confirms you (usually in a group) and lays hands on you. Whether or not you ever show up again doesn't matter, you're still a member of the church.

    There's informal membership: no hand laying by the Bishop, but you show up ever single Sunday, sit on six dozen committees, single-handedly run five different ministries, and frankly the church can't function without you. You're not a "member" but as far as you and everyone else is concerned, you are.

    There's the Christmas/Easter members.

    The winter visitors to beautiful Tucson during the winter, and wherever you live during our 110 degree summers (NY, NJ, MN, etc.)

    But there's also the people that end up dead, the spouse wants the funeral at our church, because "he always loved the church so." No one here knows him, because he came once at Christmas in 1943 and that was it. Probably wouldn't be considered "a member" by the congregation, but since the family considers him so, yeah, we'll buy that, and be happy to treat them just like he was here all the time.

    So if that's the position of a parish of a major denomination, it's not hard to see how there are such fuzzy numbers as to "religious." Like Winnie the Poo, that word means "exactly what I say it does, nothing more, nothing less." The fact is, all denominations have been loosing people since the peak right after WWII. The math is simple. The baby boom meant more kids, which meant the parents thought they had to "raise the kids right," which meant taking them to church. Once the kids grew up, they stopped coming to church, and the parents lost interest eventually too. So it's been a long decline ever since. But they still consider themselves "Christian" or whatever other faith, even though they haven't been in a church (or could name one!) in years.

    Posted by: Craig | Apr 8, 2012 9:02:21 PM

  8. We'd all be better off if we paid no attention to anything Andrew Sullivan has to say. He's a self-important religious fanatic, and he's really boring.

    Posted by: Donald | Apr 8, 2012 9:41:03 PM

  9. Utah's inclusion among the most religious states in America is a testament to its predominant Mormonism, and not because it shares any affinity with the Southern US. It's a minor point, but culturally Utah is very Western - it's just very religious as well.

    Posted by: Patrick | Apr 9, 2012 12:04:53 AM

  10. Great work. Thanks for post!

    Posted by: custom research papers | Apr 9, 2012 3:11:11 AM

  11. The Florida neo Nazi story looks like bunk. The original has been updated:

    UPDATE: The Sanford Police Department says that it has no evidence of neo-Nazis in the area. "We have not seen any neo-Nazis on patrol nor have we had any reports of them," says Sgt. David Morgenstern. He added that there had been no sign of the New Black Panther Party, either.

    Posted by: Graham Anderson | Apr 9, 2012 5:55:42 AM

  12. Yes I'm sure. Because the Sanford PD has been so competent until now. Remind me again, is that child killer in jail where he's supposed to be?

    Posted by: Winston | Apr 9, 2012 6:14:52 AM

  13. No Nazis in Sanford? Looks like commenter James got all excited about the prospect of blacks getting attacked by evil racist scumbags for nothin'.

    Posted by: Mike | Apr 9, 2012 6:16:42 AM

  14. i *still* don't understand why the media isnt' talking about Trayvon's "right to stand his ground"

    because if you ask me, the "stand your ground" law would apply to the unarmed teen carrying skittles who was being followed, then outright pursued (after he tried to run away) from a grown adult, taller, bigger, 100lbs+heavier, armed and unknown man who disobeyed police advice/orders and went after the kid.

    you can't claim you were "standing your ground" when you pursued an unarmed teenager. and saying that the kid fought you only means the KID was "standing his ground"

    Zimmerman is like that schoolyard brat who runs to the teacher to say "this whole thing started when Trayvon hit me back!"

    and no, none of us are "judging and convicting" Zimmerman - we're pointing out that Zimmerman judged and convicted Trayvon Martin. "they always get away" he said. then he called him an "f-ing c**n". in Zimmerman's mind, Trayvon was guilty. of what? being a black man.

    zimmerman is a murderer.

    Posted by: LittleKiwi | Apr 9, 2012 12:10:33 PM

  15. KIWI :

    "i *still* don't understand why the media isnt' talking about Trayvon's "right to stand his ground""

    That's because you don't listen.

    Posted by: David Hearn | Apr 10, 2012 11:34:05 AM

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