Obama Summarizes Progress Toward LGBT Equality

Maybe to coincide with his endorsement of the Student Non-Discrimination Act and the White House's screening of Bully on the National Day of Silence, or maybe to divert attention from his unwillingness to sign an executive order banning workplace discrimination against LGBT folk, President Obama and co. have taken to Twitter to explain what the Obama White House has done for the cause of LGBT equality. It's quite a lot:



  1. kpo5 says

    If you don’t want to vote for President Obama because you think he hasn’t been strong enough on LGBT equality, vote for his 2-3 SCOTUS appointments in the next term.

  2. Mike says

    The bottom line on all of this is that Obama has done a decent job for gay rights. Could he have done more, certainly – but considering the nutjobs which are the GOP; it would be insane to do anything which would enable Romney of all people to become POTUS. He has to walk a fine line to keep the base energized yet not worry the moderates. Of course the GOP base will never vote for him regardless… Personally, I can’t imagine why ANYONE would vote for Romney… he is the poster child for pandering hypocrisy.

  3. iowan says

    good points – remember – ALL Presidents do the things in their 2nd term they couldn’t in their first terms… you have to play things right to get reelected, THEN the game changes. Like it or not, it’s the way the game goes.

    So if everyone wouldn’t mind voting to make sure we don’t get a crazy in office, and then, after a successful reelection you can work for the change we want to see. Romney won’t push for a progressive social agenda. You know it. Don’t let him win the office.

  4. Andrew says

    Thank you Obama. Lord only knows what three years of a McCain/Palin administration would(n’t) have brought us.

  5. QJ201 says

    The first term is always about getting the second term…when the POTUS can really do what they want.

    Watch. If re-elected, Obama will “evolve” to marriage equality very quickly.

  6. H8Str8s says

    And yet the man says he is against gay marriage. Not interested in anything else he has “done” for the community. Marriage equality is the only issue that matters to me. I think soldiers are bad so Whoopti-do we have the right to be open about our sexuality when we commit war crimes for a completely corrupt government that has made us into second hand citizens. Now we get to be out when we die for a country that doesn’t respect us. Oh, hooray.

  7. Asher says

    H8STR8S: Marriage equality is the only thing that matters to you? What a narrow view of the world! Who would marry you, anyway?

  8. John B. says

    Could Obama have done more for us? Sure, and I’ve been disappointed by his refusal to endorse marriage equality. I’ve never been Obama’s biggest fan, and voted for Hillary in the primary. But the simple fact remains that we have made far more progress under Obama than we ever did under Bush, or would have under McCain/Palin, and will continue to make more progress under Obama than under a Romney presidency.

  9. H8Str8s says

    Well, I’ve been with the same wonderful guy for 21 years, I think I’ve got a pretty good chance with him. Why should I care about anything but Marriage equality? I retired at the age of 25 so workplace discrimination is not my problem. I can’t lose my housing because of homophobia. I’m constantly insulted by the rest of the gay community, so I am not interested in anything which advances gay rights that doesn’t effect me personally. As far as I can see, the rest of the community is rather facist in it’s attacks on any member with politically incorrect viewpoints. I have never been reasoned with here, only attacked, when I never attack another member of the community. I couldn’t care less if all the rest of you died. I have my lover and my comfy life and I don’t give to gay causes because everyone else in the community are jerks.

  10. H8Str8s says

    @John B.
    Well though out and unoffensive. Good reasons to vote for the guy even though I hate him. If I thought for a moment his stance on marriage equality was political rather than heart-felt I might vote for him in spite of what I’ve said to Asher. However I believe he is against gay marriage because the black culture is extremely homophobic and he is black. I assume he is extremely homophobic and only paying lip service to us because the party is forcing him to. If it were up to him, I hate to imagine what would happen to us. Probably concentration camps.

