Poll: Support for Amendment Banning Same-Sex Marriage Slips in North Carolina

A new PPP survey shows support for 'Amendment One', which appears on the ballot May 8 slipping slightly in North Carolina, the News Observer reports:

Nc4The Public Policy Polling survey released Tuesday shows 54 percent of primary voters support making marriage between one man and one woman the only legal union recognized in North Carolina — a four-percentage-point drop from a month ago.

Black voters favor the amendment two-to-one and even Democratic primary voters are split evenly. The referendum needs a majority for approval. Opposition increased slightly to 40 percent from 38 percent, a nudge within the poll's 2.9 percent margin of error, according to PPP, a left-leaning polling firm based in Raleigh.

Voters are still a bit confused, however:

The survey shows more primary voters are starting to understand the amendment would ban gay marriage and civil unions. But 10 percent still erroneously  think it legalizes gay marriage and another 27 percent are unsure what it would do.

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  1. Lucas says

    Despite all the optimism for defeating the amendment, everyone knows it will pass easily. It has passed everywhere it has been on the ballot, from liberal to conservative states. This year will be no different.

  2. Fritz says

    Two-to-one in favor among black voters? That depresses me more than the overall poll results. For a constituency that only recently had to fight for its legal rights — and won them only with a great deal of support from people outside that community — to overwhelmingly vote to deny others the same is a sad commentary on human nature.

  3. says

    well, Fritz, it’s like with the Gay Republicans- a notoriously racist and self-loathingly homophobic bunch.

    we get the gay conservatives that hate “blacks” and “liberal gays” in order to win the tolerance of their own communities, and it’s just as cowardly and self-defeating.

    the comments on this site prove it – gay republicans come on to blame “blacks” for…what, exactly? their own white parent’s homophobia? ha.

  4. Michael says

    Kiwi, you can not simply dismiss the rampant homophobia in the black community. Whites, Asians and Latinos are all in favor of gay marriage. Simply trying to pin this fact on so called racism is crap. It’s a fact and I, for one, feel two out of three black people can go sit at the back of the bus. Call me racist if you want but I would say the same to any other race which believed I didn’t deserve equal rights.

  5. Brian says

    You are racist michael, because you’re condemning and praising people by race, not as individuals. Why is it important to say that whites are great because they support gay marriage, while african americans must go to the back of the bus because they don’t? There are plenty of antigay whites and plenty of pro gay african americans, so why waste all this energy hating by race? Just be angry with antigay people of any color and appreciate the support we regardless of race.

  6. Bill says

    Michael, I think you might be getting the word “race” confused with some other word, like “person”. Race is simply a word used to group together people with one thing in common. Just one. A person, on the other hand, has individual thoughts, beliefs, and other characteristics. I hope that helps, so next time you say that you aren’t racist you won’t follow it up with a comment that is the definition of racist.

  7. dms says

    Sickening to see the black vote on this. Kind of ironic.

    And to those who think Obama should be more pro-gay, this issue and these polls are why he is dragging his heels. If he goes more pro-gay, his target audience (blacks) will resent it.

  8. Jerri says

    Obama does not have to worry about losing the black vote, blacks will suopport him regardless of his stance on gay marriage just because he’s black.

  9. sugarrhill says

    Everyone trying to blame African Americans for this bill’s possible passage should also blame the racial group that put this issue on the ballot and is funding it- Caucasians. Why is it that those that are quick to assign blame to a specific racial group for homophobic legislation always scapegoat other racial groups that never had a hand at crafting it? The most dominant and powerful racial group in this country are Caucasians. They are and have always been the initiators and funders of homophobic laws if we are looking at this through a racial lens.

  10. Fritz says

    Kiwi – so what’s the answer? The two black gay men I know best still aren’t out to their families – one’s 25 and the other’s 45. What finally created more acceptance in white America was for large numbers of people to come out: it’s harder (but certainly not impossible) to be bigoted against members of your own family. As you’ve pointed out, ad campaigns suggesting that all gay men are ripped white A&F clones don’t help, but I can’t fault corporations for pandering to a monied target demographic (and in fairness, they exclude not only all other races, but also ages and body types). And there’s certainly racism within the gay community, but it’s not – at least that I’ve seen or heard – disproportionate with respect to the population at large. And I’ve probably seen a proportional number of men of color on A4A advertise “not interested in whites” as white men say “not interested in blacks.” But none of this explains the fact, much less solves the problem, even with the support of people like Julian Bond and the late Coretta Scott King. How do we fix this?

