1. GraphicJack says

    Okay, good on you for letting your inner freak out. I admire people for being themselves. But wow, can’t dance or sing… the lyrics were kinda funny, though, and at least you sang… better than most drag acts I’ve seen.

  2. redball says

    it’s hilarious that they did this in broad daylight on a busy sidewalk.

    i love how matthew put it: “haters gonna hate, but not a single f**k was given on this day”…………….stealing that!!!

  3. merle says

    Truly goes beyond embarassing into the realm of utter disbelief. If this is not a great advertisement for becoming ex-gay, I’m not sure what would be.

  4. says

    i’ll say this – if this video embarrasses you, then you SHOULD become an ex-gay, and spend the rest of your life in the Closet.

    and you won’t be missed, either.

    seriously. if you can’t have fun and “not give a f**k” the way that these guys can, then you’re gonna spend your life being a cowardly lap dog to everyone you ever meet.

  5. says

    So sad that anybody, but especially Gay people, would think this kind of foolishness is what being Gay is all about! Even though it isn’t trendy, some of us out here prefer to act like the grown-ups we are. If the folks who mount these embarrassing displays want us to know they don’t give a f*ck, they should also know that the Straight world is eager to reciprocate the sentiment!

  6. says

    Stuffy, they’re allowed to not Give a F**k and enjoy life just as you’re allowed to run a blog that states that only Christians go to Heaven and hate your own life.


    they’re having fun. i’m sorry you’ve never heard of the concept.

  7. UFFDA says

    Oh Rick don’t look. With this I am totally on your side. And yet no one with any sense would take this as a serious expression of gay manhood, or any other. These are just silly fools. Little Kiwi is the one in the center (does anyone care?).

  8. TJ says

    As for the video, cheers to having fun. But I don’t know; is it necessary these days to record your fun, post it for the world to see, and act as if you are a budding celebrity, when you clearly have no talent? It’s like one of those train wreck American Idol auditions. By all means, be you, at full volume, but don’t post it for mass consumption if you aren’t very good at it.

  9. says

    well, i don’t think anyone truly expects “the world to see it”.

    Videos like this provide two valuable forms of catharsis – they’re a fun laugh for those who take a joke and understand letting go and having fun, and they’re a fabulous distraction for insecure grown-adult closet cases who need something to be angry at.

    hate the video! hate it! but doing so won’t make your own life better. :)

  10. EP says

    I dont really give a SH*T whether this guy is fem or not, as a man confident in myself and my gayness. What i do care about is why Towleroad would make us watch josh rimer… he’s the most not-so-funny, like not-funny-at-all, entertainer the city of vancouver has to offer… if not all of canada.

  11. TJ says

    KIWI – come on, Dude! It’s bad! Queers can be called talentless without it being a slam on the gay. Just because someone WANTS attention doesn’t mean they earn or deserve it. It’s bad. Kardasian look at me look at me bad. And a 10 minute ” making of” video? Put it all together and it’s 15 minutes of undeserved fame, no matter how small the scope or scale.

  12. jim says

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  13. jim says

    Oy, why do certain prigs around here take themselves, and what they imagine “gay life” to be, so seriously? Not much “live and let live” in this group today.

    Not my thing, not my style, but the guy has more balls than many of the commenters here, and more power to him!

    Rick is startlingly absent…hope this didn’t cause him any sort of medical emergency!

  14. UFFDA says

    Rick wouldn’t stoop to comment. He knows we know what he thinks. I just want him to confirm the fun we have imagining it. As for aneurisms, they’re all for Kiwi in respose to our general distaste and dismissal. I’m never homophobic, only resistive to the CAUSES of homophobia, which include this stupid video.

  15. Symon says

    How does this video cause homophobia? Just because you’re a sad old fart who hasn’t even come out yet doesn’t mean that this video is to blame. People have been coming out for decades, before the internet was even invented. You’re just an old tired failure whose live has passed him by.

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