  11. Brandon K. Thorpp says


    Greetings. I just wanna point out, re: your last comment, that Obama backed full marriage equality when he was a legislator in Chicago — and that was when his constituency was almost completely black. He only changed his position when he had to attract at least a few votes in milquetoasty middle America.

    Thanks for reading,
    – BKT

  12. KELL says

    I won’t say I’m not disappointed that marriage equality isn’t endorsed or a reality (impacted as a bi-national couple), but I understand politics and the reasons for it. As a community, it would be political suicide to let all the things accomplished over the last 3+ years be reversed by a Romney administration. While we need to keep the pressure on Obama and push him and the administration to do more, we have to clearly and squarely put our support behind him for re-election and even more progress in the next 4 years. GO OBAMA/BIDEN’12!

  13. JP says

    If Marriage equality is the only issue for you, then I would vote for Obama. Obama opposes all efforts to limit states rights on marriage equality. He also supports repeal of DOMA to allow federal recognition of same sex marriage in states where it is legal. By not voting for Obama, you help get Romney elected who wants no same sex marriage in any state.

  14. H8Str8s says

    @ BKT
    Thank you for that information. It is very surprising to me. I didn’t follow him back then and so I didn’t know that. I will have to think about it and consider what that means about him and my own viewpoint. It seems as though I was ignorant of pertinent data. Thank you for saying it nicely. You are not being a facist.

  15. H8Str8s says

    I thought Eric Holder was directed to defend DOMA in court. It wouldn’t need to be repealed if it were overturned. Obama could direct Holder not to defend it on the grounds the government agrees it is unconstitutional. Have I got that all wrong? Is Holder attacking it on that basis? Or is the whole stand for repeal just a safe politcal position he is holding? He did the same with DADT. He left it up to the congress when he could have signed an executive order. He looks like he is dragged kicking and screaming into everything he has supposedly “done for the community.” I believe the future of gay marriage is in the courts not in the executive branch whoever resides there. History is on our side and Romney nor anyone else is going to stop marriag equality. In the meantime, I can’t see voting for somebody oficially against gay marriage. Won’t do it.

  16. says

    I’m still evolving on Obama…I’m not voting for him until he signs the anti-discrimination executive order on the dotted line and fully supports me and my husband’s marriage.

  17. JP says

    I believe that the Justice department dropped the defense of DOMA and it is now being defended by an attorney appointed by the Republican led House of Representatives.

  18. H8Str8s says

    Very good. Thank you. I said I wasn’t sure about all that. I only heard about it periferally. So thank you. Boy I am just full of ignorance today! I have to do some rethinking here. Thank you for not insulting me personally. It makes it possible for me to hear you when you reason with me.
    Obama was running for president the moment he won his senate seat. He was running on a pro-equality platform in spite of his constituency because he was trying to get the aproval of the national party. If he had planned only to be a senator, I think he would have been more honest about his true feelings from the begining. He was only pro-marriage for attention, not out of any sincerity, or he would have stuck with it out of principle.

  19. H8Str8s says

    What do you think about the point that the future of equality is in the courts rather than the executive branch? How can Romney be any worse than Obama? Obama punted the DADT issue to the congress and gets no credit there. Everything he personally has done seems actually neutral or hurtful. I am serious about that question; how can Romney be any worse? If he really could be any worse, I would want to know. But for now, I am not going to vote for an executive who is against gay marriage for whatever reason, be it personal or political.

  20. H8Str8s says

    You can vote with a clear conscience for somebody who says publicly that you should remain a second class citizen? Do you offer to shake hands with those who spit in your face as well?

  21. JP says

    Romney wants to turn back the progress we have made. He wants a constitutional amendment defining marriage as opposite sex. If that happens no state would be able to have same sex marriage and courts will be powerless to do anything about it.

    Obama supports states rights to have same sex marriage and opposes efforts to overturn those rights. He also supports federal recognition of same sex marriage. In addition,he will appoint judges that are more inclined to support us.