  11. Derrick from Philly says

    “2 to 1″ Does that mean that 30% to 35% of Black North Carolinians are against Ammendment One (and in favor of marriage equality for Gays)? I’m very hopeful about that percentage.

    In a “bible-belt” state where many of the people are not college educated–it’s not as bad as I thought it would be.

    I’d like to say “thank you” to that 30% to 35% just as I’d say “thank you” to that minority of White Southerners who supported civil rights for Black folks 50 years ago.

    “Obama does not have to worry about losing the black vote, blacks will suopport him regardless of his stance on gay marriage just because he’s black”

    He’s a Black we approve of. In 2016, run Herman Cain against Hillary Clinton and see what happens. Blacks aren’t the ones who vote skin color in this country, JERRI.

    We’ve voted for White Liberals over Black Conservatives over and over again throughout this country. We don’t have a g.ddam thing to prove about voting for the candidate’s policies and not his skin color. Can you say the same thing?

    30% to 35% against discrimination? In North Carolina? Things are getting better.

  12. Fritz says

    Sugarrhill – I’m not blaming anyone for anything; I simply find it very, very sad that the racial minority that had to work hardest and endure the most to achieve legal equality (for themselves and all other races) is, statistically in NC at least, the least empathetic with respect to LGBT concerns. And I am wondering what we can do to change that.

  13. says

    first, thanks for acknowledging what i said, Fritz.
    the first step, truly, is to understand that “black” and “white” as as unequal as “gay” and “straight”. STILL.

    the difference between Black power and White Power is the same as the difference between Gay Pride and Straight Pride.

    it’s not hypocritical double-standards, or two sets of rules; it’s two different sets of Circumstances.

    as many have mentioned, and the NOM papers point out there is indeed a movement and it’s actually NOT to turn black against gay…it IS to turn gay against BLACK. it’s important to be aware of the distinction – the majority pits minority against minority. why? to keep the heat off themselves.

    the problem with the “blacks are to blame” thing is it gives a cop-out to white conservatives, who are THE DRIVING FORCE behind every anti-gay amendment and piece of bigoted legislation in America. who’s putting up the bills? who’s driving home the message that Gays Are Going to Give Your Children AIDS? White Conservatives, under the banner of Christianity.

    I agree with you on the family thing. A black man being Out to his family and community has more impact in changing hearts and minds than my white @ss. But that doesn’t mean that my white @ss can’t help, by including him in our community, and working to erode the racial tensions that are still all too prevalent.

    people need to just start being intellectually honest, but good luck to any of us trying to get people to cop to it. people will blame a Brown Boogeyman before they look hard at the bigotry in their own white communities. it’s been like that for a long time, alas.

    minorities are being pitted against one another by the same ruling class, and every time we make it “about race” we’re taking our eyes off the real enemy, and NO – the real enemy aint brown.

    it’s like everyone who freaks out about the Westboro Baptists. The WBC dont’ amount to anything, and have NO impact. Every time we talk about them, or report on them, we’re taking the focus off the groups that are actually having a massive impact on LGBT American’s lives – the roman catholic church, the southern baptists, the american evangelicals and the LDS.

    i don’t have a solid solution yet, but i do know that the first step is to become aware of when a carrot is being dangled. “blame the ethnics” is a terribly popular carrot.

  14. says

    look, i’m disgusted when ANY minority group, or historically-targeted group, joins in hating other minority groups.

    be it women, jews, muslims, ethnic minorities, and on and on.

    if you’ve felt the sting of prejudice you should know better than to inflict it on others. alas, the dark side of human nature – members of the Weak and Wounded will use other persecuted-minorities as a target. Why? the Impress the RULERS.

    I’m less angry about “blacks” voting for this, when may may not be aware that they are indeed related to and know and LOVE many LGBT people, than i am about Gay Conservatives and their *cough* “Supportive” families who don’t do anything for LGBT Equality, and consistently elect into office White Christian Homophobes.

    Seriously. Gay republicans and their lame-@ss families who vote for anti-gay candidates, who support leaders who count on anti-gay bigotry to garner votes…and then these people have the gall to blame “blacks” for Prop 8 and homophobia.

    Take a good hard look at who started the fire, folks. It aint the black communities of America. at all.

  15. Derrick from Philly says

    SUGGARHILL & LITTLE KIWI, thank y’all as usual for articulating this issue with far more clarity and common sense than I ever have in 6 years coming to this blog.

    FRITZ, thank you for you thoughtful comment. And you are right: coming out of the closet is a must for Black Gays to turn that 35% of Black Americans for marriage equality to 55%.

