1. J. Leo says

    So what’s new?

    Daniel R. Jenky, the Catholic Bishop of Peoria, Illinois, told a reported 500 men on Sunday that President Obama is following in the footsteps of Adolph Hitler and Josef Stalin, and urged them to WAGE WAR on the federal government to defend their religion.

  2. says

    conservatives HAVE to be silent about this, because if they’re silent about it it means they get to keep pretending that hillary rosen was being unfair when she called into question the profound insights of a multimillionaire multiple-staff-assisted “stay at home mother” who’s never been under any remote financial pressures to work.

    right? because that makes sense. as much sense as protecting the biblical tradition of man-woman marriage, but not the biblical tradition of woman-rapist marriage.

  3. says

    I was hoping for someone else (Paul Ryan maybe), but I’ll take Romney over Obama any day. We need to start growing the employment base instead of downsizing the number employed and claiming “only” an 8% unemployment figure (the actual rate is much higher), and Romney will lead us in that direction. Hopefully the country has learned its lesson for at least a couple of generations, which is not to elect radical college instructors to high office. But I’m not taking bets.