    To me, the choice is clear. Progress comes incrementally. We need to our vote to move things forward, not backward or standing still. Obama has proven that he fights toward our progress. Romney has proven that he fights against our progress

  22. H8Str8s says

    Also, according to what you have said, Obama has devolved on this issue instead of evolving. He was for gay marriage and has moved away from that position. Why would anyone believe he will ever move back in the other direction? And if he did, wouldn’t that show a problem with integrity? It appears if he swings back that he is just saying whatever he wants to at the moment thinking it will get him where he wants to go regardless of the truth. You could vote for a man moving away from gay equality instead of toward it? Think about what you are saying!

  23. H8Str8s says

    What Romney wants is not what Romney gets. There is no chance ever of a constitutional ammendment like you are talking about. That is silliness used to scare gays into allowing themselves to be taken for granted by a president who is publicly against gay marriage. I don’t know what you are saying about his support of gay marriage under any circumstances. He keeps making it very clear that he is against gay marriage. You appear to be contradicting the truth here. Where do you get your idea he is for marriage equality from when he himself keeps stating over and over he is against gay marriag. Look at his recent refusal to sign. You think he is on our side? You have to explain this then, don’t you?

  24. Matt says

    Most of this couldn’t be more airy-fairy if it tried. Hell if I care if he wins or not with a “record” like this.

  25. Brandon K. Thorp says

    Yes, H8STR8S, I have thought about what I’m saying. I am unscandalized by the thought that all politicians are accomplished dissemblers.

    Thanks again for reading,
    – BKT

  26. Brian in Texas says

    Sure Matt hell if you care if a vocal anti gay Morman wins the presidency as well as Republicans winning the Senate. Makes total sense.

  27. Brian in Texas says

    Some of you won’t be satisfied until President Obama appears in a gay porn film.

  28. says

    Either the trolls have been living under rocks for the past year or they’re just faking it to get us riled up. Or else there’s a hell of a lot of ignorance.

    Anyone who is really interested in marriage equality knows the score and knows that the Obama administration has not only declined to defend DOMA, but has even filed briefs against it in court on the side of gay couples challenging DOMA.

    Someone who only pretends to be interested might not be aware of the facts.

  29. Brim says

    @BRIAN lol well…

    I knew about DADT and his ‘it gets better’ vid, and this just reminded me about Clinton at the UN addressing LGBT rights, but I’m glad he released this because a lot of this I wasn’t very aware of. I’ll have to go do some reading later.

    I still hate his foreign policy, but this is a much better track record than I thought he had. He’s smart to put this out.

    Regardless whether you vote for him or not, based on the wider issues, everyone should send a link to Democratic family members and friends so they have this info.

  30. H8Str8s says

    I didn’t know he filed briefs on behalf of gay couples challenging DOMA. I have only started following the news recently. All I really know about it is he keeps saying he is against gay marriage. Is that not enough?
    I am a political novice. I can’t stand people who don’t act out of integrity. This is probably why I am an Anarchist. I don’t believe government can be done in a non-corrupt way because of all the disembleing. I listen to him say he is against gay marriage and that is what I believe. And whether I believe it or not it still does inestimable damage when he says things like that. Had he been for gay marriage ’08 I wonder if all the blacks would have voted for prop. 8. It seems to me he gave them his blessing to do that by comming out against gay marriage. So you don’t mind the dissembling some how. I wonder if you are projecting there? Still, don’t you care about the active damage he does every time he says he is against gay marriage? Don’t you feel he is taking advantage of you and just taking your vote for granted?

  31. brian says

    I too wish he would come out for marriage equality and will continue to hold him accountable for that. BUT, if you think that by not voting for Pres Obama that you’re punishing him, just think about what will happen if Romney wins. The pretty map of legislative wins at the top of this post will be unwound faster than you can imagine and the Supreme Court will get stacked with more conservative judges. Not voting for Obama is a vote against your own self interest and not just this year.

