NYU Students, Rainbow Flag Creator Protest Anti-Gay Chick-fil-A

A few NYU students and rainbow flag-creator Gilbert Baker protested Chick-fil-A today for the fast food chain's massive financial support of anti-gay groups.

Kate Schaefer at Gothamist reports that the protest was organized by Hillary Dworkoski, an NYU student who started a change.org campaign to get Chick-Fil-A off the school's campus. (Gothamist also notes that the NYU location is the only Chick-fil-A in New York City, which is surprising, though nice.)

Some more:

While other vendors can be banned from campus for human rights violations, John Sexton (President, NYU) and the Student Senators Council maintain that this is a political issue, and they can't get involved, "I guess they just don't see that gay rights are human rights," says Dworkoski.

Dworkoski has been fighting this cause for a while and is running for a spot as Senator so that she can be on the Student Senators Council next year and pursue Chick-fil-A through student government. "Even if Chick-fil-A is never banned from campus, at least we're raising awareness about it and that's 13,000 more people that aren't eating Chick-fil-A," Dworkoski told us today.

In other Chick-fil-A news, Cord Jefferson today tore into equality-minded people who still partake in the unapologetic company's offerings: "If you find that it's impossible to stop eating at Chick-fil-A despite your deeply rooted pro-LGBT values, perhaps those values aren't as deep-seated as you think." I would say that's a fair assessment.



    NYU is my alma mater and I’m extremely disappointed they allowed this anti-LGBT company into their midst. Then again, the biggest lesson I learned while matriculating is that NYU’s #1 priority was making money, so I guess it shouldn’t surprise me.

  2. Opinionated says

    Ha! See the face of the people around them? They have NO IDEA what is going on because most people have NO IDEA that a Chick-fil-a is even in the place. If anything this just gives them some free press. In fact sadly the last time you posted something about chick-fil-a it reminded me that there was one there and I went on my break to get some. Very yummy and it was fun to pretend to be in college again. Uh oh, bad homo huh?

  3. vanndean says

    Opinionated, good luck with that fast food high carbohydrate and excessive salt diet. One can only hope that you live long enough to regret it.

  4. Rick says

    Opinionated is actually right. I’m an NYU alum; most people don’t know this place exists. I’m afraid the protests is merely giving the place more business, by reminding us that it’s there. But I guess that’s the way these things go…just look at Starbucks stock since that ridiculous NOM boycott.

  5. Francis says

    I’d rather that they be boycotted and forced off campus than they being banned. Because that would send the stronger message. They’re losing money countrywide due to their homophobia, so we need to continue the effort to educate and galvanize…….show people why eating at Chick-Fil-A is a bad thing to do. Why it’s wrong to choose chicken over homophobia. Because that is what you are doing when you eat at Chick-Fil-A. You are choosing chicken over bigotry. Tragically, I saw a poll where a whole lot of liberals and LGBTQ folk basically don’t care Chick-Fil-A is a homophobic organization and will continue to do eat there. That is pathetic. It’s all about having a conscious.

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  7. David Hearn says

    What’s to stop everyone from going to the chic fil a drive thru, ordering four number sixes with cheese and extra mayo (no idea as i have never been there), four sweet teas with a shot of Seven Up, and then driving away when you get to the window?

  8. Reality says

    their food is nasty from the get-go. And some of the idiots missed the best part of this article: “If you find that it’s impossible to stop eating at Chick-fil-A despite your deeply rooted pro-LGBT values, perhaps those values aren’t as deep-seated as you think.” I would say that’s a fair assessment.

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