Poll: Support for Amendment Banning Same-Sex Marriage Slips in North Carolina

A new PPP survey shows support for 'Amendment One', which appears on the ballot May 8 slipping slightly in North Carolina, the News Observer reports:

Nc4The Public Policy Polling survey released Tuesday shows 54 percent of primary voters support making marriage between one man and one woman the only legal union recognized in North Carolina — a four-percentage-point drop from a month ago.

Black voters favor the amendment two-to-one and even Democratic primary voters are split evenly. The referendum needs a majority for approval. Opposition increased slightly to 40 percent from 38 percent, a nudge within the poll's 2.9 percent margin of error, according to PPP, a left-leaning polling firm based in Raleigh.

Voters are still a bit confused, however:

The survey shows more primary voters are starting to understand the amendment would ban gay marriage and civil unions. But 10 percent still erroneously  think it legalizes gay marriage and another 27 percent are unsure what it would do.

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