  32. H8Str8s says

    I don’t think any of those legislative gains has anything to do with me and I don’t care about other gay people because they keep attacking me personally for being politically incorrect. Surprisingly this is not happening today, but it happens often enough that I feel alienated from the community. So I don’t give a flying f*ck about all those “gains.” I wan’t to wed my companion of 21 years. That is all I want, and I only want that because it was taken away from me. I didn’t want it until then. Now I do because I had it and it was taken away by a bunch of filthy religious fanatics who have no respect for the seperation of church and state. When I get it back, I will be satisfied and turn away from everything. Until then I will speak out vociferously against everyone who is against gay marriage; particularly this president.

  33. says

    @H8STR8S: Instead of making innumerable uninformed comments (whether sincerely or in some ludicrous troll persona) why not inform yourself first. If you’ve been in a relationship for 21 years, you’re more than old enough to have learned basic political facts. Education is your friend, so is Google.

    DADT ended on Obama’s watch. It would not have ended on McCain’s watch, or on Romney’s watch. Simple as that.

    The fact that his DOJ is not only not defending DOMA but is filing briefs on the side of gay couples is hugely significant, perhaps the most significant thing he has done for lgbt rights as President, and it has happened smartly and quietly. This behind the scenes work is helping to pave the way for marriage equality via the Courts. For people who are concerned about marriage equality, this is reason alone to vote for Obama. Meanwhile, John Boehner and BLAG are defending DOMA, as would a President Romney, vigorously.

    On Prop 8, Obama was against it, as he is against any amendments that strip away rights. Romney supports all the anti-gay ballot initiatives and his Mormon Church provided huge financial backing for Prop 8. (BTW, in terms of numbers and financial backing, the white Republican support for Prop 8 was far more significant than the black vote, since black voters make up a small proportion of the CA electorate.)

    A President Romney would use his bully pulpit to call for a federal constitutional amendment to prohibit states from enacting marriage equality. Sure, he may not be successful, but that stance trickles down to all the other gay civil rights policies and to any SC appointees. Anyone who asks, “How can Romney be any worse?” on gay rights and on marriage in particular, is either ignorant or playing silly troll games.

  34. H8Str8s says

    Calling people names like troll doesn’t get through to them. I can’t take what you say seriously because I feel you are attempting to silence me by calling me names. You should read what I say about DADT. Gay soldiers can go f*ck themselves. So can the rest of the gay community that acts like facists by ostracizing people who are politically incorrect. Do you think you reach me by talking to me that way? You know no better than to insult someone you can only reach with reason? you have got a lot to learn.
    How can I become less ignorant other than airing my views and having them corrected? I have decried my own ignorance several times on this very thread. I can’t become less ignorant when the person correcting me is calling me names. Just because you disagree with someone doesn’t make them a troll.
    Look at how polite my comments are. Look at how I admit ignorance and take new facts into account. I may be rigorously against Obama, but that doesn’t make me a troll.
    Do you know what an ad hominem is? Look it up. It is a logical fallacy. It is to say something like “Your viewpoint doesn’t matter because you are a troll.”
    Try this, assume I am a troll. Assume that insulting me makes you look bad not me. Reason with me and try to change my mind. See what happens.

  35. Djeip says


    “I couldn’t care less if all the rest of you died.”

    You just said you don’t care if every other gay person dies as long as you get what you want, and they’re the jerks? Right.

  36. says

    @H8STR8S: Dude, for me to engage with you again you’d have to pass either a basic troll or a basic intelligence test. You pass neither, sorry. To quote Barney Frank: “Trying to have a conversation with you would be like arguing with a dining room table.” Save your typing. It’s not going to happen.

  37. BobN says

    I’m puzzled as to why an anarchist would care about legal equality.

    Anywho, Obama does not support using the word “marriage”. He supports fully legally equal civil unions with ALL the rights and responsibilities of marriage (again, stuff no real anarchist would care about, but still).