    I was never in the closet because of my gender role non-conformity. Black folks knew what I was from a mile away

    But I’m also not an activist, so one can ask, ” What good do you do for Gay people by being “out” if you’re not involved in the Movement?”

    Well, just by being “out” you have an impact. My family, my co-workers are more careful when they’re tempted to make anti-Gay statments, or about to slip and use the F-word against a Gay person. That’s a beginning. It certainly isn’t enough for many Gay folks, but they’re not 54 years old and amazed by all the progress over these last 5 decades.

    So, you are correct, FRITZ, being “out” helps to bring about change for the better. And more Black Gays are coming out–even the Republican ones….yuck.

  16. Jack says


    So you think that blacks who vote for discrimination are somehow less culpable than people who vote for anti-gay candidates simply because they don’t know that they know gay people? Complete rubbish.

    Furthermore, I would argue that voting for an amendment like this (regardless of your race) is far worse than voting for whichever candidate has drawn your ire. Gay Republicans often disagree vehemently with anti-gay stances taken by candidates, but agree with them on most everything else. If they believe that whatever anti-gay rhetoric is being spewed is for the sole purpose of getting some votes, or is not even practical in terms of taking actual action on it, they may choose to vote for the candidate believing that the potential for harm is minimal as compared to the amount of issues on which they agree with the candidate. Put simply, the candidate has many facets, and many issues on which to decide support.

    Agree with that strategy or not, there is NO WAY that it is MORE culpable than someone who votes for an amendment, the sole purpose of which is to enshrine discrimination.

  17. Chitown Kev says


    True, but it’s blacks that are the specific target of some white gays specifically BECAUSE their black.

    You act as if most black people aren’t straight.

  18. Jack says


    Can you elaborate? I’m braindead after 12 hours at the office, and fully acknowledge that I am probably stupidly not understanding you.

    (Also, hey from another Chicaaaagoan)

  19. Jack says


    Can you elaborate? I’m braindead after 12 hours at the office, and fully acknowledge that I am probably stupidly not understanding you.

    (Also, hey from another Chicaaaagoan)

  20. jack says

    @Fritz: I understand and agree with your sentiments. You would think that a people who only recently gained a large measure of equality would be more sympathetic with our struggle. I think a large measure of their homophobia comes from the African American Churches which still preach that fundamentalist bible. If you want to see a giant in the Black community who fights for our equality check out Congressman John Lewis of Alabama. He was beaten at Selma and has spoken out that it is time for LGBT people to get full equality. His speeches are poetic.

  21. Chitown Kev says

    Sure, Jack.

    Sure, there are plenty of white homophobes but commenters and others never make a big deal out of the fact that they are white and that they have the money to wage these campaigns.

    But whenever it’s a black homophobe everything is made of the fact that the homophobe is black and it serves to racist gays as a comment on the black community.

    Never mind that when you talk about the black community you include me with that.

    Better to talk about black churchified folk or black straight folk or something.

  22. jack says

    Chitown Kev: I don’t agree that the Media singles out Black Homophobia. Most Americans don’t realize that the Black voter is every state referendum was even more anti-gay than the many homophobic white voters. That aside. I encourage you to look up some of Congressman John Lewis’ speeches on You Tube. There are some specifically about equality for LGBT folks. He is one of my heroes. He is often called “the conscience” of the House of Representatives. I hope his speeches will impress you the way they have me.

  23. Ken says

    Wow, things are really bad in NC when being down by 14 points 2 weeks before the vote is touted as good news. Factor in the Bradley effect and we are looking at an 18-20 point loss. North Carolina was never winnable anyway. The focus needed to be on WA, ME, MD and MN, states where we actually have a chance to win. It’s a shame we wasted any resources at all in this state.

  24. Ken says

    Wow, things are really bad in NC when being down by 14 points 2 weeks before the vote is touted as good news. Factor in the Bradley effect and we are looking at an 18-20 point loss. North Carolina was never winnable anyway. The focus needed to be on WA, ME, MD and MN, states where we actually have a chance to win. It’s a shame we wasted any resources at all in this state.

  25. pozgay says

    Absolutely discrimination for Gay. This is the reason why I love PozKiss . c0m as a Safe Gay Club for HIV Gay and Gay men with herpes to find Gay relationships and Poz Match.

  26. Maggie says

    yah, we can all put faith in the black man’s support of marriage…yah, right.. when a good chunck of black men have many kids with woman whom they never marry or intend to marry..yah, they are a “bastian” of marrital correctness. We should put a lot of stock in black men’s respect of the institution of marriage??? pfft. My dog has a better understanding of love and commitment than most of those men.

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