No ‘Clobber Passages’ At Gay-Inclusive Church

GayfriendlychurchThe Edmond Trinity Christian Church in Oklahoma announced yesterday that it is officially an LGBT-inclusive church. The congregation voted unanimously last month to stand alongside the Gay Lesbian and Affirming Disciples ministries and welcome all people into their mix. And now that it's formal, Rev. Don Heath says he plans on using his pulpit to fight religion-backed hate.

Via The Oklahoman:

[Heath] said some Christians use certain biblical Scriptures he called “the clobber passages” to condemn homosexuality. He said it is important to note the Bible was written by man and some passages “reflect the prejudice of the time” and not necessarily the inspired Word of God.

This is only the second affirming church in the state. Though there may be a bit of backlash, Heath and his wife, Mary, say they're ready anything. If anti-gay zealot Fred Phelps and his family come along, for example, Mary said she'll bring them cupcakes and punch. That's nice, so long as the cupcakes aren't too good.


  1. Eddie in OKC says

    Thanks for the post and happy that Oklahoma can have a positive story out there. Just to clarify, this is just the second affirming Oklahoma church within Disciples of Christ. There are many other Oklahoma churches (United Methodist, Presbyterian, Unitarian, UCC, etc.) that openly welcome LGBT persons. Contrary to perceptions based on our politics, we’re further along that many would think.

  2. says

    I was lucky enough to be raised in a church like this – United Church of Canada. Coming Out to my church congregation in my teens was actually a largely positive experience. There were other gay members, already. There were even non-Christian-identifying members. Rather than being a “this is all true” Cult, the approach is simply to help people who seek a spiritual outlet to find relevance in our collective Old Stories that can help them find peace and inspiration and see The Bigger Picture in their day to day lives. That the UCoC is the second-largest religious denomination in Canada speaks volumes about the cultural climate up North.

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