    If you can’t see the difference between that and Romney, who would support a ban on any legal recognition by constitutional amendment, well, there’s little point in trying.

  38. H8Str8s says

    Yes. I am constantly personally attacked by other gays who can’t tolerate political incorrectness. It has made me feel alienated from the community and hostile to the rest of you. Because the community chooses to attack me instead of reason with me, yes I wish the community dead as long as I get mine.
    Why should I feel otherwise?
    I am called a troll for not agreeing with the majority. Is that really what you want for your community? Do you really think the community can afford to outcast dissent like that? It is a mistake always to silenc the opposition. You need me. I keep you awake and sharp and questioning and defending beliefs you wouldn’t otherwise. What do you get from a perfect monolithic and eternal viewpoint? Stagnation.

  39. H8Str8s says

    The reason I care about rights even though I am an Anarchist is that I can’t avoid the government. They have all the guns. If I want any rights or freedoms I have to get them by agreement from the thugs running the place, until they can be got rid of.
    Is it not so?
    How could you not see this?

  40. H8Str8s says

    If you can’t see that Romney doesn’t always get what he wants and that there is less than a snowball’s chance of that passing, well, there’s little point in trying.
    I don’t care if Romney wins, I want to see Obama punished. Romney can’t affect marriage in California or Federally. If he got a chance to apoint supreme court justices, he could maybe influence it. I don’t know anyone is going to retire from The SCOTUS. Has anyone announced? If not, I don’t see how anyone could be sure of that.

  41. Boone68 says

    H8STR8S, according to your statements on this blog, you hate soldiers, religious people, gays AND, based on your screen name, you also hate straights. You also say you’re an anarchist. The fact is, you and your opinions are so extreme and marginalized that you simply don’t matter. That’s not an attack, just a fact.

  42. H8Str8s says

    you would think people would realize that and not insult me. I don’t think what you said is at all an attack. It is absolutley fact. Why do you think I would feel attacked when you tell me the truth? When have you seen me offended by anything but name calling? Good analysis. But it is also why I can hold these positions. If I were a responsible person I couldn’t ever take the positions I do. I can do that because I am a social critic and thus largely ignored when not outright hated. So I can safely think and say these things.
    Isn’t it good I have a place to air my views and maybe be moved off of them? At least I haven’t completely turned my back on everything yet. I am still educable. I haven’t given up completely. And wouldn’t you like somebody who can argue logically and without much ego on your side? I could be usefull to the community if it would stop attacking and start convincing me otherwise.
    I didn’t hate the community a month ago. I have come to hate gay people only since I have been visiting this site and it is because there is so little tolerance of dissent here and so much ugly name calling. I am repulsed by the behaviour of gay people on this site. That is why I have come to hate the community, believe it or not.

  43. Scott says

    I’m amazed the Obama administration has done so much, in so little time, with a near-Depression, wars, and the most obstructionist GOP in history. I’m amazed, and I’m proud. And I’ll be proud to vote for Obama again in November!

  44. Patric says

    “What do you think about the point that the future of equality is in the courts rather than the executive branch? How can Romney be any worse than Obama?”

    Seriously? You recognize that much of the future of equality is in the courts – and I wish you’d stopped there because, in that respect, you are well informed – but yet you can’t see that that is the single most powerful reason why our community desperately needs the President re-elected over Romney??? Romney has stated that he would appoint Supreme Court and other federal court judges in the mold of notorious homophobes Antonin Scalia and Samuel Alito while the President has appointed Justices and other judges who will be central to the recognition of our constitutional rights. You are absolutely correct that the Supreme Court and other federal courts are going to be critical in the coming battles over our rights and we had better all hope that the man who views homosexuality as “perverse” is not the one appointing the judges in whose hands our fate will rest. http://thinkprogress.org/lgbt/2011/11/16/368369/romney-flashback-homosexuality-is-perverse-and-reprehensible/

