1. Mark says

    This is kind of tangental to the post at hand, but: does anyone else think that the media (perhaps the cable news channels particularly) have lost their ability to conduct meaningful interviews?? The point is to question a guest, not to present a long statement to the guest, and then ask them to agree or disagree.

    I’ve got nothing against Thomas Roberts, he seems like a very decent guy. But look at the percentage of time that he’s talking, versus the percentage of time his guest is talking. A good interviewer should draw information out of their subject, not become the subject him/herself.

    This has been annoying me for some time…

  2. jack says

    Unfortunately we in the 182 Pa House District lost a straight ally of 27 years. She was defeated by an out gay man. The election was close. Fewer than 250 votes separated them. She was the senior most woman in the legislature. A fighter for LGBT and feminist causes for 27 years. She a Jewish grandmother. He an out ex jock. He took enough gay votes away from her to win. I think the gays who voted for him should look up the meaning of the word loyalty.

  3. says

    I’m not a fan of the Victory Fund. It supports gay candidates as if being gay is the best reason to vote for someone. When I first started to vote in the late 1950s, I always voted for the Jewish candidate because it was something that I had in common with them.. However, within a short time I realized there were candidates who had better qualification to vote for. Well the same thing holds today. Being gay does not make one a better politician,athlete or hairdresser. In fact, it should be the last reason to vote for a particular politician!

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