1. ratbastard says

    I’m in Massachusetts. RomneyCare is VERY complex/convoluted, and difficult to navigate. What it really is, is a clearing house for connecting to private insurers, so really in effect, it benefits [Like ObamaCare] the private healthcare industry more than anyone else. If you’re ‘poor’, no problem, you’ll immediately get Mass Health [Medicaid] and I’m told by those who’ve had it that it’s pretty good. They paid no premiums, and 5 bucks drug co-pay, free if they couldn’t pay.

    But, as in America as a whole, if you’re in the middle [and most Americans are] NOTHING is free and most ‘entitlements’ are off-limits [SNAP/food stamps are easy to get]. You just get screwed paying for yourself and ‘poor’ strangers. And we all know there’s a lot of fraud involved with The System, on all sides.

  2. Mike says

    @Rightbastard: You *already* pay for the emergency room visit of the uninsured and poor in the form of higher premiums. Single Payer, or at least the Public Option are the real solutions, but in the mean time ACA (“Obamacare”) are superior to the embarrassing non-system most of us have now.

  3. RyanInSacto says

    Ratbastard: Most entitlements are off-limits? Every single one of us will receive social security benefits when we reach retirement age. The same goes for medicare. One of the talking points about food assistance is that, under Obama, “more people than ever are receiving food stamps.” (Nevermind that the SNAP program was actually expanded under President Bush under the banner of “compassionate conservatism.”) Americans of all stripes receive subsidies in the form of tax deductions when they choose to have children. Do you need more examples of “entitlements” that are accessible to wide swaths of the American public? Why try to drive this ridiculous wedge between the poor and the middle class? Oh, right, you’ve named yourself “rat bastard” for a reason.

  4. ratbastard says


    SS is PAID INTO by evryone who works and has W2s. We all have an SS ‘tax’ taken out.

    Welfare, SSI, SNAP. WIC, section 8/subsidized housing, Medicaid, etc., are true entitlements in the sense the ‘poor’ people who receive them never paid into a system aside from any taxes they may pay or have previously paid. Of course ‘poor’ people don’t pay any taxes aside from sales tax, FICA. And they get Earned Income Credit at tax time. And I never said there should be no safety net. I do question where all the $ goes. It’s A LOT of $, and I suspect much goes to ‘administrative’ costs; those ‘administrators’ have a vested interest in the status quo and preventing real, needed reform. Like-wise the many private contractors and such who make billions, especially in housing subsidies, which often benefit big real estate developers and contractors more than.anybody.

  5. says

    it’s just so odd that the self-styled “religious Christian Right” opposes universal healthcare.

    even the more cursory reading of the beloved bible makes it explicitly clear that those who are well off have an obligation to take care of the poor.

  6. shane says

    Medicare/Medicaid open to all, on a sliding scale based on income; and otherwise you pay for healthcare out of your own pocket, direct to doctor or hospital. Simple. No more private ‘healthcare’ insurances currently driven by single motivation: profit. The ‘promise of health insurance’ is a joke; employers suffer, small business can’t afford payroll, people stick with jobs that make them unhappy, and benefits are getting worse with escalating copays, deductibles, and non-covered services. Health care insurance is a racket.

  7. I'm not sick, why should I pay? says

    It isn’t governors and presidents who decide health care laws. It is legislators. And the insurance companies know how to manipulate them.

    Voters unfortunately aren’t too bright, usually manipulated by the fear that “they” will be paying for “them” not realizing that they are them.

  8. Max says

    As Mike said, we already pay for it in the form of higher premiums. Single payer and/or Medicare for all would be best.

    Maybe someone should remind Obama: “It’s the economy, stupid.” Oh yeah, he can’t run on his economic record.

  9. ratbastard says

    @David R,

    Unemployment figures? Fudged. Stock market? Sea-saws. Recording low interests rates, yet terrible housing market. Record high personal and government debt. USD on verge of losing world reserve status. Endless war[s]! From the president who received a Nobel Peace Prize! No serious prosecution of massive, widespread fraud in the financial services industry, mortgage industry, banking industry; in fact DOJ’s official policy is to ‘soft pedal’. ’nuff said.

    And no, Romney or a Republican wouldn’t be any better.

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