  45. H8Str8s says

    Great argument. The best I’ve heard. But if Romney wins, won’t it be too late for him to effect the outcome of prop. 8? Either it will be repealed (I don’t believe it but it would make me happier) or the case against it will probably not go to the SCOTUS. Have I got that wrong? The fate of prop. 8 is in a sense sealed from this election?
    If prop. 8 goes away or stays regardless of who is president, why should I care if Romney wins? I will probably have my gay marriage and that is all I want. If he hurts other gays, why should I care? They hurt me for being politically incorrect. I have no reason to like any gay person but my companion. So why would a person like me in my position not want to see him punished for ever saying he was against gay marriage? What do I get out of an Obama win seeing as I am so alienated from the community?
    If it isn’t going to impact my right to marry in California, why shouldn’t I vote for Romney just to hurt Obama?

  46. Artie_in_Lauderdale says

    @ H8STR8S,

    Scroll down… scroll down… way too much scrolling down is necessary.

  47. H8Str8s says

    W.T.F? I’m sorry that is probably funny and more than likely a put-down, but it is lost on me.

  48. Matt says


    Okay, Alito is a homophobe? Where did you get THAT from? 32 years before Lawrence v. Texas, in 1971, he spoke up for the right to consensual sexual practices while an undergraduate at Princeton. Ironically, he replaced O’Connor, who ultimately proved the fatal blow in 1986’s Bowers v Hardwick. He tends to understand LGBT constitutional rights, and he’s FAR better than Scalia and Thomas, who have been quite clear on their homophobia. As for Roberts, he played a role in 1996’s Romer v. Evans, and I don’t mean on the losing side.

    The only hitch, of course, is that neither have presided over a case involving gay issues while in SCOTUS, so we don’t know how they’ll act while on the bench. But what I do know is, unlike Scalia at least, neither have said one word against gays publicly, and their records are SIGNIFICANTLY better on LGBT issues. They are NOT the judicial progeny of Scalia or Thomas.

    Considering that these two came from Bush Jr., I’m certain Romney would be able to elect “anti-LGBT judges”, should it come to that, even though I don’t really think it will. From what I’ve seen, I thoroughly don’t believe they exist anymore.

  49. TJ says

    H8STR8S – the point is, in your over-focusing on so many threads here, and posting and responding to so much, it has become the H8STR8S website. If one has grown weary of reading so many posts from you, one must scroll down and scroll down some more to get someone else’s perspective. Assuming that you have been honest about your Asperger’s, it seems you are having a particularly obsessive time. I don’t know if you are on medications of any sort, but if you are, you might want to talk to your doctor. And I’m not being snarky here. You are seriously coming off as somewhat disturbed.

  50. H8Str8s says

    I don’t know what else to do when someone comments at me directly, but to comment back. Should I stifle my opinions so that others can be more comfortable? Is that being fair to me?
    I am on Respiridone for my obbsessiveness. Yes, I am somewhat disturbed,if that is the way you wish to put it. Am I unentitled to respend to comments directed at me because I am on medications? Again, how is that fair?
    If people didn’t comment at me, I wouldn’t comment back. Look at my posts, am I responding to a lot of things not aimed at me? I don’t realize it if I am.
    I didn’t know there was a limit on the number of posts I can make. I’m sorry if I’m breaking rules here, but it wasn’t marked anywhere there where a limited number of threads I could post to and a limited number of comments I could make in each.
    I will ask Andy in the feedback section if I am breaking the rules. Thanks for tipping me off, if you are. No thanks for trying to stifle my opinion if that is what you are really up to. I’ll see when I ask.

  51. Acronym Jim says

    @Matt:”it has become the H8STR8S website.”

    Hence the word “troll.” That’s why I stopped awhile ago. If you follow the commentary, it’s clear xe has no purpose other than to direct attention onto itself. It’s quite pathetic.

