1. RB says

    Where is the queen Pelosi now? Remember her statement that gas prices were high because there were “two oilmen in the White House”? This one will not work Mr. President. Gas prices are on YOUR watch and you cannot blame W anymore! Stand on your record of failed policies…

  2. RB says

    This ad clearly takes on Romney, big oil and everything associate with being a republican. What rock have you been under? You cannot blame W for high gas prices in ’08 and now say it’s Romney’s fault because tax breaks for big oil! You Mr. President OWN this economy, these gas prices and your failed policies! Sorry Tonez, not only did I watch the it, I’m calling him out on it!

  3. Rucka says

    It was Bush/Cheney who pushed the idea that with 2 oilmen in the WH gas prices would stay low, then again that we’d get all that oil for cheap from Iraq… neither happened…

  4. Bryan B. says


    urg, gay republicans. if you want to support a party where at best they SILENTLY tolerate you and at worst they want to exterminate you, go ahead, but don’t try to spew your messed up logic to the rest of us.

  5. sparks says

    @BRI – you’re wrong and the two parties, on the whole, couldn’t be more different. Democrats range from tolerance to support. Republicans by and large range from absolute abhorrence to mild tolerance.

    There are hundreds of democrats trying to push for marriage equality and civil protections for gays, while only a couple republicans support equality. Meanwhile, there may be a few democrats opposed to equality but there are hundreds of republicans ACTIVELY voting against equality while ACTIVELY trying to reverse the bit of progress we’ve achieved.

    Sure, call me sheep. Tell me I’m voting for the lesser of two evils. But I’d rather live in a house that tolerates me and sometimes supports my causes, than one where I’m never supported… one in which I feel like an unwelcome visitor.

  6. Lucas says

    @RB, the president doesn’t have much power to control gas prices, just as W had no control over gas prices.

    I know that “Obama’s failed policies” is a favorite talking point of you right wingers, but exactly which of his policies has failed??? His foreign policy is flawless, he killed bin Laden, ended the war in Iraq, successfully helped Lybia get rid of their tyrant, the rest of the world no longer thinks we are idiots because of W..

    Here in the US there are millions of Americans who are now covered with health insurance, the economy is steadily improving, he saved the auto industry when repugs wanted it to die, gays can now serve openly in the military, DOMA is no longer being defended…..

    Where are the “failed socialist policies”?????

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