    FWIW: Calling someone a troll when they are obviously trolling is not an ad hominem, just a statement of fact.

    Trolling: http://ohinternet.com/Troll

    Ad hominem: http://www.fallacyfiles.org/adhomine.html

  52. TJ says

    H8STR8S- not trying to stifle opinion. Just reaching out, assuming legitimacy, to someone who is spiraling. Sometimes, one should respond. And sometimes, discretion amd moderation are good things. Step away from the computer.

  53. Acronym Jim says


    If you’re living with a medical condition that does not allow you to restrict your impulses, I apologize and wish you better health. We’re not all a**holes, we just have lots of experience with them.

  54. H8Str8s says

    You are entirely correct. I look back at it and visually it is astonishing. I am way out of controll. I actually decreased my dosage of the resperidone in consultation with my doctor because I don’t care for the side effects. I never felt manic. I never felt obsessive. I clearly was.
    Pardon me.
    I stand by what I said, but I clearly said too much.
    Also, I consider that today for the first time, I feel absolutely hostile to my own community. this is not caused by my obsessiveness. It is because of their hostility to me. I never felt hostile to other gays at all before I visited Towleroad.com. It has been the reception I have received that makes me feel this way.
    So what am I doing here anymore, where politically incorrect opinions and vigorous defense are despised and ostracized? I am not wanted. I will seriously consider getting my news elsewhere. If I decide to do that, it is only too bad for Andy. I imagine he could use the hits. I don’t know how that works, but I think the more activity, the better for him. It seems to me a diservice to him to try to repulse anyone from the site who you disagree with. I don’t go around recklessly insulting other people, I believe. I go around with reckless opinions. Consider that I live in California so my vote doesn’t count. My state is going to Obama no matter what I do. So does it hurt to let me be a crackpot? Why can’t I have rediculuous opinions and not be told in a million ways I’m worthless. I got enough of that from my father, thanks anyway.
    So if I stay away, and I probably won’t because I find this site adictive, it won’t shut me up. I will find some place I am free to air these opinions, I believe, and they will get the advertising revenue I generate there, if any.

  55. TJ says

    H8STR8S – Buddy, if you can acknowledge that you are perhaps acting manic and obsessive, can you also acknowledge that you might not be accurately assessing your need to defend? How much can you or should you be trusting your perceptions right now? Can you also, perhaps, consider that you reap what you sow? I actually have perceived that you have insulted others. Perhaps you are posting so much that you are losing track.

    Posting on websites like this isn’t always the best practice for relating to others. You take your chances that someone will actually listen. Expecting validation is pretty optimistic. If you are in a period of adjustment re: meds, this might not be the best time and place for you, if only because not everyone here is here for your best interests, or should be expected to be.

    Again, and for the last time tonight (from me), step away. Do something else.

  56. Bill Perdue says

    Obama’s history on GLBT struggles is a consistent history of betrayals, half steps and lies dictated by his contradictory impulses to consistently pander to christian bigots on the one hand and his need to fool GLBT voters on the other.

    If you remember, Obama started out pretending to be for marriage equality but quickly changed his mind, hoping that betraying us would net him the support of lots of mostly EuroAmerican religious bigots. It did.

    He pursued his pandering strategy during his time in the Senate never offering to fight for GLBT rights. In 2007 while the Democrats were gutting ENDA and letting DADT and DOMA repeal slip through the cracks he silently assented. Neither he, Hillary Clinton of Biden wanted to be identified with our struggles.

    In 2008 to continued to pump the bigot community for votes, hiring anti-equality bigots Donnie McClurkin and Joshua DuBois to run his bigot – read ‘christian’ – outreach programs and promoting DNC bigot Leah Daughtry to chair the Democrats convention. She promptly erased all signs of support for LGBT politics from their platform.

    The best we got was a reach round from Obama who said he was behind us, but we already knew from the multiple knife wounds and tire tracks on our backs.

    Obama sabotaged marriage equality in California with ‘gawd’s in the mix’ and went on to feature one of the authors of the ‘kill the gays’ effort in Uganda, bigot Rick Warren, at this inaugural.

    For the first three years in office Obama constantly defended DADT and DOMA in court and only stopped in the aftermath of the March on Washington which turned out to be an unexpectedly large huge anti-Obama rally, causing Obama and his backers to wet themselves. The March forced Congress to push through the Hate Crimes bill which Obama hastily signed. Planning on long wars of conquest in Afghanistan and elsewhere requiring lots of cannon fodder he finally, timidly came out against Democrat Bill Clintons DADT.

    Obama persistently refuses to take the need for the passage of ENDA and the repeal of Democrat Bill Clintons DOMA seriously. He’s a bigot and doesn’t’ deserve a shred of our respect or support.

    If you’re in a union or an Occupy group move to oppose the candidacies of Obama and Romney. On November 6th, if you took one too many demented civics classes and feel you just have to vote then refuse to waste your vote on bigots like Obama and Romney. Vote left, write in Brad Manning or just sit it out.

    He signed a bill to provide more cannon fodder for his criminal war in Afghanistan and in the wake of the 250,000 person anti-Obama rally in DC, he was forced to sign a tepid hate crimes bill that doesn’t address the issue of the real hate criminals, scum like Rick Warren and Donnie McClurkin.

    Oh, and don’t forget being invited to WH Easter Egg rolls. That’s big too.

    Ricki Liff – I think they’re virtually identical. Both are racists, warmongers and union busters. Both oppose socialized medicine, and judging by their actions, not their lies, both oppose ENDA and DOMA repeal. Both pander to the superstitious anti-gay cults.

    Obama’s appointments to the Supreme are both opposed, if you listen to them, to full equality. Neither support marriage equality so that’s no excuse.

    Mass action and direct action are our only hope of winning concessions. Voting for bigots like Obama and Romney is a dangerous folly.

  57. neptune says

    Really Bill Perdue? Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan are opposed to full marriage equality?

    Well, let’s just get the guy in office who will appoint another Roberts and Thomas in there then, a Kennedy at best. Because with another three like them, we’re surely have equality sometime in the next century.

  58. H8Str8s says

    Yesterday on this thread I was taking several positions that I no longer support. I can’t hate the gay community because a few, not even all, of the people on this sight are being in my opinion unecessarily harsh and personal in their response to my ignorance. It is not a reasonable position I took therefore that I do not care about gay rights. So the rest of my argument folds.
    I have to vote for Obama, if I can bring myself to vote because it is critical for civil as well as gay rights. The SCOTUS argument wins hands down.
    I just have an emotional reaction to anyone who says publicly they are not for full marriage equality. It drives me crazy, even when they are really on my side, are actually for it, and are doing the only sane political thing they can do. I would crash and burn over petty points. I can’t help feeling this way.
    But because of some kind people on this thread who took me seriously and argued irrefutably, I have been able to reverse myself on the Obama thing entirely. Thank you very much.

  59. redball says

    H8STR8S, it’s really nice of you to write that last message. I feel on some level, people are also reacting to the divisive tone of your handle “H8STR8S.” A large (and growing!) number of straight people are on our side. Why the divisiveness? Now, “H8HOMOPHOBIA”…there’s a world of merit in that handle!

  60. FunMe says

    Actually this list is GREAT … for 1995.

    Voted for the guy expecting a “fierce advocate” for GLBT equality, but instead got someone DEVOLVING from issues of equality. Yet many here are happy with these lists which are basically crumbs. Whatever.

    But go ahead with your “have patience”, “sorry you didn’t get your pony”, “no on his 2nd term he will do everything we ask for” “stop being selfish”, “no really, he does believe in us”

    When you expect little from a President, you will continue to receive little.